Membership Code Giveaway! (Comment on this Post!)

Hello RPF!

After a long time waiting, it’s finally here! I finally managed to get my hands on not one, but TWO CLUB PENGUIN MEMBERSHIP CODES!!! 😀

So you might be thinking, “I want one of those codes!”

These codes are not very common to get, so I have decided to give away the codes to people who have met at least one of the conditions:

  1. Is a Major rank or lower on the RPF (this lottery will only be open for members of RPF, no moderators or owners allowed***)
  2. Attended the Legends Cup.
  3. Attended Operation Blackout.
  4. Is active on chat.
  5. You must be part of RPF (if you are from another army, you are not allowed to enter). I know this one is really silly, but I need to make sure that only RPF troops earn the codes.

Of course, if you have met all the requirements, your chances of earning an exclusive membership code will be much higher! The more requirements that you meet, the better your odds of earning a code. 🙂

***Note: A couple of months ago, I granted a waiver to Kenneth1126, due to the fact that he used to be a member, but now a recent moderator. He also asked me that since he was a recent mod, I could allow him as an exception, and I agreed. So, for this lottery only, Kenneth1126 will be the only moderator allowed to enter in this lottery.

The following people are guaranteed a chance to win a code:



Aquatic Wolf



For those who I did not mention, comment on this post. Also, comment if you met #2 or #3 requirements. I know who is active and who is not active on chat.

The membership codes winners will be announced next week. Also, if you have already earned a code from RPF in the past, please be considerate and let others have a chance at a membership code. These codes are not easy to earn, and each code lasts only for one week.


-Zottffss, RPF Mod Advisor.


  1. It’s jojobanks134, I have read your post. I will meet all of your requirements because I’m part of the RPF , I haven’t been in an army yet, and I’m ready to battle the acp with my fellow RPFians!

  2. can i get a member ship code?

  3. can i get a member ship code pls

  4. please I am beging to get membership

  5. I didnt attend legends cup but i have all other requirements.

    • What is your Club Penguin Username? That way, I can find you in one of the pictures of Operation Blackout and I know what your chances are. You are eligible for the lottery, but I’m trying to figure out if your chances are higher or lower. I need to make this lottery as fair as possible.

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