The Only End to this War is Death

Greetings RPF,

There have been rumors that there is a desire to end this war peacefully. A peaceful end to a war is not an accomplishment in CP Warfare. RPF is no mere army we are the gods that rule high and supreme over this entire community. None can defeat the power of the mighty Rebel Penguin Federation, we are infinite but your armies die. We are forever and you are just a small blip in history. The Rebel Penguin Federation is history, we are the CP Army Community the council is out consider RPF the new CP Army Council.

Let this message be made perfectly clear the RPF is the army that shall innovate CP Warfare and create new stepping stones that were never thought possible, we already have when we made auto-typing mainstream which basically brought life to this community. This community belongs in 1 place on its knees to their masters. Waterkid and his Light Troops are blind they do not know what it means to achieve true accomplishments in CP Armies. There is no mercy the end is death, we seek the accomplishment of bringing death to the Light Troops Army. To place them on our wall as a trophy. Make no mistake we are no cowards, we are no army to be trifled with. We are invincible.

Let there be no misunderstanding that this war ends in one way with only one army being alive and rising from the ashes. That army can ONLY be the Rebel Penguin Federation. Our leaders are the best our troops are the best, even our website is the best in CP Armies. We are the definition of perfection let our glory shine down upon our enemies. Let the fear and shame of their future demise be lighten by our black and red colors. Let our flag be the last one they see before their armies burn. There is only one future for ANY enemy of the Rebel Penguin Federation and its people. That is utter humiliation followed by annihilation. No peace talks, only  blacked out rooms of our elite soldiers taking your nation. Know this people of the CP Army Community quit your armies and join us now. You are witnessing the army of innovation’s work and this is only the beginning.

~ Lord Pain- Legend

Characters in the Video: Lord Pain- Frieza, Waterkid- King Vegeta, Saiyans- Light Troops Soldiers, LT Nation: Planet Vegeta

Number 1

For several months, RPF seemed dead. We seemed like we’d never be back on our feet. We seemed like we’d never rise.

Those days are behind us. RPF is now the Number 1 Club Penguin army. Lets keep marching on the path of glory, this has only begun.


Fight the good fight

Keep fighting the good fight! We were winning the war during the start and we still are. I am proud of everyone in this army, even the new people. RPF has shown true strength these past few days. RPF will continue the war and defeat the enemy once and for all. My activity will increase soon, I’ve only been absent due to irl situations for about a week. Attend the next event!!