A World Power above World Powers’

Greetings RPF,

Today CPAC declared the Nachos the victor, but CPAC fears the power of the Rebel Penguin Federation. They don’t want us to achieve what we did in 2013, they don’t want us to once again rule supreme over this community. In weeks from now the Nachos will be exactly where they were, no where while we will be reigning supreme over all of CP Warfare. Soon none will be able to challenge the might of the Rebel Penguin Federation. I was there when this army regained its power, when no one thought it could. I remember the days when people thought RPF would only ever max 5+ on CP.

When RPF rises now people look at us as gods. We proved this community wrong about us. We showed them the definition of “legendary army”. The days are coming again when armies like Nachos and our other enemies will avoid conflict with us at all costs. Our soldiers will black out rooms, we will practically own Club Penguin. Remember RPF, our troops are the best there are in Club Penguin Armies. Our leaders, owners, and moderators are the best there are. We hold superiority over our enemies and we always will rather we max 0 or 100.

Great change is coming in this army what we do holds meaning what other armies do holds no meaning. Their petty squabbles and meaningless battles lead them no where. The Rebel Penguin Federation fights for change and with every soldier who joins us we gain more power to make this community a better place for us all. We have overcome more adversity than any army in history. This time around it will be no different, I promise that. Don’t allow today to place any doubt in your heart. What CPAC or our enemies say about us is not true, we won today. Our victories will never end.


  1. What if they say we’re awesome? So you said that’s not true. WAH WAH WAH. Lol


    -your fellow Damiere


  3. Fight the good fight. RPF RPF RPF

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