Event Schedule

Wednesday – September 28th, 2016


Server: Tuxedo – Room: Ice Berg

Time: 8:00pm EST, 7:00pm CST, 6:00pm MST, 5:00pm PST, 1:00am GMT/UK

We will giveaway a total of two or more 6 month memberships if more than 30 RPF attend.

USE RPF CHAT DURING ALL BATTLES!  >>> xat.com/rpfvictory <<<

Response to Musta’s “debunking” of Chip’s exposing post.

I just wanna start off this post stating that he didn’t debunk absolutely anything. All he did was post a few screenshots of our chat comparing our chat sizes and then accused Chip of bot raiding with absolutely no evidence.

I know Chip said that his multilogging expose post would be the last one, but i couldn’t let this opportunity get away from this.

The screenshot that Musta used of our chat size was during a break day while his screenshot was after the event… But i won’t use this as an excuse.

He tries to drop a joke on Chip which makes me question Musta’s sense of humor.

“Hey there, “Mr. I multilogged in all of my past armies, but I swear I don’t do it in RPF””

This is pretty ironic considering the fact that Bad was a leader about a day ago. We all know Bad has multi-logged numerous times. In fact i remember very few times Bad has managed to lead an army 1st on CPAC without opening tabs. Then again, that’s probably cause those few times they managed to slip by without being exposed… “Oh wait but has Bad not lead RPF and hit 1st on CPAC” Yeah you are right but let’s not forget he was backed up by 3-7 other very experienced leaders.

“Was that the best you could come up with? Some random numbers that you claim to be clubpenguin IDs of penguins that supposedly belong to a retired DCP leader?”

Let’s not forget that Bad had resigned less then 30 hours ago, he is acting like these pictures are from months ago which in fact are from less then a few days ago.. These “random numbers” are an ID assigned to each penguin that has been created. I thought this was you debunking Chip’s claims. Instead you are just accusing and asking questions.. Quite the debunk. 

“You literally have RPF events with 15 on chat and 19 on CP. “

Literally no evidence of this what so ever.

“Whereas DCP gets 50 on chat and 25 on CP.”

This one speaks for itself. 

“It only takes half a lady to put [sleeping] in their username and simply bot raid their opponents. Why chip? Can your multilogs not compare to a recently reopened DCP that is still undergoing changes and maxes average sizes?”

Accuses Chip of bot raiding with no evidence. Then accuses Chip of multilogging, with guess what? Your right. NO EVIDENCE.

“you can’t use mistakes from our past against us anymore.”

Oh yes we can, since you keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

Quite the debunking by Musta. Bad multi logged for DCP and you probably did too, and we provided the evidence and then you threw back this garbage post that you call a debunking.



On Leave For a Bit

Hello Rebels,

This is all so very sudden but I’m moving back to Canada today, permanent or not I don’t know. To get things organized I’ll be on leave for two weeks or a bit less, I’ll see.

Until then, 

Fight the Good Fight 

Destroy DCP

Signing off for now,


Full Out Exposure of the Doritos Multilogging [Last Post on DCP]

Bounce Back’s Edit: I know this edit is quite unnecessary and this is just adding salt to the wound, but here i will be adding the reactions of some people after reading this post.

The troop was boasting about how DCP is the best until i showed him this post, he read it thoroughly and this was his reaction. He immediately then removed DCP from his name and has re-joined his previous army. It is quite unfortunate. 


Hello Rebels and the community,

This will be the last post on DCP because our site cannot have so many posts about such a horrible army

Claim I wrote an essay, but at the end of the day, I completely exposed your mess of an army.

Badboy writes a 2000 word post about how I multilog, contradicts it in PC the next day, then gets exposed for multilogging today. LOL!

Before I start off the post,

No, I’m pretty sure DCP are the cowards since they can’t come and fight us lol. I’m right here asking you guys to cancel the treaty and come invade us. Why don’t you do it? Because you’re cowards.

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RPF Ausia

Hello Rebels,

For all of our ausia troops, don’t worry, our AUSIA divison will return shortly after Tentennyson is back from leave. My school has now started as well so I will be able to attend every AUSIA event.