Monday, January 16th, 2017


Server: Sabertooth – Room: Ice Berg

Time: 3:00pm EST, 2:00pm CST, 1:00pm MST, 12:00pm PST, 8:00pm GMT/UK

Log on & Report to xat.com/RPFVictory 10-15 minutes early

Use RPF chat to receive orders from the leader.


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Hey rebels.

Recently, alot of new recruits have been joining the Rebel Penguin Federation. Alot of these recruits don’t actually stick with the Rebel Penguin Federation or just leave, so that means we have lot’s of inactive Privates on the ranks page. To try and minimise this situation, every 2 weeks a bunch of Privates who joined 2 weeks ago will be removed – 2 weeks is enough to get promoted, all you have to do is attend a battle and comment on the results post.


If you are currently ranked as a Private and you have accidently been removed from the ranks page, then please comment below with the following form:

What is your name?

Do you promise to attend more battles in the future?

Do you promise to remain active?

You may be removed again if you aren’t active enough or you don’t attend battles.


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Getting to Know The troops #3 with: Honorat1

Hello Rebels,

On today’s edition of Getting to Know the Troops, we will be interviewing yet again another great RPF soldier by the name of Honorat1.

If you did not get interviewed, do not worry, everyone will have a chance!

Without further ado, here is the interviewing

Question 1:

Question 2:

Question 3:

Question 4:

Question 5:

Well that wraps it up for this interview! Good to know a bit more about each and every troop!

Raiding AR Capital [Results]

Bounce’s Edit: Unfortunately we did not have that many pictures because we didn’t know we were getting bot raided, this won’t happen again. 

Hello Rebels,

We raided the army republic’s capital server of toboggan, and we were bot raided for about 1 hour 30 minutes, and we stayed on. Our chat size went from 48, to 40, to 31, to 35, to 38. No army can stay this strong during a bot raid, but RPF stood strong and battled the bots! Not many pictures were taken, however, I have picture proof of about 27 troops on CP (although we had more)

RPF has been bot raided many many times before for the longest time, but they have never been able to kill the RPF. RPF is unstoppable. As long as you believe RPF can overcome the bots, RPF will.

MAX: 29-30

+ Lockouts

= 27

Pre-raid, our size gradually grew.

Elmikey – Bot raids are nothing

Shiny: Bot raids will just make the rebellion even stronger. We unite together and fight as one. WE WON’T BOW DOWN! FEAR THE REBELLION! FAR FROM OVER! FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT!

Bot raids are nothing. You may block us from entering all our penguins in a room. But that means nothing to me. I am impossible to defeat. RPF will not go down. When we are raided it encourages us to work harder to improve RPF. The result is RPF gets more recruits and the troops become more loyal. We see improvements in all fields RPF related. I was met with bot raids when I returned from my 2007 retirement in 2013. For many months at a time have my events been raided. Raided by more motivated people with bots more damaging than the ones we see today. Take the advise of those who tried before. RPF is an army that only strengthens when met with a challenge. You can try but you are only wasting your time.

As an RPF legend said over five years ago… RPF is far from over.

Fight the good fight

MASSIVE Promotions [Results]

Note: Ranks have been updated!

Hello Rebels,

This week, we did amazing. Going from a pretty bad few days to an outstanding battle just from a few hours of recruiting! RPF is truly the best, and what makes RPF the best? Its troops! A lot of RPF soldiers got promoted this week.

Note: If you did not get promoted, it is either because you don’t comment on the event results, or you don’t attend enough events. Be sure to comment down below if you feel like you deserved a promotion but did not get one. Also, it is harder to get promoted as you move higher in the ranks.

Without further ado, here are this week’s promotions


Windows users, press CTRL and F and search your name to find it. If not found, you have not been promoted, so read above!

Mac users, press FIND and F and search for your name to find it. If not found, you have not been promoted, so read above!

Slidder2: Private First Class → Corporal

Popsiclebeak:  General → Warlord (congratulations on owner)

Honorat1: Corporal → Sergeant

PC333: Private First Class → Corporal

Csgo Pro 21: Private First Class → Corporal

3pinky4321: Private → Corporal (Congratulations on double promotion)

Moomoomariss: Brigadier General → Major General

Fedd76: Scout Medic → Major

Pinkmilkmum: Private → Corporal (Congratulations on double promtoion)

PrincessCake: Sergeant Major → Scout Medic

Jaimny: Corporal → Sergeant

Zipper1009: General → Warlord (Congratulations on owner)

Icyrock: Brigadier General – Major General

Maxp: Sergeant Major – Scout Medic

Phatmuffin: Private → Corporal

Ethan88898: Private → Sergeant (Congratulations on TRIPLE promotion)

Exterminator: Private → Corporal (Congratulations on double promtoion)

Cj2000spyro: Corporal → Sergeant

Chief pat 3: Sergeant → Master Sergeant

Henry98: Private → Private First Class

Greencartman: Private First Class → Corporal

Marmew: Private First Class → Corporal

Matthew: Private First Class → Corporal

Johncp82: Private → Private First class

Cyan pile: Private First Class → Corporal

Frankiki: Corporal  → Sergeant

MASSIVE Mining Expedition – [RESULTS]

Chip editt: Amazing event. Fight the good fight! Events resume tomorrow! Also, I added a few pictures.

The RPF government had received a top secret report, it stated that the ACP might have a secret bunker at the Ice Berg. A US RPF defending unit was sent to drill and raid the bunker.

Max: 35+

(Our size was decreased to 35 because Molly7004 attended with 2 penguins, this was a mistake from a new recruit and we have taught her not to log on with more then one penguin from now on)



I Remember When They Called My Dream “Fantasy”

Greetings RPF,

Since we are in a time of great success and change throughout CP Armies, I consider that good reason to provide you the troops with an inspirational tale. I wasn’t always the man you see before you now, there was a time when everything that I’ve accomplished was regarded as “fantasy” there was a time when I was put down every single day. What made me powerful was my ability to stay true to my own beliefs despite the adversity of others. When I began in this community I was like many of you, a CP recruit. I was recruited by the Night Warriors in 2009. I stayed in the Night Warriors for a bit, and then I went to the Dark Warriors, from there I began creating my own armies.

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Getting to Know the Troops #2 with: Frankiki!

Hello Rebels,

For our second guest on the getting to know the troops series, we decided to interview a very good soldier of the RPF, Frankiki!

If you did not get chosen to be interviewed, do NOT worry! Everyone will eventually have a chance at being interviewed. I am aiming to hold 1 interview daily.

First question:

Second question:

Third question:

Fourth question:

Fifth question: 

Thank you for the interview!

We will be interviewing someone else tomorrow!