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Hello, everyone, hope you’re currently having a good day!

Promotions are out soon, so if you think you have met the requirements for a rank up, you might want to comment down below to be eligible!

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I fall back just to see how it unfolds


  1. Good luck everyone! 🙂

  2. awesomebob20
    I attended all AUSIAs, Made 2 Posts, help the new people, and always active on chat!

  3. 8/10 attended all events that not was when I slept and I’m chatting alot in discord last time trying to help In events and very active in events
    Name:limboyeti (mikey gmd) second lieutenant

  4. 1337mishka
    I think I deserve a rank because I am active on the discord server whenever I can. I always try to help people, when there are no events I go around recruiting people for rpf and I come to every event that I can come to.

  5. Dinorewrited
    7 or 8, I try
    Because I wanna help the RPF fight the good fight and I been here for slot of unscheduled battle like yesterday and others

  6. BloodPanther
    I attend every event I can, scheduled or unscheduled, I never get out of uniform and I always help anyone on discord as much as I can

  7. Gordon Ramsay/pingu1391

    Gordon ramsay
    master sergeant
    im active on discord

  8. Roogmonster
    Scout Medic
    I think i should be promoted because I am always on chat when possible and attend as many events as I can, even if they are for another division. Also, I try to help those in need on chat.

  9. Mew!
    10/10 activity
    I got promoted mid-week for helpful behaviour, and I kept it up and have been attending every event I could. 🙂

  10. SophinoX
    I attended as many ausias and events as possible and I am usually on cpr trying to get as many stamps as possible 110/279 as of this post

  11. Arnor
    10/10 Activity. (I will be on everyday to support, and help the RPF). Do not worry! I have changed my schedules. And so, I can come on every day to help each other fight against other armies.

    Its been a honor being here for quite a while, and to support and help one another to defeat the enemy armies. I am confident that I will still serve for the RPF, and to give it a lot of care of what comes along our paths. Thank you for reading, and have a wonderful day!
    Private Class, Arnor.

  12. I think I’ve been pretty active on cpr and discord especially and recruited about 8 people around the island. Also I’ve been taking responsibility ish by doing the .join thing because it makes my feel superior and welcomed. I’ve been to about 4 5 or maybe 6 (idrk) events including some of the 2 hour one lol. So yeah I would give myself a … (drum roll please)
    7/10 Activity
    So yeh I’m a coporal with a penguin name of rhysthepage4

    Fight the good fight and good luck!

  13. SketchEk/WispyWoods

    scout medic
    i have attended less events this time but i still maneged to get in quite a lot of events and i am happy about my work for rpf.
    Fight The Good Fight, Make Your Mark

  14. Tasos2017
    FIrst Class Private
    9/10 Activity
    I think i deserve a promotion, beacause im a lot more active than i used to be and i try to attend every event in my time zone.

  15. Rpfguy
    I try to help everyone I can and attend all the events I can. also welcome new people and help them with roles to the best of my abilities. As well as this, i often hype events and help with timings for tactics. Also, and this is probably most important, i like the smooooth melodies of JAZZ. Have a good day!

  16. ThaOneNub
    depends on which day sometimes i am 9 sometimes i am 6
    Master Sergeant

    I don’t think i deserve a promotion but i think i do need to work for it so i am gonna try to attend lot’s of events and be active on chat and if i only need a little more to rank up i am just use this one like an extra credit

  17. Lettucegal
    Private first class
    when im not overloaded with school, im generally pretty active on RPF! i attend a ton of events, most that are at midnight or 5-6 in the morning. the other events i can attend simply because i’m at school when they are on, unfortunately. I try to help everyone out to the best of my abilities, and i try to recruit new penguins in the same fashion. i am also very very active on chat whenerver i can be!! my rating is anywhere from 6 – 9/10 depending on whether its a school day or not

  18. RIPBubblnpop



    I always attend the AUSIA events and am as active as possible, i try to be active in the discord but sometimes the chat goes too far away from CPR and i shut it down. In the events i try to help keep everything under control but since I’m a private and nobodies heard of me they don’t really listen to me. i am always recruiting when ever I’m on and am thinking about starting up my own recruitment channel. I always try to help out in the unscheduled events and do so with glee. this is why i believe i should get a promotion.

  19. Mrc39
    Private First Class
    I tried to attend every event as i could, also tried to talk a lot in the discord

  20. Rtuyt8
    Master sergeant
    I comment everyday and I attend as many events as I can!

  21. Fireboy8291
    10/10 for events scheduled or not
    8/10 on discord talking to my second family
    I believe I should get a promotion because I am at almost every event and I stay active on discord quite often. I have been asking about discord commands and about the RPF to learn more about what I call my second family. Fight the good fight

  22. Chrissssssss
    Im always online, and i try to make it to as many events as i can, that is when im not asleep, at work, or in marching band. i even attend events while im at school! Ive lead a couple times and i think i did good. I learn from the best though. @DJCrystal @Percy @Quis @Nightmare

  23. Name – Chidda
    Activity Level – 9
    Current Rank – Private
    Reason – I consider myself an active member of the RPF team and attend all of the events that are appropriate for my timezone (GMT). I think I deserve a promotion because I think I would assist in events effectively.

