Why the Army Rule needs to be reworked – suggestion

Hey everyone,

so cpr has announced the army rule is back in place, but have not exactly specified what kind of armies are allowed. I think the entire rule needs reworking

I think there’s a big problem with CPRs army rule. Instead of limiting armies on where they can and can not go, they should limit what we do in populated servers.

I think we can all agree that the only thing that causes annoyance for your average cpr player not in an army is the tactics we do, which I do agree, in populated servers, can cause lag.

I dont think army presence is the problem, but rather tactics.

I am proposing a change to the army rule. Armies are allowed on all 5 bars, but cannot do tactics in servers above 2 bars. 

Let me know what you guys think

I hope cpr listens. Limiting where a group can and not go is unfair



Hello! I'm Chip.


  1. Great idea!!

  2. It’d fix the problem that made the rule become a thing in the first place. The only way they would deny it in my mind is if they are biased against armies, which I very much doubt as they do accommodate us and apologize when mistakes are made on, as we do too. There still may be lag when entering a room though, because of the large playercount, but I don’t see this as a HUGE problem because it just means more traffic, less annoying for an average CPR player, and we can go back onto large servers again. It’s a win, win, win in my eyes. I do think that if they revise the rule some people will hold a toxic standpoint on the revision, but hey. That’s just armies. If somebody hates you, they going to hate you. Nothing to do about it.

  3. I agree! As long as we do not create a disturbances with our tactics, we should be allowed on populated servers. Good idea Chip!

  4. Thats a better rule. Good idea 😀

  5. Yeah I agree we should be able to go on more populated servers as it does make the events more fun. If we’re not doing tactics we’re not making any disturbance. Tbh I think the army rules has been made very strict for no reason and as long as we don’t go into town usually no one gets annoyed anyway. I think the rule should be we’re not allowed to do tactics in town on any server with 3 bars or more.

  6. Most definitely agree with this suggestion. We should be allowed on any server, no matter the current population. It’s better to be restricted on what we do (in the larger servers) rather than where we are and can go.

  7. Great suggestion , I completely agree with you. The limitations they added killed off some pretty fun aspects of Armies – I really miss the huge battles between us and another army like the Tubas! I understand that they need to enforce some rules, like you said due to tactics causing lag, but CPR need to relax them a bit from what they are.

  8. Or just go to rooms that AREN’T populated regardless of the server. There won’t be any lag in a room where no one but RPF goes to.

  9. The problem is is that the armies would fill out the whole server and raise it beyond 2 bars. Tactics are a large part of armies. It would be too easy for tactics to be thrown out of the bag.
    This rule is also unspecific. For example, is it 2 bars of soldiers + normal players, 2 bars of soldiers, or 2 bars of normal players?
    If this is is so, the mods would need to be able to distinguish how many normal players there are and how many soldiers there are, which at the moment doesn’t seem to be the case.

  10. Yeah this CPR idea sounds very good for me.

  11. I agree this seems very fair to both armies and cpr non army usesrs

  12. as long as we aren’t called bots and we don’t disturb the cpr community it is fine by me


  14. I agree. It seems fair to both sides.

  15. this is a test comment sorry

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