Club Penguin Rewritten Field Op Tutorial – June 2017

Hello all,

Recently, a new field op was released on CPR! This post is the full tutorial on how to complete the field op!

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First you’ll need to head over to EPF HQ to receive your mission. When you arrive, click on the clearly marked yellow board on the right of your screen.

Then, you will receive your mission.

You will also get this notice on your EPF Phone:

The microphone you are looking for is in the STADIUM. Specifically, you want the microphone that is right in the middle of the STADIUM stage, just in front of the drum kit.

Walk up to it, and your EPF Phone will start buzzing and flashing.

Next, click on your EPF Phone and begin playing the mini game, POWER UP THE CHIPSET!

The game is pretty self explanatory: basically you have to go around the course to charge up all the chips, while avoiding zappers that will drain your energy.

Once you complete the game, you’ll earn you EPF Medals and be on your way!

That’s all for this post! Thanks for reading and fight the good fight!

Popsicle, RPF Leader




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  1. I got the quest, but the band isn’t set up in the stadium! What do I do?

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