Welcome to the Rebellion, Soldier!

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So, you’ve joined RPF, awesome! You may be wondering: okay, I joined, now what? I’m Serpent, one of the leaders of RPF (alongside Robot and Elmikey). In this post, my goal it to answer those questions for you and prepare you for what’s going to come.

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Important events

We havent been peforming up to our normal standards lately. I understand that many of you have school and can’t be active but atleast recruit when you arent on xat or afk. We said its okay maxing 20-25 during weekdays and 30-40 during weekends but weve been maxing 15 on weekdays right now. All RPF work harder and fight the good fight.


Invasion of Klondike Results

RPF logged onto Klondike as planned and we thought this would be an easy invasion. The Water Vikings had said they would defend Chinook from the Dark Warriors, but instead surprised everyone and logged onto Klondike to face us mighty rebels. As we quickly noticed WV were on the server, we asked for help from IW and DW. RPF and WV both had around 15 troops online to start, and then we managed to max 35+. It appears to have been a tie at the Iceberg and a clear victory for us in the Forts and Town. It was decided that IW are letting RPF and DW share the server 50/50 since not many of their troops logged on. Thank you to the couple armies in the NDA that helped when we asked! Sweet victory!

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UK Invasion of Permafrost [Results]

Today we logged on to start our operation which will wipe out all of the evil Water Vikings’ nation. We logged on to Permafrost and officially took it with good sizes of 24.

If you are a private and you attended this battle, please comment on this post saying that you did so, and you will receive a promotion!! Fight the good fight!

The RPF Boot Camp

Thanks to the hard work of Pizza Ninja and Clout the RPF Boot Camp is now open for anyone to join. It will be directed by Clout and Pizza Ninja. I suggest all people with the ranks between Private and Command Sergeant to join the boot camp as it will help you rank up faster and its a lot of fun. You can either talk to Pizza Ninja/Clout on RPF xat or join here.

RPF Boot Camp – Grand Opening!

Hello RPF!

I’m pleased and excited to announce the Grand Opening of the RPF Boot Camp. Clout and I have worked really hard to bring you guys the Boot Camp, and we have finally achieved that goal. We will have a huge event this Tuesday to celebrate the opening. First, we will have training, and right after that (because we know YOU will love this) we will have a small u-lead, so all of you get an idea of how awesome the Boot Camp is going to be. The time for each time zone and all the info concerning the Boot Camp will be available in the official RPF Boot Camp site. The link for the site will be found at the end of this post. I expect lots of RPF to attend.

Link: futurerpfbc.wordpress.com

Boot Camp chat: xat.com/RPFFuture

~ Pizza Ninja [RPF 2ic] [BC Director]



WV will be steamrolled in one day

In what will be a historic feat our alliance will conquer the entire WV nation in a single day. Our enemies will fear us. Our friends will cheer us. We are the New Dawn Alliance. We are innovators, revolutionaries maybe. We will lead through the trails ahead and make better days for our world of CP Armies.