Club Penguin Universe: Earth Day Party Guide (Exclusive items)

Happy Earth Day to you all!

Today, CPU released the earth day party, along with some sweet exclusive items and a very fun scavenger hunt!

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Wondering where the new pin is? Find its location here

The island turns green!


Earth Day is a day in which we show support towards the ideas of recycling and any activity related to enviromental protection, the island does not stay behind on this as some rooms have been decorated to show support to this activity.

Now then, how about we take a look at what can be earned from this party?

Penguin items

There is only 1 free item all across the island, so lets get started!

The Free item which is the Straw Gardening hat which is located in the Mine! 


Next Up is the scavenger hunt!

For this scavenger hunt you will need to collect 8 items scattered all around the island, to check your progress as well as hints as to where the items could be hidden you can click on the signs found in the plaza and town.

Our First item will be a broken mug which you can find in the Coffee Shop.

Next up is an empty Puffle’O Box which can be found laying in the ground of the Pet Shop.

The Third item awaits us in the Cove. A barrel of cream soda will be laying down near the campfire. Click it to draw it out.

The 4th item is located at the Dojo Courtyard. Like the 3rd item, this Empty Hot Sauce will be hidden so you need to click it before you can collect it.

The 5th item is pretty simple to find, just look on top of the book shelf in the Book Room and click on it.

Someone Said Fake News? Our 6th item is a newspaper in the middle of the Forest that some penguin decided to just throw it away, they didnt do a good job of hiding it either…

And Speaking of laziness the 7th item is an empty pizza box located in the Ski Village, right on top of some lifesavers.

And finally we have reached the end of our quest, as the final item is located in the Mine Its just a barrel of water… How is this thing trash again? It has always been there!

That concludes our journey for this party’s items, hope you like them!

Don’t Forget, take good care of the earth as it’s the place in which we live, do a lot of recycling and fight the good fight!

Max 186, Lieutenant General

Max 186

Max 186

i remember that there was a box to put info somewhere... oh well.


  1. Thanks for the guide!

  2. Memories:
    When I used to help Chip in CPR about new happenings free items and other stuffs.

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