RPF Super Cool Monday Battle [RESULTS]

RPF had a really cool battle today. We went to many rooms we don’t usually go to including the Cave Mine, the Dojo and the PSA Headquarters! We also made friends with some miners. Shoutout to the miners of CPR for constantly doing their part and helping contribute to the growing workforce and economy of CPR. As for RPF, we will continue to serve as Club Penguin Rewritten’s largest army. We hit sizes of over 40 Rebels!



Comment if you came!

Message to AUSIA

All AUSIA troops need to put in more work to hype up events and attend. Even though our sizes are great, we need you guys to not depend on me or Ammar to lead and hype events, you should be able to do that yourselves.

Anyway the event today was cancelled because our sizes weren’t good, however I expect 15+ tommorow.

~Robot [RPF AUSIA Leader]


Hello, Rebels

After fighting the Tubas for over a month now, it seems that they have went into hiding.. or have maybe even gone extinct!

For now all we know is that we don’t typically see Tubas like we used to. 

We must still stand our guard, they might be planning a sneak attack for all we know!

RPF Speedart!

Here’s a speed art by Simon IV, RPF Warlord, giving it to RPF Commander, Jason17125/Junie17125! Thanks for the present, Simon! It looks awesome. You draw greatly!

Oh yeah, and I also came across this too. This was on Discord and sent by Missmariss06. Thanks, Mariss! This looks awesome too!

And also, thank you to everyone who said “Happy Birthday!” That’s been a gift by itself. Fight the good fight!

RubyCPPS/RubyCP copies CPR – DON’T PLAY IT!

Hello, Rebels

So after a game called Newcp copied CPR’s code, I quickly made a post on it to tell people not to support the game because they just stole peoples hard work. The post got a lot of views and changed people’s minds

A new game has came out called RubyCP that has done the same thing Newcp has! Copied the code!

The Rebel Penguin Federation supports CPR and you should too. It’s not right to steal other people’s work!

It is highly advised you do not play RubyCP and stick with CPR!

If you would like to join a cool CPR army that has lots of fun having parties, hosting contests with prizes, events, and many more activites, then simply just click HERE to join us! You won’t regret it!

RPF Saturday Event!! [RESULTS]

RPF did great today! We had most of our event in the Ice Berg where we did four different formations. We also went to the Town, the Plaza and eventually the Coffee Shop. Today also marks the 12th birthday of one of our leaders, Junie. Even though he wasn’t at today’s event we hope he had a good one!

The RPF maxed sizes of 45+ penguins.

Click “Read More” for some more awesome pics!

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Flame’s retirement event [AUSIA] [Results]

Today the mighty Rebel Penguin Federation had logged on to the server, Beanie, for my retirement occasion. We stormed through the server and made quick formations and tactics. We maxed 30 on CPR. This is one of the many historic events of RPF AUSIA history.

Back when Snaily and I created AUSIA in late 2013, we used to max 10. Since that moment in time, we came through many situations and grew this big. I am proud of every AUSIA troop who worked till now under my command and in the AUSIA division.

My great inspiration and friends, Silverburg and Abhinav, you guys taught me a lot and made me who I am.

Elmikey, the most chill guy one could be even though he has a lot of power in hands.

Ammar, my closest buddy I’ll miss you, my friend.

And every other AUSIA troop out there, bring out the best in you.

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RPF Staff Promotions

After a very busy week and after I’ve been very inactive, I was still able to get a general understanding of which staff have performed well! Here are the staff promotions for this week!! (Released a day early)

Gallant has been promoted to Warlord

Vishal has been promoted to General

Left has been promoted to General

DJCrystal has been promoted to Lieutenant General

A1tered has been promoted to Lieutenant General

xOhio Statex has been promoted to Brigadier General