Friday, February 24th, 2017

Invasion of Mullet

RPF vs Nachos

Server: Mullet – Room: Ice Berg

Time: 8:00pm EST, 7:00pm CST, 6:00pm MST, 5:00pm PST, 1:00am UK


Extra Note: Legends Cup Round 1 on Sunday

Defense of Mammoth [Results]

Shiny Edit: Well done RPF today. Thanks to everyone for fighting through two intense battles. Fight The Good Fight.

Hi, soldiers. After defending one of our servers, Husky, we logged onto Mammoth to defend it from the Nachos. We did quite alright – we maxed 8 soldiers. We could’ve done better, though. Overall, I believe it to be a draw, and the server Mammoth still belongs to the RPF. Shiny wanted to let you know that her penguin name during the event was “Cobra Leader”.

ignore nacho posts

Chip edit: Their entire site is filled with flame posts just because they can’t win on the battlefield! Akabob is a troll and edits pictures, Pony writes 3500 word long responses and stresses over grammar, and idk what Verum does.

Chip’s note to RPF: Stop responding to Nachos, it makes our site look cancerous. Fight the good fight!

Nachos are just trying to troll RPF so they’re making up fake posts. Do not believe anything you see on Nachos site, don’t even visit their site. We will do our fighting on the battlefield. 

verum can’t lead

RPF USA Wednesday war against Nacho results

Both armies scheduled to invade each-other at the same time. RPF was able to defend and invade successfully. We have conquered Chinook without opposition. The defense of Snow Fort would of been big if it weren’t for the bots. The first picture is from the defense of Snow Fort. The rest are from Chinook. Note: Both events occurred at the same time. As soon as RPF finished invading Chinook RPF logged off Snow Fort too. Nachos did not get more than 2 on by :05

Getting to Know the troops #4 with Maciek!

Hello, Rebels,

In January I kickstarted a new series in RPF called ‘Getting to know the troops’ where I interviewed people in RPF and posted their answers on the website for others to get a better understanding of them! The series had been paused for a while, but today, we start it back up with this week’s guest, Maciek!

First question:

Second question:

Third question:

Fourth question:

Fifth question:

anddddddddd…. that wraps it up for the fourth interview of this series! If you would like to be interviewed next, be sure to ask Chip on chat xat.com/rpfvictory is the link! (RPF troops only!!!)

Hope you enjoyed ^.^

War update

The Kings Army has invaded the Thugs nation and has transferred all captured land to the RPF. The Thugs have only one server left and it will be taken by the Kings today. The RPF nation page will be updated today with our new servers. Just about two days ago the DCP declared war on the Nachos too. It appears whoever is handling Nachos foreign relations is not that good. They’ve gotten Nachos in a tough spot. It’s just a matter of time until Nachos are dead. Maybe if Nachos didn’t betray their allies and lie they wouldn’t be in this position. The Nachos stand no match against our Ausia and USA division. If we deem necessary RPF will utilize it’s ausia division to swiftly end this war.  The only functioning division in Nachos is their UK and our UK is giving them a good fight. They schedule to use their USA but they no show or max 1-3 every time.

War score

RPF: 4 Nachos: 0

DCP: 1 Nachos: 0