Introducing: RPF’S Art Contest

Art Contest

This week we have opened a Fan Art Contest! Rebels who love to draw will be able to submit their pieces and win a special role to show off and prove that they are awesome at drawing!

Starting Today, you will be given 1 week to submit an image that you made yourself and then you’ll have to wait another week for us to judge your images. The theme for this contest is Battles

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RPF Event Schedule [September 2017]

Tuesday, September 26th

 Operation: Tuba Hunt 

Objective: Secure the server from any Tuba threats.

Server: Deep Freeze  – Room: Town

Login Time: 8:00 PM GMT/UK, 3:00pm EST, 2:00pm CST, 1:00pm MST, 12:00pm PST

Fighting Through the Lag [Results]

Hello all,

In times where we have been having recent server troubles on CPR, we decided to fight through the lag and hold out the Tuesday event on the server of Blizzard and Deep Freeze! Despite CPR servers being unstable, crashing twice and moving servers, we still managed to fight through and have 30+ rebels log on and participate! We also managed to fend off any tuba attacks with swift formation changes and tactics.

Popsicle edit: Yet another promising event was cut short by CPR servers entirely going offline. This happened not once, but twice in the span of about 10-15 minutes. On top of this, the second time they went down, CPR’s site was completely offline and couldn’t be connected to. We started on Blizzard with promising sizes, and crashed after doing 1 tactic. We managed to get more than 30 rebels to relog onto Deep Freeze, only to have the servers crash again after a single room change. CPR has repeatedly promised us and the community, day after day, that everything would be fixed and running smoothly soon, and they have continuously let us down. The fair still isn’t released at the time of this writing. I am extremely dissapointed in CPR at this time. More to come on this – Popsicle, RPF Leader.


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Importance of Being in Uniform

Hey, RPF. During today’s event, I paid close attention to even the smallest things to make sure we had plenty to work on improving (most of our issues were caused by CPR’s laggy server by the way,  AKA not our fault, so good job). However, there was something in particular that caught my eye. And I can assure you all if we can fix this then we’ll be much better off.

What is it? Our UNIFORM. Wear it! Many people make their own variations of it – which is fine. But, others tend to wear items that have completely no relevancy to RPF. There are many reasons why this is bad. People won’t know who we are if they can’t clearly identify our uniform. A uniform is meant to unify us, and to do that we must all be willing to accept that. We need something that all people can recognize and easily obtain. So, from now make sure you’re wearing black items. Don’t allow yourself to be confused by other people as a normal citizen of CPR! We are RPF!

A new uniform is in the works. When it is released, I expect all of you to be in it during all events! It will benefit us greatly!

I’ll see you on the battlefield.


I have been made Rebel Commander

Edit: Click HERE to take the RPF improvement survey if you haven’t.

With the recent departures of many important people, it became obvious that we’d need changes. I alongside the high command came up with many ideas that would benefit RPF greatly, and over the past week we’ve made great big changes. Five minutes ago, I was promoted to Rebel Commander, which means I am now leading RPF alongside Elmikey and Popsicle. We’ll be introducing many new updates in the coming days, and we’ll drastically improve very soon.

Our goal is the same as it has always been: to fight the good fight, have fun, and be the best. Keep up the good work.

I’ll see you all on the battlefield tomorrow.

-Left, RPF Commander


Good day Rebels!

Today at 2:00 PM UK time, Our forces logged on to the server sleet for a practice operation for tactical enhancements this was a huge success, tactics were great formations were on point but they took a while to do due to CPR’s lag which has been affecting our performance lately, we hope that gets fixed as soon as possible!

Here are pictures taken from the battlefield! 


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