Abusive CPR Moderator Picks on RPF and gets Confronted

Update: We will be contacting CPR admin Codey to handle this situation.

Update 2: Codey has spoken with the moderator. The moderator has apologized and things have been resolved.






























Hello, RPF

As you probably already heard, one of the CPR moderators logged on and destroyed our fun event. She kicked people by the dozens, for no good reason.

I am absolutely disgusted as such abuse. It’s shocking to see that this moderator defended what she did although I am certain she knew she was in the wrong.

So as many of you are already aware, Codey set a new rule that armies cant have events on populated servers, specifically servers that are bigger than two bars. When he announced this rule, he made it very clear that the rule will take place as of December 12th, which is two days AFTER today’s event.

After Codey made this rule, we responded:

Now let’s move onto today’s event. Today’s event was operation snowplow, which was a fun little event where we plow the snow off the island with the new snow plow added to the December Catalog.

This event took place on December 10th, two days BEFORE the new rule is active.

But yet…

We got kicked… for breaking the new rule… that has not been put into place yet..?

After realizing that RPF is getting kicked by this abusive moderator, I along other RPF troops quickly rushed to the CPR discord to show our concern to such abuse. I direct messaged the moderator that was abusing the RPF, and here is how it went down:

I will be censoring this moderators name to avoid personal threats being sent to her through this post. If you already know who this individual is, please do not send personal attacks.

This moderator then tried to mock me for making a simple typo, instead of apologizing for her wrong doing. Absolutely pathetic.

This moderator then said she is allowed to make a decision to kick us if we were causing lag. ‘Causing lag’ does not break ANY rules. Our intention is NOT to cause lag. It is not our fault that we are so big.

There is currently NO rule that says we cannot have events on 5 bars.

If causing lag was a bannable offense, then CPR would be breaking its own rules. Mascot meetups cause lots of lag for not only the players, but for the server as a whole.

After knowing she was in the wrong, she THREATENED to mute me for protesting her abuse.

I do not stop. I cannot let an abusive moderator get away so easily.

She calls an innocent snowplow event a ‘RAID’. She goes on to say RPF (a group of penguins logging onto a popular server in masses is a raid). Isn’t this exactly what happens during a mascot meetup? A group of penguins log on in masses? Is a mascot meetup a raid? Flawed logic.

After realizing she had nothing more to say, she BLOCKED me. What a terrible moderator.



Hello! I'm Chip. I am currently one of the three RPF leaders!


  1. It’s just Melchior isn’t it ????

  2. Very sad that people abuse power : (

  3. Rhysthepage4 or rhys4

    What the actual ____.

  4. CPR are going to lose a lot of members.

  5. so dumb moderator hope she really get unmoded >:0

  6. she should be temp unable to do staff things and also louse the mod pin perm

  7. Man, I really want to know who that mod is. Banning innocent people for not following rules that aren’t even in place yet.

  8. DM a GOOD mod (codey/hagrid)

  9. SAD! This mod is worst than the ToonTown Rewritten staff!

  10. I wish that the evaluation of mods was better, this isn’t the first mod or first time this has happened to RPF. At least when the previous offender messed up, he apologised somewhat, but she clearly couldn’t care less about CPR players or having a strong population. I think it’s better to have the “masses” log in, as it increases the amount of players on CPR that day. I know 100% that the only reason I log in to CPR is to attend RPF events, and probably would’ve left this community the day I joined if armies hadn’t presented itself.

  11. What if we make our own cpps? It’s a decent idea and the winte/summer RPF Olyimpics there.It could be called Penguin Rebels (you can change the name if you want) -Vretzy

  12. Looks like someone needs to get DEMOTED

  13. Penguins are going to protest about mod abuse soon…

    If I were in the protest location, I would be there watching. Seriously.

  14. i was banned from the discord for saying you were overreacting about the whole thing? Why? And you’re calling her pathetic, when you can’t take a little criticism.

  15. This moderator abuse is Sad!
    Although, all that matters is that we stayed and stood our ground.

  16. Lol. What a terrible mod. #FireHerorHim

  17. Upside down brain mod
    Whatever the cause RPF for life

  18. You know, I am quite ashamed of who Codey picks for his so called “respectable and professional” moderators. The mod in this post (I can tell who it is, so if you’re reading this, check my tweet) clearly isn’t professional, as they are enforcing a rule that hasn’t even been implemented yet. It’s quite sad knowing that CPR’s moderation team are mostly untrained moderators, with little to no actual knowledge on how to moderate. Saying that you can enforce whatever the hell you want, while making flawed statements in an attempt to support your argument… It’s pathetic. CPR’s mod team should go through a training session to show Codey if they actually know how to moderate a CPPS with such a large community or not.

  19. I hope she gets sorted out. What a terrible power abusing mod!

  20. It’s sad that a mod would abuse their power like this. Especially considering how many kids are apart of the RPF. And she couldn’t even be professional about it? Sounds to me like she cant handle the responsibility of being a mod for a popular cpps. Shame.

  21. Truly a dark day for cpr mod team

  22. Corporal Cameron Ribcage
    Corporal Cameron Ribcage


  23. This Moderator is pathetic

  24. That doesn’t seem good to me, a CPR mod abusing her power? The CPR team must have felt ashamed. Why use moderator power on the wrong side? Sad! Fight The Good Fight!

  25. Oh great! They are looking for trouble? Well RPF will pass any obstacles and notthing can stop us

  26. There’s gotta be one bad mod in the game, right?

  27. Melchoir really? I was there when it happened

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