2016 Catchphrase Contest!

Note: This was permitted by Lady Clout, one of our leaders. 

Another Note: It will end on January 9th, 2016 [which is on Saturday].

Final Note: Twitchy will be picking the best catchphrase.

FINAL Final Note: You might wanna make sure your catchphrase actually shows on CP. ~Twitchy

2016 Catchphrase Contest:

Hey RPF! We’re going to be doing our first contest of 2016 and we’d recommend for everyone to take part in this contest! We’ll do a ‘Catchphrase Contest’ where we come up with the best catchphrase for 2016. We used “Far From Over” in 2011 so we’ll be doing one for 2016. You have to come up with your best catchphrase and you’ll be credited for the catchphrase if you win! We’ll use the catchphrase that you use if you win and you’ll be remembered!

Whoever has the best catchphrase in their comments [you can only come up with 1 catchphrase] will win the contest and we’ll use that catchphrase for the year. The prize is that you’ll be credited for the catchphrase, we’ll use it and you’ll possibly be remembered doing so.


Now, fill out these questions if you’re taking part of the contest. [Press Ctrl + C at the same time to copy and press Ctrl + V at the same time to paste].


  1. What’s your name?
  2. What’s your catchphrase?

May the best comment/catchphrase win!





idk stop asking


  1. MoopieBunch_Elwood459

    My name is Moopie and my catchphrase is “Never Back Down” I hope you all like it.

  2. Pinpin516


  3. What’s your name? Maciek
    What’s your catchphrase? “Never Again Wars”.

  4. What’s your name? Chip
    What’s your catchphrase? We’ve only just started

  5. What’s your name? Dogs1112
    What’s your catchphrase? “The rebellion is in us”

  6. Name: Luke125

    Catchphrase: Fear the rebels.

  7. Name: Iceghoul

    Catchphrase: “Our legacy has only begun”

  8. What’s your name?: TheBlueKing
    What’s your catchphrase?: “We Are The Rebellion”

  9. What’s your name? goodygood8
    What’s your catchphrase? Ad victoriam! (This is a Roman battlecry meaning “To victory!”)

  10. Arctic Bolt
    Protect and never giveup

  11. my name is ammar 444. catchphrase”with great power comes great responsibility”


  13. Name is St Ransor and my catchphrase is: “Get ready for us”

  14. What’s your name?

    What’s your catchphrase?
    “When we rise”.

  15. Aaron

    “Darkness will Rise!”

  16. What’s your name? Pizza Ninja
    What’s your catchphrase? Up and Rising

    Let me explain it, uprising is a synonym of rebellion, so it made sense to me that our catchphrase had to be up and rising. Cuz we’re rebels :v
    lol I’m the only one who wrote the questions (other than Jason/Junie, but he doesn’t count because he actually wrote the post :v)

  17. Name: AgentChris99
    Catchphrase: “No Mission Too Difficult, No Sacrifice Too Great, Duty First”

    I chose this because RPF is a millitary, this catchphrase that I’ve devoloped is army-style! Perfect for any millitary.
    Fingers crossed! 🙂

  18. My name is Yenawa.
    My catchphrase: “Knowledge is power.”

  19. Name: Shiny
    Catchphrase: The Rebellion Is Rising

  20. Robot [Former RPF Leader/RPF 2ic]

    My name is Robot.
    My catchphrase: “Ride wit us through the journey for more success”

  21. My name is Kingcool
    My catchphrase We will dominate

  22. My name is Kingcool
    My catchphrase We will dominate

  23. Yachezkel
    “The Rebellion Retaliates”

  24. Name:Boran2006


  25. Some of the catchphrases made me laugh lmao

  26. Name: waterbaby
    Catchphrase: “Rebel with the best”

  27. 1.What’s your name? Flamejr aka oli
    2.What’s your catchphrase? “FOR THE LOLZ”

  28. Pengiz99
    This is the Rebellion.

  29. D.j. a.k.a Damiere

    I’m D.J AKA Damiere and my catchphrase is
    “Honor Those who died this Fight”

  30. 1. Warriorr99
    2. Victory and Justice!




  33. Dish, er.. that isn’t a winning catchphrase

  34. My name is Bumbubabble

    My catchphrase is: “Expect us”

  35. Im pretty sure it shows on cp…

  36. 1+1= RPF WON!

  37. My name is Malteser06 but my nickname is malt, my the catchphrase i thought of is not good but here it is “1+1= RPF WON!”

  38. My name is Burrito Boy 51.

    My catchphrase: RPF is like a roller coaster, we have our ups and downs but we keep going no matter what.

  39. 1.What’s your name? Snyper aka sexy beast
    2.What’s your catchphrase? “Fear the Rebellion”

  40. Wenny3
    Fear The Ice

  41. What’s your name? simmo1011
    What’s your catchphrase? ‘The good will always conqueror the evil’

  42. 1.What’s your name?my name is red nija ps
    2 .What’s your catchphrase?my catchphrase is “this battle has only just begun and we can win win it with the force”

  43. War, War never Changes. We know this

  44. 1. What’s your name? My name is DianiteSuper.
    2.What’s your catchphrase? My catchphrase is: War, War never changes. We know this.

  45. 1)ammar 444. the catch phrase is”army strong ”
    Shiny edit: You need to choose one catchphrase. Only 1 can be entered.

  46. 1)ammar444. another catch phrase”duty,honor,country”
    Shiny edit: You need to choose one catchphrase. Only 1 can be entered.

  47. Name: Red Nija Ps
    Catch phrase: Fear the force!

  48. What’s your name? Arkadiy Dele
    What’s your catchphrase? Wild For The Fight!

  49. 1. What’s your name?
    2. What’s your catchphrase?
    “Win with the best”

  50. What’s your name? Clade or Clademonument

    What’s your catchphrase? Nothing will stand in our way. I will finish…what you started.

  51. What’s your name? NIkunj67
    What’s your catchphrase? We won’t let Rebellion down

  52. What’s your name?KADEN KEMP
    What’s your catchphrase?we are rebels the rebel penguin federation

  53. Estrella(ALMA3 RPF)

    What’s your name? Estrella or Alma3

    What’s your catchphrase? Everything is possible if you believe.

  54. Coldyicy18
    I am Awakened.

  55. my name is noggin113 and the catchphrase is
    The Rpf is here time to scream in fear!

  56. What’s your name? Reev2005
    What’s your catchphrase? “That’s what you’ll get if you mess with the best!”
    Hope you like it!


    What’s your name?: Starry105
    What’s your catchphrase?: I AM RPF AND I AM PROUD

  58. We protect the innocent from danger

  59. Since there were many comments/contest applications in this post, we’re saving this for people to see how large of troops we have [and even more troops we have].

    So as of now, no more comments/contest applications will be accepted that are below this comment. All valid comments or contest applications above are just the ones that will be reviewed.

    Fight the Good Fight

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