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Hello, everyone

Big thanks to Vishal72002 for helping me find all the items

With the new party out, there is also a recycle hunt which is pretty hard. You will have to find 8 items around the Club Penguin Rewritten island. The items are pretty hidden and camouflaged, so it’s not as easy as you think. 

I decided to make a tutorial/walkthrough on how to find all the items to get a cool pin and finish the recycle hunt.

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  1. The first item which seems to be a broken tea cup is found in the Coffee Shop, above the little plant.

2) The second item is in the Puffle Shop, which can be accessed through the Plaza.

3) The next item can be found at the cove, hidden somewhere near the chatbar.

4) You can find the next item in the DOJO COURTYARD. Not the dojo itself, but outside the Dojo. Here it is…

5) Well, we found 4 items, now onto the 5th! The fifth item is found in the Book Shop, which can be accessed through the Coffee Shop, and the staircase.

6) The sixth item seems to be newspaper. It can be found in the scary forest!

7) The second to last item is an empty pizza box at the Ski Village.

8) We’re almost done guys.. one more item.. and a free prize and pin!

The last item can be found at the mine shack, and the free item can be found in the mineshack too.

It’s a barrel… a rusty barrel…

Once you get all that, click on the recyle bin at the top, click claim prize, and you get a free pin and you have officially completed the hunt!

However, there is a cool free item, which is at the mine shack

I hope you guys enjoyed my walkthrough, once again, thanks to Vishal for helping me out!

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Hope to see you guys there,

Chip out! 🙂



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  1. I found all the items but the quest still shows as the Easter quest.

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