Your penguin must be 30 days old

Hello, everyone

So a lot of people have asked how to get the night vision goggles on club penguin rewritten, or even join the PSA itself.

Well, it’s much easier than you think it is. Let me walk you guys through the process 🙂

Go to clubpenguinrewritten.

Step 1 ) Click the M sign at the top right of your screen

Step 2 ) Once you have the new tab open, click on the chat nicely bubble

Step 3 ) Once clicked, a new tab should open. 

Click on ‘Your Mission’

Click on ‘The Rewards’

then Click ‘Continue’

Continue by pressing ‘yes’

Step 4 )

There will be a few questions asked, so answer them in this order

First question answer: Honest

Second question answer: Being mean or Rude

Third Question answer: Report Them

Fourth question answer: Saying their address

Fifth question answer: I want to keep Club Penguin Safe

Sixth question answer: I want to help other penguins

Once answered, you will get a spy phone, pick it up

Step 5 ) Go to ANY room you want, and you will see the spy phone on the bottom left. You are officially a PSA!

If you want to get the cool items, continue forward to the next steps

Step 6) Click on the phone, and then press Visit HQ

Step 7) Once you are in the headquarters, click on the FISH Catalog on the bottom right.

Step 8) Once the catalog is open, flip to the right four times until you see a cool red penguin. 

Once the page is open, click on his glasses

Once you click by his shades, the night vission goggles should come up

It says it’s worth 1000 coins but it’s really only 10 coins.

There you have it guys, that’s how to join the PSA and get the super cool night vision goggles in one post!

Enjoy 🙂

Be sure to join the rebels for parties, contests, events, invasions and much more

Want to join? Click HERE



Hello! I'm Chip.


  1. Thanks, it worked! My penguin is under 30 days old and it still worked!

  2. Worked, thx.

  3. Thanka for credits Chip
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    Together we can defeat the tubas
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  4. For me, you have to be atleast 30 days old it says. D:

  5. Ok, I found something out:
    Your penguin has to be ATLEAST 1 day old to get the Night Vision Goggles, even though it says 30 days.

  6. can you show us how to do it not being 30 days old

  7. OMG! It cost 1000 but after I clicked ‘buy’ to see how many coins i have ist said im getting it for 10 coins!

  8. Since I can’t get in the PSA and get the Night Vision Goggles, can I wear other dark goggles???

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