A peek into RPF history [NDA’s Reign Of Terror Explained Featuring Commando717 and Biggie Smalls]

Originally posted by RPF creator: Commando717 on November 14th, 2013

Alright, well I can’t actually speak for the entire New Dawn Alliance on these issues. But I can certainly give the proper perspective that RPF’s enemies really don’t want you to know about.

Well actually they’re unaware of it too, mostly because the NDA is the new king of looking bad.

So, let’s rewind a few months, like, back before RPF was doing so well. Back even before the RPF/Nacho Summer War. Yeah. Right back there. That feels good.

It’s back in May 2013, and RPF is back! The website reopens, and Elmikey rejoins. We’re aiming to forge a path of greatness together. Elmikey quickly sees that no armies- at all- are recruiting on Club Penguin, and other leaders tell us that it’s quote unquote “Impossible”. Welp, we decide to recruit on Club Penguin anyway to prove the theory wrong, and what do we find?

We find the Nachos using an autotyper, which we believe is a bot. Right away, we point it out to the army community to show that the top dogs are using bots and breaking international warfare rules. Then boom! The next day, Army Republic and multiple armies declare war on us when we’re nearly a week old, and maybe number seven in the Top Ten? AR plans to steam roll us, and on the following Sunday, RPF sends AR packing some how with sheer will power, and new recruits from Club Penguin. AR then cancels their war, and the Nachos continue to harass the RPF.

After escalations rise, and threats of destruction are personally given to us. RPF decides it has had enough, and goes all out Black Dynomite on the Nachos, which causes a summer long war that in the end, ends up dethroning the Nachos from complete control. What is complete control you say? Well, during the war, RPF had to deal with all sorts unfair stuff. CPAC constantly bashed us while the Nachos talked bad about us on every chat that wasn’t theirs in order to gain support. And with all of that happening, our Internet connections start to go out, and then a Nacho troop mails Elmikey man-diapers in the mail.

The war finally dies down, as both sides get sick of the war, and Elmikey goes away for a few weeks along with the rest of the army. BUT THEN the Army Republic goes to war with RPF in order to kill us off once again. AR is pretty successful at it too, but just when it looks like they’re going to win, Elmikey returns, AR get’s slapchopped, and their new leader surrenders the war. (By new leader I mean old leader as he got FIRED by Burritodaily, a retired veteran at the time).

So RPF diddly dabbles as the Nachos finally fall apart, and then declares war to make sure that they do. Along with this, a new alliance is formed called the NDA with hopes of stopping one-army-CPAC-control, and stopping leaders from abusing the community on a large scale.

Over the last few weeks, know what I can confirm? CPAC has actually been really awesome about news stories lately, they haven’t been biased at all in my opinion, and I think things have actually gotten a lot better. Now was it RPF’s plan to become “evil”? Not at all. RPF has had some trouble within it’s leadership concerning positions, but it doesn’t make other leaders a dictator for voting another one out. I do want to be transparent about the fact that RPF’s leadership is a an equal plain between Elmikey, Red Gush24, 78562cool, Sir Pj, and Andy. Flappy was recently voted out of the leadership, and will be on the upcoming Second in Command Election poll. The leadership is only now this way for good after Kevin’s rebellious good doings.

I can’t speak for how ACP handles their leadership, or how DCP might handle their leadership. But RPF’s hasn’t been a walk in the park. But these guys put up with it because they want to Fight The Good Fight and win together.

Now as for Lucario’s very awesome intelligence taking as seen on the Watex Warrior website, that conversation is just about two months old, and I don’t see any manipulation of the media over here. It’s not like RPF has been rated Number One for the last two months, and it’s not like you didn’t literally suggest to us in the RPF Owner Meeting Room that RPF should be focused on the goal of “taking over all Club Penguin servers”. Which is the only notable thing you said while as the RPF UK Rebel Commander. Not only did Elmikey disagree, the rest of the leadership wasn’t on board. (I thought it was kind of cool but that’s because I’m an Imperialism Hero).

So now, RPF faces multiple armies with almost no allied support. So this war isn’t about anything that you’d assume it’s about. It started off as “Let’s fight an army that will actually show up to our events”, and is now “Let’s fight this army because we have to so we can still even have events“.

I wouldn’t call this a war against NDA. This is a war against RPF, because armies don’t like RPF, and they certainly don’t like Elmikey- who knows way more about getting cyber bullied than the JLA armies combined.

Until we ship diapers to your house, JLA is being the hypocrites.


Makes sense, since the Watex Warrior site has been making fun of Lord Pain for months of course. Because that’s not bullying, right?

– Biggie Smalls

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  1. Cool history, but i don’t understood all 🙁

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