Another Successful Unscheduled AUSIA Event!

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Hi RPF! Today we hosted an unscheduled AUSIA event on our capital server, Beanie. The AUSIA was mainly lead by Tom and DjCrystal but we had help from Perry and Thenightma3e. We maxed 16; although our tactics were slow at the start we quickly picked up the pace and performed strong tactics.

Thank you Sheila, Sloaps and Anme for the pics!



  1. attended and lead, Tom, 3ic

  2. Attended.
    Sent pictures.
    Joked around

  3. Sad I came when the last tactic was done.
    Btw I was just back from my classes 😐

  4. Goodluck ausia division seems like ausia really improving

  5. Attened! FtGF!

  6. Attended

  7. thenightma3e aka penguin13681
    thenightma3e aka penguin13681

    I attended
    Felt good leading alongside tom ,dj and perry

  8. Attended as corporal!! Fight the good fight!

  9. Attended and helped to hype. Im yellowpen29 sergeant major

  10. I attended. Fight The Good Fight!

  11. I attended, fight the good fight

  12. Attended! I’m felicityfox and I’m a sergeant

  13. Attended as WitcherGwent or P501650 or CPR

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