Card Jitsu Fire on CP Online: How to Play and Win!

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Today, CPO delivered the long-awaited release of Card Jitsu Fire for all players! Here’s how you can start playing and earn your fire gear!

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To start off, you can simply make your way into the Dojo, and then the Fire Dojo on the left.

No starter deck or further instruction is required to start playing! You can talk to Sensei or join a game on one of the mats to begin.

The game is very simple. You can play in groups of 2, 3, or 4. Each person takes turns picking an element, and then everyone plays a card from the selected element!

How To Win

There are a few strategies you can use to help improve your odds at winning.

Play to your strengths.

This seems fairly obvious, but it’s always good not to overthink things. If you have a power card for a certain element, and it’s available to be played, choose it.

Study your opponent’s weaknesses.

For example, if you’ve noticed the water element being chosen a lot recently, it probably means at least one, or all, of your opponents are low on water cards (or they may have run out entirely). If you still have a decent water card remaining, even if it isn’t your highest card, choosing that element could give you an easy round win.

When in trouble, play smart.

You are bound to lose a round at some point, so when it’s inevitably going to happen, play smart. For example, if the element chosen is fire, and you’re out of fire cards, it wouldn’t be smart to play a high card in another element. Simply discard your lowest option, as it will be the least beneficial to you anyway. That will leave you with one less bad card, and your opponent with one less good card.

CPO has already teased the release of future Card Jitsu elements, so be sure to earn your fire gear quickly. Have fun!

Fight the good fight!

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