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WHEN: Saturday November 1st, 2014

TIME: 1:oopm PST, 2:00pm MST, 3:00pm CST, 4:00pm EST, 8:00pm GMT

WHERE: Tuxedo

The Light Troops have declared war on the mighty RPF. They want to prevent us from fighting the good fight and protecting the civilians of CP. All RPF personnel are needed for the war. The community depends on our hands to take down this force of evil being brought among us.

Preparing to defend Club Penguin!

Hello Rebels!  As the evil Light Troop army has declared war on the Rebel Penguin Federation it is time for us to fight the good fight and make sure they do not succeed in their quest against Club Penguin and the RPF.  So, lets bring it to them.  We are the best most legendary army in the community and we can easily take the fight to LT and show them we mean business.  We will not tolerate their evil in this community any longer.  For it is uncalled for and disgusting.  We are the RPF and we will not stand and watch as the LT continue their reign of terror in Club Penguin and this community.  We end this here and continue our war to fight the good fight.  For if we want to preserve this community for future Penguins we must ensure that we protect it from terrible armies such as LT.

So lets fight them RPF.  Give it everything you’ve got.  We can do this but we all must fight them!


Regrettably leaving

Hello, RPF

As most of you know, RPF have gone into war with the Light Troops. I was an owner, but one of the Light Troops’ soldiers came and threatened me badly. I refuse to say what happened in a lot of detail, but it was very bad. They said that if I did not leave RPF, something terrible would happen to me (I refuse to say what). It has been a short time, but I have loved my time here. I hope you do well RPF, and I hope you fight the good fight.

Former RPF 2ic

RPF vs IW PB Results + Expectations

Hey hey rebels!

LilStar here. Today, we faced off the Ice Warriors in a PB on Sub Zero. Ice Warriors is currently the #2 army on CPAC and I appreciate all troops who logged on today and fought through a very tough practice battle. Congratulations to IW for winning this one! We maxed 10 today, although I know that in future events, we can do better.

I have set a high bar of expectations for you rebels. We are the fearful army who under this same leadership in February have reached sizes of 50+ in events. I KNOW that we can reach that again. However, I cannot work by myself. I need all troops to recruit and recruit and recruit. We are throwing in many fun events to compensate. Don’t you want our large sizes back? Our ARMY back? Then, we need to work TOGETHER.


Halloween Party- Puffle Hotel Walkthrough

Hello RPF! As you all know The Halloween party is finally on Club Penguin! And I think some of you might have some trouble solving them. So here is a walkthrough for completing some of the puzzles! I will be releasing the video of the other puzzles as soon as they are unlocked! And also Please subscribe and like my video! Other Videos coming soon!


tbh idc if I’m looked at as an army hopper or whatever you want to call me. I’m bored here. This isn’t fun, and there’s so many complaints for stupid reasons. None of the leaders communicate the way we should, we should be recruiting but nobody says anything about uniting a recruiting force. And the fact I’m not trusted for admin or main owner kinda annoys me, just a smack in the face in our leadership chemistry. I’m just not enjoying myself, and I should be. This is for everyone’s entertainment. I’m not having my slice. But it’s fine, I don’t hate RPF. I just don’t want the responsibility of fixing it, especially when I try and hire one of my friends, and they’re called a “terrible person.” Allas, I wish the RPF the best of luck.

Step, RPF former commander.