Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

❗ OPERATION: First Recon ❗

Objective: Scout the server for any enemies.

Server: Aurora  Start RoomSki Hill

Login Time: 8:00 PM EST, 7:00 PM CST, 6:00 PM MST, 5:00 PM PST


Greetings RPF,

Today we had a very amusing event and operation on the server Aurora. RPF forces went undercover and scouted the island, dressing as enemy Tubas around the server. We were able to reach sizes of 50+ and executed outstanding tactics. Keep up the great work and let’s finish the week strong. There will be ANOTHER OPERATION later today, make sure to attend.

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Why should you join RPF?

Because we’re the best Club Penguin Army and have been for ten years! Did you know 73 people have been leader of the RPF since the start? WOW that’s a lot of RPF! They have all made a great difference and their affects are still seen to this day. We honor and respect all RPF veterans and all new recruits. Welcome to the RPF.


Hello, RPF. We had a fantastic event today on Aurora. The event like any other was successful, but we did see a few enemies including UMA. We ended up practicing many different formations, and performing optimal tactics. Great job, RPF. We have an event tomorrow at the exact same time. Make sure you’re there!

Battle log:

We began at the snowforts, where we saw only one UMA penguin. He was easily driven out of the room due to our superior force. After that, the town saw our wrath. We performed many superb tactics. Next, we hit the lighthouse, where we all grabbed an instrument and had fun. Shortly after, we took ourselves to the Ice Berg and attempted to make it tip. After a few minutes of that, we then finally invaded the Stadium. Our Navy and Air Force units split up into teams, as we hosted a great soccer game. (PS: Navy won)

Another day, another victory, well done. Comment if you came, and you will be considered for a promotion.

-Left, RPF second in command

Navy vs Airforce results

Today the RPF Airforce and Navy held a battle  This was a very epic battle and both sides tried hard. In the end there was one clear winner. The RPF Airforce. Today the RPF Airforce won the battle of the branches. Navy put up a good fight but it wasn’t enough. Airforce prevailed with better formations and tactics. There were around 70 RPF on CPR. Navy had around 35 and so did Airforce. Navy still holds the better record but will they for long? The score is now 4-3. Fight the good fight! My pictures are in order from beginning to end. We also made 1 bar server Arctic 5 bars.

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