To be frank with you guys, it’s getting out of hand. The whole back-to-back bash with the three armies which I won’t name is starting to become hypocritical, pathetic, and ultimately, useless. If you’re going to call out any army that does cheat, make sure your army is legitimate as well.

I learned this through the Water Vikings, although the WV did cheat to a small extent, we still called out others for cheating, just like you guys are right doing now.

You see, I don’t know why I’m writing this post, but it’s just ridiculous seeing these three armies just bash each other for multilogging when they all do 5-30 multilogs.

I have a suggestion

Why not just drop the cheating?

With the ID check exposed now, it’s nearly impossible to cheat now, so why not just drop the cheating, play it legitimately, put effort and recruit, and stop constantly attacking one another. At the end of the day, you’re just going to get deducted points for your wrong doings, and call CPAC bias.

Does it really satisfy your needs that much?

Is it worth it?

Up to you



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