Club Penguin Universe: April Fool’s Party Guide (Exclusive Items)

Happy Easter and April Fool’s Day to you all!

Today, CPU released the April Fool’s Party, along with some exclusive penguin items and awesome furniture items!

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Wondering where the new pin is? Find it’s location here!

Penguin Items

There are 7 free items all across the island, so let’s get started!

Our first free item is the Swirly Glasses at the Cove!

Next, go grab the “Orange” Propeller Hat at the Ski Village!

Hmm… Looks gold to me!

Head over to the Dojo Courtyard for some Geta Sandals!

For these next items, head over to the Forts and enter the Box Dimension!

We will be entering one of the special box areas, so hold on tight, this adventure isn’t over yet!

For our fourth item, enter the Jester Hat Box to find the King Jester Hat!

Want to find the other 3 free items? Click here!

Furniture Items

Sadly, there’s no furniture catalog update for April at the moment. However, we still do have some new furniture items! Here’s how to find them!

Head back over to the Forts and go into the Box Dimension. Once you’re there, enter the Cactus Box!

Click on the box Shop to open the catalog!

At the Box Store, you can buy the following items: 

Large Box for 120 coins each, Medium Box for 100 coins each, Small Box for 75 coins each, and the Portal Box for 200 coins each

That concludes our journey for this party’s items! Hope you like them!

Most importantly, have a great Easter and April Fool’s Day! Fight the Good Fight!

~Raneaosama, Lieutenant General



  1. Thank you for this amazing guide!

  2. Wessel Westdorp

    there’s a secret item (box suit) in the o of store

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