Wednesday June 29th, 2016


Rebel Penguin Federation vs Night Rebels

Server: Tuxedo – Room: Ice Berg

Time: 3:00pm EST, 2:00pm CST, 1:00pm MST, 12:00pm PST, 8:00pm UK



 Thursday June 30th, 2016


Rebel Penguin Federation vs Water Vikings

Server: Tuxedo – Room: Ice Berg

Time: 3:00pm EST, 2:00pm CST, 1:00pm MST, 12:00pm PST, 8:00pm UK



 Saturday July 4th, 2016

North Pole Frenzy [U.S Independence Day event]

Server: North Pole – Room: Ice Berg

Time: 3:00pm EST, 2:00pm CST, 1:00pm MST, 12:00pm PST, 8:00pm UK

Clash on the Night Rebels capital.

RPF vs Nachos vs Ice Warriors vs Army Republic vs Army Club Penguin vs Night Warriors vs Water Vikings



The Air Force & Navy Branches



Now that we have reintroduced the Air Force and Navy branches, we are going to start using them. Fill the form below to choose your branch as soon as possible. Please fill this out and submit the form.

Note: If you don’t fill out the form, your branch will be decided for you.


We logged on for a U-Lead and maxed size of 19. We were raided by bots but they eventually gave up.

We fought back


LOL @ the bots

e8 waterfall



[RPF News Central] Respect for all Soldiers!

Greetings RPF!

It is I, Chris99, presenting you another News Report today containing a very important and personal topic – respectfulness.

What is polite manner? A decent behaviour, that is what it is. Politeness is needed everywhere – school, on the bus, in the home, on the plane, at your neighbours house and so on! Literally everywhere. Thus, it includes here as well: RPF and RPF chat! But the problem I see is that we are partially respectful – only to some people…

We need to respect everyone, including those who have newly joined – they will ask simple basic questions, but why are you angry and ignorant for that? If you are new, would you not ask the same thing? Thus, respect everyone – leaders, mods, high members AND low members.

If you are only obeying or giving value to people because of rank (that they are an owner for example) you are showing a discriminating behaviour of partiality. Of course you respect and value the opinions of everyone – no matter their rank, age, gender, division, branch or geographical location. So basically some of you are actually saying: “We don’t need members, we only need leaders & mods,” listen up: that is basically what some people are saying. If we don’t need members –  doesn’t it lose the whole point of an army? We need everyone, if not we won’t have a lot of people would we?

Respect is important because it shows that one values another as an individual, and that he/she honours the personal rights and dignity of the person as a fellow human being. People who are disrespectful often have few friends and alliances, and others do not enjoy being near them. If us, then, don’t show respect to all – we would quickly lose size & motivation (see my previous article.) We would quickly be grouped with only a few people and the rest of the army would be an ignored bunch – this is not good for RPF or for any Club Penguin Army. We wouldn’t recruit anyone anymore and we won’t help those new kids on chat! Which is all unhealthy for RPF.

Also, another reason why we should respect everyone is that by respect we are actually motivating the person whom we showed respect to – think about it: someone bumped into you at school but they said sorry – wouldn’t you feel special? The same thing applies in RPF – whenever we show respect to people in RPF (like new recruits when we answer their questions) they feel special and motivated and therefore proud that they are in the army and will continue to be part of RPF for a long time. This is, then, a very good tactic in itself to increase our sizes: pure respect.  For any armies strength lies in its people. 

“it is the way soldiers feel about themselves, their fellow soldiers and their outfit that is most likely to carry the battle.”

For the army to work properly, then,  there must be a bond between the leader and those being led. A bond that rests not on authority alone – but on professionalism, good will, and above all MUTUAL RESPECT. The chain of command must respect soldiers, and the soldiers must have respect for the chain of command.

A golden rule to follow in RPF would be: treating fellow soldiers exactly the way you would wish to be treated.

But please note that this article is not intended to destroy the chain of command – the leaders, owners & mods have complete authority over others and has the complete right to ban/demote a person for being an outlaw. All armies are authority-based: which army has the Private Ranks rule over the others? I am just saying that everyone must be mutually respected despite their rank. For respect is not glorifying, that is different – I am just saying that we must value everyone’s opinion – for example: you should not bully someone just because they are private! That is atrocious and is one of the things I am pointing out in this article.

Chris99 (www.clubpenguinrpf.com/author/chris99)

RPF News Central Reporter

Fight the Good Fight!

Poor behavior

It has come to my attention that certain high ranked RPF may have broken the RPF chat rules in RPF chat, PC & other army chats. This is a major disrespect to RPF soldiers which I do not tolerate. I apologize to anyone that was let down by certain peoples behavior. I will not make any demotions at this time. I announce that I am going to be giving some historic promotions within 6 days to some good low ranked RPF. Ranks page will have huuuuggee updates.


Zottffss Has Been Forced Into Temporary Retirement.

Hello RPF.

Today is a sad day for me, as I have been forced into temporary retirement until further notice. However, I will not completely vanish from RPF 🙂 . I will still be online occasionally, helping out, working on membership codes, and also work on RPF News Central.

I feel kind of sad to say this, but the main reason of my sudden temporary retirement is because I haven’t been able to get onto RPF as often as before. Also, my time on the computer has been severely cut down; as a result, this leads to my inactivity on RPF 🙁 .

However, not all hope is lost, because I know that the day will come when I come out of temporary retirement and work with RPF, just as I have in the past.

I would like to thank every single RPF troop, every single RPF moderator, every single RPF owner, and every single RPF leader. My experience and journey with you all has brought me friends, a second family, and best of all, happiness in my quiet life.

As of today, if I am allowed, I will step down from my RPF General 4ic position and become an advisor, but only if a leader approves.

Remember RPF. Don’t give up. Give it your best everyday! And best of all, FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT! 🙂

-Zottffss (January 1, 2016 – June 27, 2016)

P.S. Remember that in RPF, “We are one. We are a family that bonds together and fight together to win. Teamwork is the key to a clean victory.”

New Uniform is Here!


– Elm edit: I might take the shirt out of this uniform

I am happy to announce that the Rebel Penguin Federation has adopted a new non-member uniform! All troops are requested to wear one of the RPF uniforms, either this new non-member uniform or the old non-member uniform, or the member uniform. All items are available in the gift shop.

(Click read more to find out how to get this new uniform!)

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Need event ideas

I want RPF soldiers to comment on this post with event ideas for this week. We cannot begin invasions for our war against the Ice Warriors until after the server draft. The server draft will be in about one week. Until then, we must rise as much as possible.

RPF Training Session [RESULTS]

Hello, Rebels!

Today the Rebel Penguin Federation originally logged on for a battle against Army Republic, but they claimed to be not notified. They were indeed notified and agreed for the battle, however, as they agreed they seemed to not take it seriously but that’s not my problem. They agreed to the battle and it’s not our problem that their leaders didn’t care enough to update their event schedule or notify the rest of the army. Anyways, RPF maxed sizes of 17 RPF soldiers online. We ended up having a training, so good job to everyone who attended. Comment if you came! Thanks to Reflex1 for taking pictures of the event, even thought I couldn’t use any of them.


-Luis, RPF Leader