Practice battle against WV results

Today we practice battled the WV! We maxed size of 15+ WV didn’t even try to fight back. Anyway, we should improve our recruiting efforts. RPF will rise more! Lack of pictures due to WV logging off early. RPF stayed on for the remainder of the event to train. 😉

15 RPF, pretty good!


  1. there was bots!

  2. I was there. This is the best battle and… i’m really think about this situations with bot raiders…damn it’s so creepy!

  3. I managed to find the bot raider. One was Yaaq, who was considerate and took his bots out after a couple of minutes. The other was Meta (according to Yaaq). Anyways, I managed to attend event. FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT!

  4. Because of this bot attack on Breeze, and us fighting back the bots, this may be one of my favorite battle in my CPA career! The battle was AWESOME! We defended from the bots!

    Fight the good fight,


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