August 2017 Penguin Style Hidden Items – CLUB PENGUIN REWRITTEN

Hello all,

Today, CPR released the August version of the Penguin Style clothing catalog! As usual, there are a bunch of hidden items in the catalog!

RPF is the largest and most fun group on CPR! We have daily meetups and events of all kinds, such as battles, parties, and other fun stuff! Currently we’re hosting our first ever RPF Olympics! We’d love for you to join below!



Click CONTINUE READING for this month’s secrets!

First off, be sure to pick up the new color, lavender, at the front of the catalog!



5 hidden items on this page!

Clicking on the blue patch of the jacket will get you an orange balloon!

Clicking on the goggles will unlock the kite!

Click on the cloud to get some blue kuckoo shoes!

Click on the arm of the penguin for a “Waddle On” hoodie!

Lastly, click on the wing to get the purple kuckoo shoes!



6 hidden items on this page!

Click on the jeans pocket to unlock some hiking boots!

Click on the collar of the plaid shirt to unlock a khaki expedition jacket!

Clicking on the brown jacket pocket will get you a supply bag/backpack!

Clicking on the left treetop will get you an canteen!

Clicking on the jacket buckle will unlock the viking helmet!

NOTE: Clicking in and out of this spot 3-4 times will unlock the blue viking helmet!

And last, clicking on the right treetop will get you a new hairdo, “The Tuft”!



4 hidden items on this page!

Clicking on the treetop will unlock a boa!

Clicking the skate of the roller skate will unlock a pendant necklace!

Clicking on the post of the dock will get you a golf hat!

And finally, clicking on the dash on the word “TSHIRTS” will get unlock a denim purse!

Also, don’t forget to go pick up the new “Penguins At Work” outfit, which is a baker’s apron and a chef hat!

If you want the July secrets, which are still in this months catalog, click here!


That’s all for this post, enjoy this months catalog! Thanks for reading and fight the good fight!

Popsicle, RPF Leader




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