Club Penguin Universe: Field Ops Tutorial [March 2018]

Hello Everyone!

A new field ops has been added to Club Penguin Universe, and this post is the full tutorial on how to complete it!

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Now on with the tutorial!

First, you’ll need to head over to EPF Command Room to receive your mission. When you arrive, click on the clearly marked yellow board on the right of your screen.

Once you click there, your mission will be shown

Along with this, you’ll also get a message on your spy phone:

The device you are looking for is located at the Cave Mine. You want to head over to the machine boxed in red.

Walk up to the machine. After that, your spy phone will start to flash green!

Once at this stage, click the EPF phone, and the mini-game ‘Destroy the Circuits’ will pop up!

The game is simple! Just match the circuit symbols to overload the machine. Be quick however, you only have one minute!

Once you have completed the game, matching all the circuit symbols together, you’ll receive 2 EPF Medals!

In addition, you also receive a stamp ‘Field Agent’ which is by earning 1 EPF medal!

That concludes this field op tutorial. I hope it was able to assist you!

Fight the good fight

~Percy, Second In Command



I fall back just to see how it unfolds


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  3. Thanks. I recorded it too, check it out on my channel

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