A day in RPF history – 2013 Christmas Chaos Finals

During my leadership in 2013 we won the Christmas Chaos Tournament.

We made it to the finals to battle Dark Warriors. Both RPF & DW agreed to change colors that battle. RPF chose to be the color red.

The RPF were inside the mine during pre-battle as we awaited for room change. The RPF that couldn’t get inside of the mine guarded the outside

In the end of the battle it was decided that RPF had won.  The pictures speak more than words.

Note: Lockouts follow tactics too.

The picture below shows all RPF who were in the Mine & Outside Mine doing the E+6 tactic at the same time. I estimate that over 100+  RPF are seen doing E+6

Inside Mine

Outside mine (lockouts)


The battle room

Lockouts following tactics (elm was locked out) RPF won.

Battle for Tuxedo (the next day)

We denied a rematch so they invaded Tuxedo instead. They still did not win.

Below picture is RPF doing E+6 & chanting when “free z falls”


What history will RPF make this year?

Fight the good fight


  1. I know we can do it! Do as good as we did in 2013! GO RPF! Fight the good Fight!

  2. Let the RPF do just as great as they did in the 2013 Christmas Chaos!
    Let’s win this thing, RPF! Don’t let Light Workers get ahead of us this Sunday! Work hard, fight to the very end! Listen to tactics and enter ’em on 3, do what is told, log on when you’re supposed to, and of course, ALL RPF NEED TO LOG ON!!! We have to take Christmas Chaos seriously. It won’t be easy, but our work will pay off. Let’s win this RPF!
    ~FunriousTV, Private First Class of RPF

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