Saturday March 25th, 2017 RPF Event Results

Today was supposed to be our Finale event but we were bot raided. We were originally going to practice battle the Nachos on Tuxedo but they did not log in. We went to fight AR on Toboggan but their leaders refused to organize a room change with us. We will schedule another event and most likely have some fun unscheduled events before it. I salute all RPF and we will continue to fight the good fight.



Elm Broadcast 3/23/17

Club Penguin has been dying for many years. I’m surprised the game lived as long as it has. The future of RPF is promising yet uncertain. I am sure that every moment I spent being RPF has been the greatest honor. If it weren’t for RPF I wouldn’t fight the good fight. RPF forever.

Fight the good fight


War with Nachos Is Over

After a month or so of battling, we and the Nachos have declared the war to be a tie. There will not be a war against us and them anymore because it was boring, really. I don’t know exactly about them, but I’ve decided to spend the last days Club Penguin has to offer us as fun as possible. Expect some practice battles with some armies, lots of training & lots of fun events. It’d be nice to have at least 20+ for every event, and so yeah.

Do note that we are not surrendering at all, neither are they. Silver, Cookky (Nacho Leader) and I thought that there should be no more fighting considering how boring and unwanted it was. Fight the good fight. It was a good last war.

Invasion of Tundra [Results]

Today the RPF US division logged onto the server Tundra to conquer it. The Nachos were a no-show. We’ve just been doing tactics and such, you know how it is. We had a max of around 16 soldiers, we did a nice job and found an easy victory. Lucky day for people, I suppose. Fight the good fight. Comment if you’ve attended.

Philosophical Friday

Hey RPF. Every Friday I’m going to be publishing a new Philosophical Question on our site. All you need to do is comment your opinion. Think super creatively! Remember, there is no right or wrong answer! So, this week’s question is:


Answer your opinion in the comments section! If you have any ideas for next week’s question please find Shiny on chat. See you soon!