The Week so Far – RPF is back in the game

Helloooo RPF! Here’s a quick roundup of this week’s events which, btw, were AMAZING! RPF is certainly back in the game, and it’s thanks to all of you.


On Sunday we welcomed our brand new leader, Danny, into this amazing army with an event dedicated to him. It was held on Tuxedo, and we maxed sizes of 28. A picture and a video can be seen below.

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Hey RPF, we had a great event for AUSIA today, probably the best one, where we maxed 31 and averaged 29 on a 1-bar server, Tuxedo. Yes, that’s right. But most of our efforts were to see Silverburg’s smiling face, as today was his last time leading AUSIA, and we did. And he said he is proud… very proud. So am I !A great event RPF, a really great one. :D

Here are the pictures :-

Also, this event was the last AUSIA event Silverburg lead. We all love you Silverburg, and we wish you a very prosperous life. Best of luck with your future. :(  You will be remembered as one of our greatest leaders in not just AUSIA, but as a whole. :)

P.S. Thanks Flame for the pictures! ;)

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It has been brought to my attention that many moderators are not banning for troops breaking rules. RPF has a zero tolerance of curses, mistreatment of troops and external links. It also came across that troops were kicking and banning innocent troops for no reason.

Any moderator not reporting for duty or abusing their power on chat WILL be membered. RPF prides itself on a positive chat where troops can feel safe and hang around in a cool army. We are NOT losing our reputation. We have new troops coming in daily. They do not need to see an unsafe chat with bickering. THIS STOPS NOW.