Hello all! The new June Catalog on CPR released today, and there are a lot of secrets that you might not know hidden in the catalog!

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Areas boxed in RED indicate a hidden item! Click inside the box on CPR to reveal the hidden items! The items you receive for each box will correspond by number.



There are 5 hidden items on this page!

The first item is found by clicking on the guitar on the left (in the middle of it)

ITEM 1 (Middle of guitar)

The second item can be found by clicking on the flower on the dress

ITEM 2 (Flower dress)

The tuxedo can be found by clicking on the penguin’s microphone-in-hand. 

ITEM 3 (Microphone)

For the tuned in headset item, click on the pianos leg!

ITEM 4 (Piano leg)

To get the black dress shoes, click inside the piano as shown in the first picture of this post.

ITEM 5 (Inside piano)

For the next page, these are the places you need to click to find the other items. Scroll down for more info.


There are 4 hidden items on this page!

Click on the left penguin’s eye for the first item

ITEM 6 (Penguin’s eye)

For the violin, click on one of the buttons on the keytar.

ITEM 7 (On green key-tar)

To get the pearl necklace, click on the white checkered shoes.

ITEM 8 (On white checkered shoes)

The sea foam dress can be found by clicking on the boombox speaker.

ITEM 9 (On boombox speaker)

For page 3, the final page, there are a few more hidden items. Each box represents the place you have to click. Keep scrolling down for more info.


There are 5 hidden items on this page! (Final page)

For the cool viking helmet, click on the letter E on the left penguin’s hoodie

ITEM 10 (On “E” in Penguin Band hoodie)

For the super rare blue viking helmet, click on the same E 3-4 times until the helmet comes up.

ITEM 10.5 (On “E” in Penguin Band hoodie). Click in and out of this spot 3-4 times for a special BLUE VIKING HELMET!

To get the cool purple electric bass, click on the red shoe’s shoe laces.

ITEM 11 (On red shoe’s laces)

To get the twister hairstyle, click on the white and gold belt.

ITEM 12 (On white and gold belt)

For the amazing looking acid guitar, click on the hoop earring.

ITEM 13 (On hoop earring)

For the last item in this month’s catalog, the Neon electro hoodie,, click on the purple shoe 🙂

ITEM 14 (On purple shoe)

There you have it, the new clothing catalog secrets for June! If you want to see the catalog secrets for May, which are still in the catalog, click HERE.

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That’s it for this post! Thanks for reading and fight the good fight!

Popsicle, RPF Leader




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  1. thanks for the guide way easier to see than one of those driver3 joes videos

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