Rebel Battle Schedule

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017


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Rebels vs Tubas

Server: Aurora – Room: Town

Login Time: 8:00pm EST, 7:00pm CST, 6:00pm MST, 5:00pm PST

CPR Mass Ban Situation Part 2 – NEW RULES

Hello, Rebels

Because of a huge incident that happened recently (don’t know about it? Click HERE to read about it, we now have a new set of rules that MUST be followed.

No matter the rivalry, we must NOT verbally abuse and create violence against the Tubas. We must keep it friendly.

What is acceptable? “DOWN WITH TUBAS” “THEY ARE LOSING” “RETREAT NOW TUBAS” “TUBAS ARE WEAK” and anything of that matter.

What is NOT acceptable?: “TUBAS ARE CANCER” “DEATH TO TUBAS” “TERMINATE THE TUBAS” “KILL THE TUBAS” and anything of that matter.

Notice the tone difference?

Keep it friendly; it’s a game 🙂

CPR Mass Ban Situation Explained MUST READ

Update: Innocent penguins have been unbanned. Big Thank you to Hagrid, CPR admin.

I would just like to say, I’m glad this happened. The rule breakers served the consequences, we got to know the rules, some annoying tubas were banned too, RPF and turn black got uncensored, we got much closer to the CPR staff.

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6:45 PM EST: Reports come in that Tubas have shown up on RPF’s capital server. Commander Silverburg starts to prepare a defense unit to deal with the problem

7:20 PM EST: 51+ Rebels on the chat getting ready for battle.

7:30 PM EST: 37 Rebels outnumber the 4 Tubas. 30 minutes left till the official battle begins.

7:36 PM EST: Tubas start to retreat before the battle even begins.

7:44 PM EST: 2nd pool is achieved on chat, 70+ Rebels on chat. Town also becomes full. Lockouts sent to the Iceberg.

7:55 PM EST: Rebels move from Town to the Ice Berg and preform first set of tactics.

8:00 PM EST: Battle officially starts, RPF form an x.

8:05 PM EST: Rebels head to the Night Club to battle the Tubas.

8:15 PM EST: Rebels head to the Ice Rink. (We cause CPR to lag again)

8:28 PM EST: We head to the forest after we cause the Ice Rink to lag out.

8:30 PM EST: RPF head back to the Night Club to celebrate our victory.

Battle Status: RPF Victory

RPF Size on CP: 65+

A special thank you to all the Rebels that provided screenshots: Popsicle, Altered, Eulug,  Zottffss

An image gallery of the battle taken by Eulug:


This Week’s Promotions [Results]

MAJOR NOTE: Some people’s ranks have been updated on the ranks page, but some people may have to wait until 24 hours for their ranks to get updated. You can access the ranks by clicking HERE

Hello, everyone

I’m sure you guys have been waiting for this post for a while, aha.

Well, here it is, this week’s promotions

Please note that if you did not get promoted it is either because 1. you break too many chat rules 2. you do not attend enough battles 3. you do not comment on the result posts

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Club Penguin Rewritten: How to look like Aunt Arctic

Credits to Base Tords for helping me out

Hello, everyone

Basically, a lot of people wanted to know how they can look like Aunt Arctic on Club Penguin Rewritten, and well, I guess I searched for it. 

It’s hidden in the gift shop catalog.

Click on the catalog (swipe right) four times until you see the drilling guy. Once you see him, click on his right hand

Once you click on it, this comes up

Have fun, and enjoy looking like Aunt Arctic!

Fantastic RPF Fanart by Brick Foot!

Hello, Rebels

Lots of people like to make fantart and send it to us. You can too! It will be posted on our website for hundreds of people to see :). Note that our website gets 3000+ views per day! 

If you made fanart, be sure to show it to an owner and ask for it to be posted on the website. If it is appropriate and relevant to club penguin rewritten, it will be posted.

Without further ado, here is Brick Foot’s amazing fanart.

I would also like to thank Brick Foot for putting time into such amazing art. 🙂

Know your enemy…