Club Penguin Rewritten’s Abusive Staff – Exposed

For about a year now the Rebel Penguin Federation has supported CP Rewritten, provided party tutorials, CPR news, a very active mascot tracker used by thousands, advertised their private server, warned others about potentially dangerous club penguin private servers (helping CPR keep traffic), and much more. All of these posts and videos have raked in around 1 million views in the past year alone. However, the CP Rewritten team neglects us from the community even after all we have done to assist them, and I feel like this post is needed. The RPF has about 500 active weekly members, and that is equivalent to a full five bar server on CPR. How is it fair to neglect us like this?

There have been FOUR instances of abuse. 2/4 times there was an apology, but it still keeps happening to this day. Normally you’d expect an apology to end something.

I will not be naming the people who have abused to avoid personal attacks, unless I have to in the context.

Please do not go out to witch-hunt these certain individuals. 

Abuse instance #4 – March 3rd, 2018.

This is the most recent abuse from CPR staff. This was an admin of CPR. 

The army rule restricts RPF from going on servers that are more than 2 bars. Today’s event, operation tomb raider, was on a 2 bar server by the name of Zipline. This event followed the army rule and we should have not been kicked. There was some sort of community meetup called the CPR archive meetup that was taking place in the Ice Berg. RPF went to the ice berg and did some tactics, and shortly after found that we were getting mass kicked. Why? This broke no rules. We are on a 2 bar server, we did not advertise (if anyone did they should get banned), we did not break any general CPR rules. However, we got kicked. This confused me, so I asked the CPR admin, and shockingly, this was his answer.

You can also use the search tool on Discord and see for yourself in the CPR discord

“Being in the way of fun” Who the hell are you to say that? What kind of rule is that? Oh right, it is not even a rule.

I guess your personal problems and opinion warrant a mass-kicking. 

I then said no rules were broken, and this admin kicked me out of the CPR discord server. Seems to be a trend where if they can’t answer you, they kick you.

Lots of RPF members were scared of the abuse this CPR admin was doing, so we moved to an igloo. 

This was said on the CPR discord, and he responded with this:

Obviously, many others who were complaining about the abuse were kicked, and muted from the CPR discord server. The admin then quickly changed the subject.

Abuse instance #3

More abuse… expected! This abuse was done by a moderator and justified by the same CPR admin that abused in instance #4.

We were mass kicked from a server because it was ‘heavily populated’ despite the army rule allowing us to go on two bar servers.

This made me make a post about CPR’s misunderstanding of their own rules, and contacted the CPR admin about it in which he said he will put out more info soon. Obviously, he did not and completely ignored me.

Picture below is the CPR admin IRL

Image result for ignored icon

Popsicle then asked the moderator if he can justify his reason of kicking, in which he responded with this:

Abuse instance #2

One of instance was a long time ago, coming from a moderator that I would not like to name for privacy reasons. This moderator kicked us during an Air Force vs Navy battle (ghosts vs ghostbusters). About two minutes after the mass-kicking of over 50 RPF members at once, he apologized on CPR in a very sarcastic manner. Something along the terms of “oops sorry, continue with your event”.


Of course, the RPF does not stay silent about abuse, and we quickly contacted Codey. He then warned the moderator.

Abuse instance #1

Another time where we got unfairly kicked was at an event called Operation Snow Plow. About 60+ RPF got kicked. This mod was warned by Codey and later apologized to us on our discord server, even though she did apologize in a fairly sarcastic manner.

Here’s the full story:

Right click on the pictures below and open them in a new tab for bigger and clearer pictures.

After realizing that RPF is getting kicked by this abusive moderator, I along other RPF troops quickly rushed to the CPR discord to show our concern to such abuse. I direct messaged the moderator that was abusing the RPF, and here is how it went down:

I will be censoring this moderators name to avoid personal threats being sent to her through this post. If you already know who this individual is, please do not send personal attacks.

This moderator then tried to mock me for making a simple typo, instead of apologizing for her wrong doing. Absolutely pathetic.

This moderator then said she is allowed to make a decision to kick us if we were causing lag. ‘Causing lag’ does not break ANY rules. Our intention is NOT to cause lag. It is not our fault that we are so big.

There was currently NO rule that says we cannot have events on 5 bars.

If causing lag was a bannable offense, then CPR would be breaking its own rules. Mascot meetups cause lots of lag for not only the players, but for the server as a whole.

After knowing she was in the wrong, she THREATENED to mute me for protesting her abuse.


I do not stop. I cannot let an abusive moderator get away so easily.


She calls an innocent snowplow event a ‘RAID’. She goes on to say RPF (a group of penguins logging onto a popular server in masses is a raid). Isn’t this exactly what happens during a mascot meetup? A group of penguins log on in masses? Is a mascot meetup a raid? Flawed logic.

After realizing she had nothing more to say, she BLOCKED me. What a terrible moderator.


CPR has a big bias against RPF for some reason, despite us helping them a lot. Rules that apply to your average CPR player is x2 stricter to RPF players. Very unfair. Club Penguin Rewritten mods misuse their moderating abilities and abuse innocent RPF troops at times due to a personal hatred. This is a very unacceptable, especially for a game that claims its professional and tries to act professional.

RPF has around 500 active weekly users. This is one full five bar server on CPR. However, CPR likes to neglect us from the community. Very disgusting.

They won’t even let us spend the last minutes of CPR alongside other CPR players. What the heck? They’re literally dictating where we can and where we cannot go.

CPR does not appreciate us, and I have personal grown fedup with their actions and felt the need to make this post. All I have to say is I’m glad that the CPR administration and staff would no longer be able to abuse us starting tomorrow.

