Official RPF Event Schedule [August 2018]

Operation: Exodus 

I will be giving a short speech on important information. -Left

Server: RPF Discord

Start Time: 8:00 PM UK/BST – 3:00 PM EST – 2:00 PM CST – 1:00 PM MST – 12:00 PM PST

Operation: RPF Finale [Results]

Greetings, Rebels!

Yesterday, we had our last event as the Rebel Penguin Federation on Oasis. Although it was sad, it was also amazing as we showed off our might as a family. Some people tried to ruin our event, but it’s okay, because they will never ruin us as a whole. We will always be together!


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Unscheduled Pirate Raid [Results]

Greetings RPF!

Today we raided an enemy army, the Pirates of CP. They tried to run from us and switch servers, but we tracked them down easily. Our tactics and formations were too much for the Pirates. We fought it out, and in the end the RPF was victorious. The Pirates are no match for us. We held strong numbers throughout the whole raid, yet the Pirates’ sizes quickly fell. The Pirates have no hope in this war. Amazing job today RPF!

RPF Victory

Max: 40+

Comment below with your name and rank if you have attended!

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Unscheduled Ausia [Results]

Hey RPF!

Today we logged on to the server Alaska for an Unscheduled Ausia event! Our tactics were amazing, and our formations were great! During this event, we even set an RPF record for tipping the iceberg! We tipped the berg in 2-3 seconds today! Great job representing RPF today, rebels! 

Max: 50+

Comment below with your name and rank if you have attended!

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Why the Pirates must cease to exist

There will be people who are told to ignore this post completely or told it’s full of lies. I suggest you read it in its entirety and make an opinion FOR YOURSELF. No, I do not care if the Pirates want to battle us, because that’s what armies are all about. I am used to having enemies be enemies and along with that are grudges. But what Epic101 has done is too much. He has crossed the line completely.

Whether you’re in RPF, the Pirates, not in CPA – you must read this post. Epic101 must be exposed for his lying.

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Ciao Rebels!


Today we logged onto Flurry for Operation: Enlist. This was an EU event in which troops put together their greatest recruiting skills and displayed what fighting the good fight is all about! We also bumped into the pirates, blowing their socks off and showing them who truly won at yesterday’s battle. With alluring tactics and breathtaking formations, you guys certainly did RPF proud. Amazing job to all that attended!


Comment if you attended!


MAX: 50+


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The Retirement of Popsiclebeak

Hello all,

At long last, today is the day I depart from the RPF leadership. I truly hate to leave, but I’m heading off to college this month and a lot of uncertainty lies ahead for me, so I’ve decided to take a step back from leading RPF at this point. I have plenty to say about my time in RPF and what the future holds, read on if you’re interested.

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Greetings RPF 

Today we logged onto the server Sleet to battle the Pirates. The pirates were no match for our massive size and swift tactics. We paraded around the island with amazing formations and astonishing tactics. RPF showed great force throughout the battle. Well done RPF. We are pleased to say


Max: 70+

The above picture shows the Pirates moving early, which is cheating.

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