Message from Elmikey to RPF

These are busy times for me irl.& Most people. I’m not on 24/7, I don’t expect you to be either…. Yes I’m still going to be leader of RPF. Prepare for summer (: I will never step down. If I go down, RPF does too. It’s up to everyone in RPF to do their best, to make RPF the best. Show RPF your strength when the leader isn’t there. Stand strong and be #1. Have fun. I will have lot’s of free time very soon. Fight the good fight. 

Get Up Or We Will Get Out !!

We are getting annoyed with Rpf sizes. We are Really very Angry with Rpf. Even If we make an Important Post , No one Reads it, and noone takes care of attending events and doing something good to RPF .  That is why we are Warning Rpf that . If We do not get sizes of 20+  in 1  Month and this post is made on 31st March so calculatively 1 month will take place at 1st May from now on, if until 1st May we don’t start getting sizes of 20+ then Me, Haider67  and Steve Francis will decide to Leave Rpf. Even If you guys Try to get Sizes We Won’t Quit Rpf, because we know noone is trying right now.

If you guys don’t  care of Me,Haider and Steve Francis Leaving Rpf just tell us in the Comments or Tell us in the Chat and We won’t hesitate leaving Rpf in a Second.  So it’s choice to all of you on what to do next, ignore to get the loss of 3 troops, or just try to get atleast a bit better and have no deduction in troops,and ofcourse all of us 3 have agreed on quiting rpf if we don’t meet the reqirements, steve francis said to get 50+ in 1 month and we so hardly deducted it to 20+,and he agreed, so think how easy we made it for you guys, and if you guys still can’t do better it is for sure we all 3 are going to quit rpf

Rpf Command Sergeant,

Haider and Nikunj67

Another failed recruiter

Hello RPF! Its your Command Sergeant Haider 67,a recruiter from MM army i don’t know its full form came on the chat,so see how Steve and Me crashed him out.

It was the time like 3:10 pm IST when only we and steve were on chat,a recruiter named Trevor from an army named MM came. At that time i wasn’t aware of him that he came here to recruit,then steve private chatted me that he was offering steve francis to join MM,later he directly wrote on the chat,wait let me show you the pic of what he wrote

After this steve and we discussed in private chat no moderator was on,so if we would have said him no,he could have even started breaking rules so first of all we thought of giving him a clear no,after that he started praising MM and saying that we will die,here’s the pic.

He wasn’t going so we and steve made a tough decision of trolling him to get him out of the chat so we might be saved from anything like breaking rules that guy would have done on our chat,here are the pic


After this he was discouraged and left the chat as soon as possible,all i wanted to say is we are REBEL PENGUIN FEDERATION,we can deal with any of these foolish guys who try to recruit RPF troops, we FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT

I should end this post now i guess


Hey Guys.

Heya rebels. Sorry I was inactive since Friday. My parents told me we were going on vacation. I was like: ”WAIT- NO!” We went to New York City. I went to see THE World Trade Center. And then I missed The RPF Meeting. So I have returned.


Hello RPF! Its you Command Sergeant Haider 67 here. I was on chat at an event time and i thought to write this post. This is one of the most important post i would have ever written so please read it.

Now let’s get to the point,it was the UK event scheduled on Monday,March 30 and after nobody expect Nikunj and me were on chat it was sure the event was to be cancelled automatically. The worse thing is on this day 1 Ausia event was already cancelled,and this Uk event was also cancelled meaning that 2 division events were cancelled,which isn’t at all good.I want you guys to check out this pic

as you can clearly see the time there,which was 10:50 pm IST,and the event was scheduled to be at 10:30 pm IST,and even after half of the event time was passed nobody expect me and nikunj were there. Same was the condition of the Ausia event,only 3 or 4 guys were on so it also had to be cancelled. I want to say you guys,if you are doing something good for RPF,it won’t be correctly good unless you come to atleast some of your division’s events. Remember we recruit so that we may have sizes at event times and other times so that if an unscheduled event takes place we might atleast have good sizes,and if these sizes as clearly shown in the pic are continued there is no use of the hard work of the member,owners and mods who wasted their so much time recruiting,why?Because we didn’t see a single recruit also there,oh wait there wasn’t even an owner or a mod or a member expect me and nikunj so why will the recruits be there? If you expect the recruits to come on chat and attend events  then they will be classified better then you all,because you weren’t present in the events of the RPF. If here instead of this we would have even seen  size of 20,trust me it would have been far more better. Look,i am not criticizing you guys but i just want you all to attend events

I may end this post now.

