Catchphrase Contest

Hello RPF!

Today I am proud to announce that the owners of RPF have decided to hold another catchphrase contest for RPF! In this contest, you will have to create a catchphrase (like Fight the Good Fight) for RPF to use multiple times! This new catchphrase will be used frequently in our latest events. Anyone can enter this contest as even though you won’t win, you might get popularity or fame due to your catchphrase and might make a mark on history!

A good catchphrase should be:

  • Catchy
  • Suitable for RPF (No profanity etc.)
  • Short (maximum of 5 words)
  • Related to RPF!

Examples of Catchphrases we use:

  • Fight the Good Fight
  • Break Past the Limit
  • Far from over
  • Against all odds

The best parts of this contest:

  • Winner gets their catchphrase used frequently!
  • Runner-ups will get prizes (Rebelcash)

To enter the contest, follow these steps:

  1. DM anyone of the contest organisers (1337Mishka, DaftBasilisk, Weebwad, Queeniealex, Biffer, Plane or Pika (Starvsblack2)) your Discord name.
  2. Follow up with your created catchphrase


First Place: Your catchphrase is used, 5000 rebelcash and you get to lead the first tactic with it!

Second Place: 2500 Rebelcash

Third Place: 1000 Rebelcash

For any questions, be sure to DM one of the contest organizers: (1337Mishka, DaftBasilisk, Weebwad, Queeniealex, Biffer, Plane or Pika (Starvsblack2))

Good luck to all and Fight the Good Fight!


  1. Tewt The Good Tewt

  2. nice idea!

  3. Fight without fright

  4. Break Down the Barriers

  5. RPF is the Good Fight.

  6. Overcome the obstacles
    No obstacle is too big

    (Just a couple of ideas)

  7. Win the Grin

  8. Not your average Rebellion

    Fear the Rebellion!!

    Awake and Beyond

    Sounding the Guitars since 07

    Join the Good Join

    Far from Beyond


  10. Now or never

    Fight to no end

    Push your boundaries

  11. Rise and Revolution

  12. Mycydric7 (TheHEROBRINE)

    Fight For the Rebellion

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