RPF Halloween Party!

Hello RPF!  This Halloween we have scheduled an RPF Halloween party!  We plan on lots of games and fun for all who attend this Halloween Party.  We have scheduled this Halloween party as a thank you to the troops who have made this amazing week of fun and regrowth possible!  Thank you to all the troops who attended!   

Halloween party at: Saturday, November first

Where? Xat.com/rpfvictory

Times: 8:00PM  GMT, 12:00PM PST, 1:00PM: MST, 2:00PM CST, 3:00PM EST

But lets get down to some fun.

The events we are having at this Halloween party is

  • Quiz night.
  • Doodlerace.
  • Codeban contest .
  • Club penguin Sled racing contest.
  • Club Penguin Hide and Seek.
  • Possible Club Penguin Hunt and Kill event.

All donations of xats, CP membership or anything is all accepted to us.  We desperately need donations for prizes!  Anything is accepted.  

Comment if you can attend our Halloween Party!

Official Statement on the Site Defacement of 10/21/14

The Rebel Penguin Federation stands strong after another massive breach in website security. The contents of the breach have been looked into, and we can now confirm that that the notion that this attack came from outside of the Rebel Penguin Federation is completely false.

Tobercold, a prior RPF troop under Elmikey,  was still added to the website after Elmikey left the Rebel Penguin Federation. This was an honest mistake as the RPF leadership assumed Elmikey had no direct followers that would warrant us to cross reference possible insurgents that may put the website in jeopardy.

Yesterday afternoon, Tobercold acted with assumed direction of prior RPF leader Elmikey, to carry out site defacement. Small Medium Army Central conducted an interview with Tobercold, who claimed his account for WordPress was compromised. This is false, as all accounts on the RPF website are not connected to WordPress.com, and are unique to the website. Therefore meaning the “proof”, via Teamviewer, of him unable to access the RPF site is direct evidence of his account no longer existing on the RPF website. As it was deleted shortly after the attack was noticed.

Tobercold’s post, along with every piece of content Tobercold has posted on the RPF site, has been deleted. The extent of the damage done was too great, and we could not wait to take down every post within violation one at a time.

Until further evidence can expose itself, Tobercold is fully responsible for yesterday’s attacks.

The Rebel Penguin Federation hereby condemns Tobercold, and puts out a community notice that Tobercold is in direct violation of the 2nd Tier of Violations and Punishments within the 2011 Anti-Hacking Bill. Located here.

Other Statements

  • The Rebel Penguin Federation will not be merging into the Nachos.
  • The RPF leadership is not trying to discredit Elmikey, for he has done enough to his image by himself.


tbh idc if I’m looked at as an army hopper or whatever you want to call me. I’m bored here. This isn’t fun, and there’s so many complaints for stupid reasons. None of the leaders communicate the way we should, we should be recruiting but nobody says anything about uniting a recruiting force. And the fact I’m not trusted for admin or main owner kinda annoys me, just a smack in the face in our leadership chemistry. I’m just not enjoying myself, and I should be. This is for everyone’s entertainment. I’m not having my slice. But it’s fine, I don’t hate RPF. I just don’t want the responsibility of fixing it, especially when I try and hire one of my friends, and they’re called a “terrible person.” Allas, I wish the RPF the best of luck.

Step, RPF former commander.


RPF Costume Contest!

Hello RPF!  As our Halloween party is quickly approaching.  It is time that we get our Costume contest started.  In this post you will make your costume contest entry and leave a Photograph of it on this post.  We will decide which one we like the best and they will be mentioned on the site and possibly given a prize!

How do you enter this Contest?  Well, its simple!  All you have to do is take a Screenshot of you’re Costume, Fill out you’re comment, and Post it!  When you post it,  it will be checked and judged by RPF Leaders to see who’s they like the best.

6 RPF soldiers will win this contest!  3 of which will be members.  and the other 3 will be nonmembers!

Fill this out to enter the contest!

  • Club Penguin name:
  • Nonmemeber or Member?
  • Xat Name:
  • Screenshot of your Club penguin Costume:
  • Name of Costume:
  • Will you attend our Halloween Party next weekend?

Have fun!  May the best costumes win!


RPF Recruiting Force

Hello there, RPF!

At the moment, RPF is rising. We are doing well in all our divisions and we need to do better. To do this, we need more troops. I have set up an RPF Recruiting Force. This Recruiting Force is made to grow RPF. We mainly auto type, but we also chat recruit. If you join, you will get promotions easier, but you need to be moderator or higher and you need to recruit 4 hours per week (At least.)

If you meet the requirements, please fill in this form.

RPF Rank:
Wordpress Name:
How long can you recruit for per week:
Do you promise to be loyal to the RPF Recruiting Force:


Amazing event on Tuxedo!

Hello RPF! Today we had our first UK event which was absolutely AMAZING for a first event.  Obviously RPF is growing and will soon be at amazing new heights.  All we have to do,  Is just keep being awesome and having fun!  But here are the pics of the event! Continue reading

Practice Battle with Doritos AND Dark Warriors results

Hello Rebels

I guess it’s time for me to introduce myself. My name is Step Up 646[Step for short], and I have been in and out of the RPF for the last 3 years. I recreated RPF back in August 2012 and we haven’t died to this day! I’m considered RPF’s 34th ever leader. Anyways, yesterday we had a practice battle with the Doritos of Club Penguin. We maxed 12 and averaged 10, tying with the Doritos. Fantastic job this match.

Picture links can be found below in the pastebin. Next time it won’t be like this, learned a faster way to post pics.


Our PB with the Dark Warriors, however, didn’t go too well. It’s ok though, we’re still rebuilding.





Good job past 2 days! Rebel Commander Step, signing out!

Already regrowing!

Hello RPF!  As we have had quite a good day for one of the first days of regrowth of an army. I must congratulate you and inform you that we are already rising!  Congratulations RPF!  If we keep up the good work and continue having fun and doing this we will be number 1 in no time!  So, lets take a moment to rejoice!  RPF is rising,  We are all having fun.  What more could we ask?  Well, I can’t think of much else but what do YOU think.  Comment on this post what you would like to see us doing now that we are regrowing and on our way to number 1 on CPAC!