Club Penguin Rewritten: Penguin Play Awards, New Igloo Music & More!

Hey, everyone

The 47th edition of the CPR newspaper is finally out, and reveals tons of juicy information!

Penguin Awards Coming soon!

There will be a penguin awards event happening on February the 14th!

There will be five categories: Best overall play, Best sound, Best effects, best costume, best set!

Everyone will be able to vote


The Great Snow Maze event!

Tomorrow (January 31st) there will be a cool snow maze that everyone can participate in with their puffles! This event will be up until February 4th. Be sure you don’t miss it since it’s a very short event!

New igloo Music, upgrades & more!

There will be new igloo music, igloo upgrades, igloo scenery and igloo furniture released on February the 7th!

Be sure to save up your coins!

New Sled Race Game Upgrades!

January 31st marks the day where new sled race upgrades will come out! The ski hill game upgrades catalog will be updated!

New Pin

There will be a new pin hidden tomorrow and we will be sure to make a tutorial on where its located for you all!



Hello! I'm Chip. I am currently one of the three RPF leaders!


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