Official RPF Event Schedule [March 2018]

 Operation: Rebel Bot 

Objective: RPF event wearing the Robot Costume, available at the Stage!

Image result for robot costume club penguin

NOTE: This event is being held on CP Universe. Click here to make an account!

Server: Sleet Room: Town

Start Time: 4:00 PM EST, 3:00 PM CST, 2:00 PM MST, 1:00 PM PST, 8:00 PM UK/GMT

Operation: Snowplow [RESULTS]

Greetings, RPF!

Today, we logged on to the server Sleet for Operation: Snowplow. The event was held phenomenally well as we plowed through each part of the island. Additionally, the co-ordination and synergy between our tactics and formations were conducted in an amazing manner. Good job too all those who attended!

Comment with your name and rank down below if you’ve attended!

MAX: 60+

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Operation: Rebel Band [AUSIA – RESULTS]

Hello, RPF!

Today, we logged on to the server Deep Freeze for Operation: Rebel Band. The event was conducted well in order as we swiftly moved on the island, while spreading our amazing music all across! Furthermore, we also tried to gain some stamps sucsessfully! In addition, our tactics and formations were executed perfectly. Good job too all those who attended!

Comment with your name and rank down below if you’ve attended!


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Comment For Promotion!

Hello all,

Promotions are out soon, so if you think you have met the requirements for a rank up (which could be attending events as well as being active on chat), comment down below to be eligible!

Use the following form


Activity level (1 to 10):

Your current rank:

Why you believe you deserve a promotion:

Fight the good fight!

~Percy, RPF Second In Command


Greetings RPF!

Today we hosted our second AUSIA event of the day! This was a TRIVIA event. There were some absolutely fantastic questions that were held, and all troops had a chance to answer each question. This AUSIA Trivia event was hardcore, although the winners were chosen, and the AUSIA event went easy-going and quick.


Other than that, onto the winners of this AUSIA Trivia event. I would like to thank all troops who have attended this phenomenal and amusing event. This was a great experience for all. There were a few people who were placed into the brackets of 1st, 2nd and 3rd since there were some who had acquired the same amount of points. Each winner will receive 1500, 1000, and 500 rebel cash. On the other hand, lets get into the winners…

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Troop of the Week – #31


We’re proud to announce the thirtieth official Troop of the Week! Each week, we’ll be selecting one troop we find exemplifying the best model behavior and standards that everyone should idolize. The troop of the week always follows commands, never breaks rules, and is loyal to RPF! Anyone can be chosen, so long as they do those honorable things. The troop of the week is often a very hard decision to formulate considering there are so many great soldiers so don’t feel down if you weren’t chosen this week. Anyway, without further ado…

This week’s Troop of the Week is…

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