I would like to take this time to personally thank Codey for warning the moderators about abusing when he was still in power.

Fight the Good Fight.




Hello! I'm Chip.


  1. Fight the good fight guys. We’re not going to take it anymore.

  2. in one of the first messages in the message that you sent it had the mods name in it, i would cross it out

  3. They mistreat us just because they find us annoying! That’s unreasonable for an admin. Moderators shouldn’t let their personal feelings affect who is kicked and who isn’t. Moderators should just apply the rules!

  4. the first mod/admin who kicked was thorn i figured it out lol

  5. Spill the tea!!
    CPR is cancelled and was found dead in the shadows of Disney :chew:

  6. *Sips tea*
    You go chip🙂

  7. Cpr Is ded Yayyyyy

  8. Unbelievable. At least we’ll soon be rid of this lot and can start afresh.
    Well done Chip for calling them out!


  9. this is all BS you guys did break the rules. and you were rude to staff. You guys troll the CPR discord and you guys act like youre not a part of the community WHEN you dont even try. you guys go into a room and spam emotes and call that a battle. thats pathetic. Once again i rest my case you spam CPR discord and not even try to become part of the community stop acting like the victim.
    Left edit: We have tried to become part of the community. We put up with abuse for many months, and even put up with the mods not following their own rules (this can be seen in many different cases). Why is it that we get called out for “ruining” other people’s fun by trying to have fun of our own? And for that, we get kicked (and in my case, banned.)?? The CPR staff is very unprofessional. We’ve never trolled CPR, we just tried to have our own fun – and fun clearly isn’t allowed, after what happened today. I heard some people in RPF linked the URL to this post, and that’s because they grew too tired of the constant, rampant abuse. RPF has been around since 2007, and CPR hasn’t been around for a little over a year – we won’t ever let a group of dopey staff members stop us from fighting the good fight.

    • I’d like to add that I wish I could be more active in the CPR Discord, but the community is so hateful towards RPF I actually cannot go in there without feeling unwelcome. You guys actually sit there and wait for someone to do something wrong, without engaging in conversation. If somebody says,”I like RPF,” you scream no army talk, but if someone says,”RPF sucks,” then nothing happens, and people say OMG YOU ARE SO RIGHT!
      To prove this, I said “RPF Sucks” in the CPR discord, and look at their response:
      If this doesn’t show some true colours of CPR community, then I honestly don’t know what to say. We aren’t a part of your community not because we don’t try, but because you don’t let us.

  10. Well, i can see now why CPR is shutting down, we dont deserved this.

  11. I don’t care that we are not allwed to be with other people on CPR at the end.
    I don’t care that the moderators hate us.
    I don’t care that they keep kicking us for no reason.
    I will come back. So do you. Because you and I love the game and it’s people.
    They can do whatever they want, but we won’t stop.
    We are stronger than them. We got eachother, and that’s what matters.
    My words may be heard and my acts may be done.
    They won’t stop us. They can’t. They are humans like you and me.
    They got no power over us. Not anymore. That’s all i got to say.

    -Lavahound ~FTGF

  12. This is very well made, and it really shows the true side of CPR.
    They’re just a bunch of angsty teens that, instead of helping the game, like to cause drama with army groups and themselves.
    Thank you Chip for revealing the dark truth.
    And as always. FTGF.
    CPR was a great game, and if you ignore all the staff problems, it still is until the final minute.
    – JC, Private First Class.

  13. In one of the messages i saw an H so it makes me think it was Hagrid but this was GREAT!

  14. Children, pure children. Then again, they are teenagers who fraud. Smh, disgusting behavior

  15. These mods are absolutely disgusting to us sometimes. If I could ban them (though I’m not a CPR mod), I’d do that to him/her

  16. Well, this is considered a completely no-no bigtime. The moderators should’ve knew better before that. Club Penguin Rewritten is such a wonderful game in the beginning, but in the end, bad things happen. Therefore, time for us to move on to a better experience for the future years.

    Fight the good fight!

  17. Hopefully wherever we go next doesn’t treat of like that

  18. okay but you didnt even post the last mods apology??? how do we know it was sarcastic

  19. It’s sad knowing RPF is hated by a community I love. The community of my favorite game growing up. We are absolutely despised by others and majority of it is just because they’re bandwagoning. They don’t try to get to know us, they just judge us and refuse to try to understand what we are really like, the people that just want to have fun. They have no empathy whatsoever. We are the outsiders and I feel whatever community we move to, we will always be treated the same. It’s so disappointing. But as long as we have each other, nothing else should matter. We will always Fight the Good Fight and Never Back Down. Even When Darkness Falls, we will rise because We Own. We will always Break Past the Limit!

  20. Most of the people In Zipline were part of a event
    They should have been kicked
    Not you guys

  21. Chip nice job for exspoing cpr

  22. Alienhunter [Ariel]

    i remember that frickin snowplow incident that was ridiculous
    hopefully whatever cpps we move to has more reasonable staff

  23. I Cant believe that thorn was being rude cause he was never rude to me ..he is funny and nce to everyone on discord.I dont know why he was so rude to rpf. I think thathe believes that rpf is a big community and it might cause trouble and lag to their servers . They just want us to be in servers like Zipline D :


  25. Mycydric7 (TheHEROBRINE)

    so cpr didnt really appreciate us.. maybe cpr staff members are from Tubas because cpr hate us while i was observing during the time i wasnt in rpf they let the tubas raid the populated servers

  26. Man! Isn’t weird this CPR moderators are abusive in terms of powers and moderation. they just kick innocents… is this how they call discipline? Mistaken! It’s hurting other ppl After we give them respect they blatantly tarnish us and went slander in the end. What is this…..
    -Simon Iv RPF Veteran

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