RPF Command Sergeant,HAIDER 67

New Comers

Hi RPF, It’s me Nikunj67 . I am making this Post to Tell New Comers about RPF. Hello here If u are new . So Please Read this Post. Rpf is the Army which never dies . Its the Army Which Works Hard and Fights The Good Fight. Here I will Tell you How to use Cp(ClubPenguin) While you are Attending Events. First of All You need to be on Chat. Their a Leader will Say login To a Server and will Tell you a Place like Arctic, Town..  When u have logged in.A leader will Tell u to make a Shape like a diagnal  line. Then A leader Will say E2 on 3 . Then he will count 111111111111111 . 22222222222222222. 3333333333333. On 3 u need to Press E then 2 on Cp . When A leader say Log off Just Close your club penguin window and chat on rpf chat. Then after sometime on Rpf Site Their will be a Post About That Event. U need to comment on that I attended this Event.Here are All Tactics List.  

The Emotions are Called Tactics in All Cp Armies . There will be a Uniform for Member and Non- Member in A cp Army. Our Uniform are


There are Rules for Each Army I cant Explain All but the Most Important Rule for Our army u can only Join 2 Armies One Rpf and 1 anyother but It has to be Rpf Allies. 

A Allie is The Army which we have friendship with you can see all RPF allies and enemies here:

Now I am Ending This Post. Hope this is Fine for New Comers.


RPF, Command Sergeant

Some positive things and some tips to grow

Hello RPF!It’s your Haider 67 today to discuss many things…………..i would like everyone of you to read this thing as i guess it is important.First of all i would like to congratulate  RPF because now our chat has started to be more active……..more people come to chat and stay active…………,we just need to care that to be on chat when events are taking place.This was the news which i wanted to tell you guys,now let’s come to the other part “some tips to grow”…………..first of all we need to take care that whenever we are free on chat we should prefer recruiting,ofcourse it’s a main thing we should do atleast for 3 hours everyday,members are free to recruit anytime,and they are free to recruit how much they want to,but i will like to ask the moderators and owners to recruit as much as they can and to set a goal to recruit atleast 3 hours a day………….but these days i guess the members are recruiting more than the mods and the owners!I am happy that even members are taking care of recruiting but ashamed mods and owners aren’t recruiting much……………you guys are made mod and owner because you all are trusted with this responsibility but you guys aren’t taking care of it these days,which is a serious matter.If our mods and owners recruit more we can get sizes rapidly………….the only recruiters i see are Elmikey,Gionna an Nikunj 67,so we need to improve in this thing as much as we can.Now another important point is to be alive on chat(which means stay active and keep chatting),we usually just come to the chat and don’t chat  which also isn’t good,and most of you even mute the voice when you  are not chatting by which you won’t know if an unscheduled event is taking place, i know when you guys come online on computer you all wanna do something……but if you want to you can come to chat,don’t mute the sound do what you wanna do and whenever you see voice of a message or someone coming on report to chat.Now 2 easy tips which i guess most of you will know,if you have pending homework or you wanna sleep just set you autotyper for recruiting and start up with your homework or you sleep.

I guess now it’s time to end this post,Note:i know i just mentioned 3 people who recruit and i know more of you recruit……but i haven’t seen more so thats why i didn’t mentioned more.

RPF Command Sergeant,Haider 67

RPF Event Schedule


[Ausia] RPF Training Event

Server: Tuxedo – Room: Ice Berg

Time: 1:00pm UK, 6:30pm IST, 10:00pm JST, 9:00am EST, 8:00am CST, 7:00am MST, 6:00pm PST



[UK] RPF Training Event

Server: Tuxedo – Room: Ice Berg

Time: 6:00pm UK, 1:00pm EST, 12:00pm CST, 11:00am MST, 10:00am PST



[USA] RPF Training Event

Server: Tuxedo – Room: Ice Berg

Time: 8:00pm EST, 7:00pm CST, 6:00pm MST, 5:00pm PST


Orders from Elmikey: Get on at event times, don’t worry about being on chat alot this week.