CATastic: Get Ready for Friday the 13

Hi guys and welcome back to CATastic!

Today I will be showing you a list of things that you need to do before Friday the 13 which is tomorrow! Click to read more.

You must do the following to survive Friday the 13:

  1. Recruit 3 people!
  2. Avoid black cats, ladders, and the number 13! If you do not do this, you will have bad luck for the rest of your life.
  3. Dm 13 people “Watch out.”
  4. Watch 13 episodes of a t.v. show of your choice.
  5. Write a poem with 13 words.
  6. Name 13 people who where born on the 13.
  7. Eat 13 grapes.
  8. Follow someone in Club Penguin Rewritten silently for 13 minutes.
  9. Dedicate a moment of silence for Friday the 13 for at least 13 minutes.
  10. Get 13 people to dress up as a candy corn.
  11. Say “13” each 13 minutes you are in the RPF discord.
  12. Make a song about Friday the 13.
  13. Avoid Friday the 13 itself!

Thanks and good luck on surviving Friday the 13!

For the previous CATastic post, I asked you guys to finish the following story:

The sun shone at the light of day. What seemed so far once was so close like never before. Victory was the goal of many. Here, Jay was panting as he raced toward the finish line. Just one more step and he would be taking home the first place medal. “BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!” Jay’s alarm clock went off. “It was all a dream,” signed Jay sadly. Today was the day the whole city would race against each other. The person who was awarded first place would win a grand trip to Tuxedo. Jay was..

I told you guys that I would be posting the best one on the next post and here it is!

Congrats to Jason/Junie17125

…emboldened. He glanced at the cloudy sky outside his room’s window, feeling the remnants of sunlight reach the surface of his face. His heart pounded as he glimpsed at the location where the race would start. Jay dressed into a white T-shirt and black sweatpants, soon running down the flight of stairs into the first floor and riding his bike to the city’s main building. There were only three or four hours left until the race would start and Jay wanted to be one of the first people to reach there so he could be in the front of the line.

As he was traveling on his bike and taking shortcuts to reach his destination faster, Jay felt a hard rock clash with the right side of his head and knock him down onto the concrete ground. Another boy that looked to be older than him—16 or 17—grabbed Jay’s neck and continuously shoved him onto the ground. “It’s pointless,” the boy started speaking, pinning him down to the ground, “there’s no chance you’ll ever be winning that race.”

Blood from Jay’s head started pouring out and put a stain on his shirt. Dirt had also gotten into his clothing, ruining the work he had done to wash his clothes for the race. Jay took hold of the boy’s arm with his right hand and shoved him into the ground with his left hand. He was amazed to have done that because the boy was about twice his size. “Alden, stop it!” Jay shouted. He dashed back onto his bike and started riding from there to the city main building. He imagined himself back to the earlier moment and thought of how tolerant he was during all the years he was bullied. Jay noticed behind him Alden had a surprised expression as he had never fought back before.

Ten minutes after Jay arrived, Alden came to his destination on a bike and walked up to him, glaring into his eyes. “It’s obvious that you out of a hundred thousand people won’t win,” he started, “so you fighting back was futile…and angering.” Alden then shoved Jay out of his way with his right hand and walked over to a water station. Jay felt the fire inside of him getting ready to explode and waited at the start of the line for the race to start.

A couple of hours later, the race had almost started. The weather had become stormy but it did not bother the folk. After a little bit, the gunshot had loudly dashed through the sky and echoed, marking the start of the race…yet, that wasn’t the only loud sound. As thunder noisily rumbled through the eardrums of everyone in the city, no one stopped shouting at the top of their lungs in pursuit of victory. Jay, being at the front of the line, quickly started sprinting like everyone else until he felt a heavy force trip him onto the ground, swiftly leaving him as the last place. While falling, he swiftly and slightly glimpsed at the smile of a familiar-looking boy that seemed to be older than him and twice his size. Jay picked himself back up, looking directly in front of him.

And there he was, standing alone as the crowd in front of him pushed through each other to reach the finish line first. The violent storm brewed around him with the rain falling having the velocity of a million arrows shot from the sky straight to the ground. The wind howled and gusts zoomed past him with brute force as his heard pounded. He clenched his fist, and in a couple of seconds, he charged forth with one loud, thunderous roar.

One by one, Jay sprinted through a person with his adrenaline as a fuel of energy. He continuously had done this until he got up to third place, just behind two other people. He felt joyous to glance at Alden behind him, falling down onto the ground and almost trampled by the crowd of screaming city folk. He felt the need to take a deep breath but he didn’t stop there. He glimpsed at the finish line straight in front of him and tried to move even swiftly. He kept going until he misplaced the footing of his left foot and tripped onto the ground once more.

He thought it was over, until the entire city stopped in place, panting and taking deep breaths, staring at Jay. Alden kept going but had fallen down onto the ground as well, panting. The people in second and first place stopped in place too and soon walked to where Jay was. The two people who were in front of Jay grabbed his hand and smiled brightly, saying, “You’ve fought the good fight well.” Jay walked with the rest of the city in first place, right into the finish line.

Once everyone in the city congratulated him and was finished being interviewed by news reporters, Jay walked over to Alden who had a sad expression on his face. “I’m sorry,” Alden started to speak, “but you’ve proven me wrong.”

Jay smiled as Alden noticed Jay’s friends behind him. “Taking a trip to Tuxedo is nice,” Jay started saying, “but it’ll be even nicer with some friends.”

The two shook their hands as Jay helped Alden walk over to the rest of the group who were spectating the race.

Thanks and have a wonderful Thursday!



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  1. Cat, sent you a dm with all things. The completion was really fun and took me hours, but I did it.
    Challenge Completed
    2nd Looey

  2. Well done Cat!


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