Club Penguin Rewritten: How to get 2nd rarest CP item on CPR

Hey, everyone

With the winter fiesta party out, you have the chance to get a very rare CP item on CPR! This item is the second rarest CP item in history. Be sure you get it before it disappears!

Watch the video below on how to get it!



Hello! I'm Chip. I am currently one of the three RPF leaders!


  1. I’ve already got it 🙂 I bought it on the first day

  2. Got it the moment right when the party started 🙂

  3. Thank god i got it the first day

  4. actually the hawaiian lei wasn’t the second rarest item in CP history…
    just think about all the items released before and unreleased, and very specific and exclusive items, such as the green viking helmet…
    plus, what’s the interest of it to be the second rarest item of club penguin history (hum) if it’s now available ? its rarity doesn’t exist anymore, there should be no hype about it but more about the fact that this item is available. Cognitive bias, but anyway.

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