Sunday, November 29th, 2015

Christmas Chaos Tournament

Round one of this years Christmas Chaos Tournament. 

Rebel Penguin Federation vs Light Troops

Time: 3:30pm EST, 2:30pm CST, 1:30pm MST, 12:30pm PST, 8:30pm UK

Server: Klondike  Room: Ice Berg

All members who attend this huge battle will be promoted if more than 40 RPF show up. 


I will be announcing awards for best owner and best mod under Clout’s leadership. The voting will start from 28th Novemeber 2015(today) and will end on 6th December 2015. Please vote for the best. I will be hosting the awards and the results will be out on 7th or 8th December. Note : The leader will not be included in the awards.

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Today RPF fought well, seeing it’s first win in a while.  This must have been a major upset for DW who probably thought this would be an easy win for them. Never underestimate the RPF. In other news the Army Republic is not only known for it’s stupid name. They’re also known to lose war, then shutdown and wait months for the leader that beat them to retire, so they can reopen & seek revenge maxing 20 against the retired leaders army.

UNSCHEDULED – Trump Cup Semi-Finals results

Today we fought against the Dark Warriors in the Trump Cup Semi Finals. This was an unscheduled event as we had only twenty minute notice. We maxed size of 25-30. The tournament took place in several rooms. This battle lasted an entire thirty minutes. After both sides logged off we learned that the tournament went into overtime. Meaning that we’d have to log back on and rematch.

Our new allies

Hello RPF troops, today we have  gained some new allies. Light Workers are now RPF’S allies! I, personally can not wait to get into this great relationship with such a great army!

allies with rpf.png

I apologise for my terrible spelling.

What’s the Point of Recruiting?

I know how all of you soldiers feel about recruiting; you make excuses on not doing them and you pretend to leave while coming back later when people are not recruiting. The fact that individuals don’t like to recruit, we get it. Also, I’m not expecting for you to comment on this but it is recommended to do so. I’d like to reason with you why we should recruit and what the point is in recruiting.

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