A Eulogy to the Dark Warriors

To read the full post from Xxtoysoldier about why the Dark Warriors have shut down, click here.

On this day, December 29, 2015, RPF’s closest ally, the Dark Warriors, have officially and permanently shut down.

The Dark Warriors was an important army to the Rebel Penguin Federation. Two RPF red legends, well-known to most of you as Elmikey and Silverburg, are both former leaders of what was this beautiful army. DW has always been there for RPF. When we had low troop counts, DW was there to help us out. When they had low troop counts, we were there to help them.

We were brothers – always there to help each other out. And now, one of our brothers have passed away.

DW, you will be missed by this entire community and especially RPF. Dark Warriors was a very historical army, and it is understandable for troops to feel like they are missing something.

While the army itself is gone, your memories are not.

R.I.P. Dark Warriors

2007 – 2016

Due to our irresistible love, we could not fight eachother (WARY) Both armies turned black and created the Rebel Warriors; a powerful alliance between two legendary armies! Long live Rebel Warriors.

—RPF vs. DW Practice Battle (May 15, 2014)

Click the image to read the full post on this event.


  1. Farewell DW’s you’ll be missed and wow i see my MasterTanic penguin of which was in DW’s RPF’s and AR’s between December 2012 through April 2014 its just strange that battle in that picture is from may 2014 unless i confused april with may oh well my mistake then xD


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