Chaos at Movie Night

So after todays initial battle, the RPF decided to have a movie night. We were about an hour into watching the film Bee Movie when I was alerted that the Tubas were on Avalanche by RPF Troop BrianFriend. I immediately moved all available troops to the server and we fought the Tubas. They were moving very quickly across several rooms while we were in the process of logging on, but the troops were moving very quickly as well. Eventually, we were able to overpower them at the Ice Berg. They would move to the Snow Forts, Stadium and Ski Hill before eventually losing all size completely. However, there was a resurgence of Tubas at the Pizza Parlor, so we all headed there. The battle was reignited and we fought for even longer. We moved to the Dojo, Ice Berg and then finally the EPF Room where the last of the Tubas were taken down.

Salute to all RPF for responding so quickly and following orders so well. I’m a proud leader and every day I lead RPF is a blessing!!


  1. crazy

  2. I attended.

  3. I was there, they got rekt!

    Also i attended

  5. Tubas are no match for the RPF. FTGF

  6. I attended. Tubas had to ruin my good movie.

  7. GG Loved It

  8. I attended.

  9. I didnt make it but good job everyone

  10. attended ftgf

  11. i was enjoying the movie before we had to fight, but duty calls

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