  24. Beast Master
    Master Sergeant
    Tried to attend all the events this week but the universe had other plans
    Next week I should be able to attend all if not most of them

  25. PenguinISLIT
    My activity level is about a 9 and I say this because I’ve been extremely active. I’ve been in the chat constantly and have only missed a couple events.

  26. Taruni
    I feel like i should deserve a promotion because i’ve been attending as many events as I could and I fight with tubas here and there (i make sure the fights are PG). I also recruited maybe five people? I don’t remember their names

  27. Clud09fan

    I would want to get a promotion since now, I am active most of the time.

  28. Reyder
    1st Lieutenant
    Activity Level: 6-7
    I haven’t been around lately because of an illness, but I am still managing to attend 3-5 events a week and staying active in chat. I have been almost unable to look at a computer screen during this time and still manage to attend events. If that isn’t dedication and disregard for one’s self, I don’t know what is.

  29. Discord name: Trackling. Activity level: 8/10.
    Rank: Sergeant. I’ve attended many events this week, and helped those in need in the chat, as well as attended unscheduled events that didn’t get posted due to a lack of members.

  30. Name: rocker125
    Rank: Corporal, Air Force, Ausia
    Comments: I was very active (and i am) And i Attended many events i could. I recruited many people and helped others. I feel like i deserve a promotion because i helped people on the RPF discord.

  31. My activity level was 8/10

  32. Mr pgno
    I cant be in every event because of the timezone in my country but i do my best abd patrol around every day

  33. 3intimidator
    Major General
    I feel I deserve one because I’m on a lot and take pictures. I can help make RPF great with me in the higher ranks.

  34. Taetaer
    I think I only missed one event this week on monday and I told left and pop why. I tried to attend the ausia but I did not know it was an hour earlier and now that I know ill be sure to attend tomorrow.
    I feel like I have learning to be a better mod by practicing leading and trying to be on chat as much as possible.

  35. Umar
    I think I deserve a promo as I am ver helpful and active on the discord, frequently recruit on CPR and I attend whatever event I can.

  36. I attended
    LinedStorm2,Private first class

  37. Well I really don’t care if I get a permotion but if I do it would be amazing
    LinedStorm2,Private first class

  38. Sorry I’m late

    I believe I deserve a promotion because I spent all day from 1:30 to 10:40 recruiting and scouting for tubas. I was also at Operation: Big League, I was the person who found out about the tubas at the stadium during the unscheduled battle, and I was there for the RPF vs Romans and tubas.

  39. michaeljeff2
    First Lieutenant
    I might get a bit distracted, but I’m trying my best. I also advertised RPF on this one Discord’s advertising channel

  40. Pesto
    I have 1 role until I get me old role back, PLZ PROMO

  41. Corporal
    I try to attend all events i can if i am not sleeping or in school.

  42. Arthur Read
    Sergeant Major
    I have attended all the events this week and even recruited 1 person.

  43. WeabooWaddle/WeebWad

    Weaboowaddle/ Weebwad
    Activity Level:8
    Rank: First Lieutenant
    I think I deserve a promo this week, as I am very active, both on the chat and at events. I have attended all EU events and some tuba attack events too! I also am always a friendly face to both the new and the old of RPF and feel like anyone can feel safe around me. On saturday, I did a troop interview with Bob, which I really enjoyed. All in all, I love RPF and it feels like such a close knit army. Good luck everyone! 🙂
    Fight the good fight!

  44. I slipped through and managed to get a promotion last week so hopefully other people will get their new promotion!

    I’m just here to say that I have been recruiting and starting to help people on help-desk as I become more familiar with the club. (Only did it for a short time but hopefully I’ll start understanding more)

    The true reason to this post is I wish everyone good luck and you all deserve them promotions. Never give up! 🙂


    (Of course, not that promotions matter haha! xD)

  45. Yousif
    Activity level| 8/10
    Why?: im very active on discord and help with the events by taking screenshots

  46. Tangodown76
    I have been very active on the Discord, as active as I can be that is, and I have attended every EU and US event this week. Even though I am Sergeant Major and I just got promoted, I feel I deserve this one because I have been the most active this week, then any other week I’ve been with RPF.

  47. Rosie3240

    I have attended pretty much every battle. I have been active on discord as well. I have helped with a few tuba containments as well. I was even to a few Ausia events this week as well. Im prepared for the rest of the battles this week too.

  48. Activity: 10/10
    Rank: Private
    I think I deserve a promotion due to multiple things. I attend all events such as the operation big league and I helped recruit some new penguins. I encourage people to work hard and to make cp a fun environment. I have attended 3 tuba attacks and luckily they lost due to our formations and tactics. As you can see I am a very active soldier also due to the fact I use discord to interact with my fellow soldiers. As we say, Fight the good fight!

  49. username: musicmingo
    activity: 8/10
    rank: sergeant
    Why: I am always active on the discord taking part of discussions about battles, tubas and helping others. If anyone is confused I will try to help them to the best of my ability. I always try to attend the events as much as possible but I can’t sometimes due to school and/or rehearsals.

  50. timothy138
    activity: 8/10
    Rank: Private First Class
    Why: I have attended several battles and events, and try to make it to as many as I can. Plus, I give my full effort out there on the field

  51. name: flame tobias

    rank: corporal

    activity level: I would say 10/10 I am on the discord server everyday and I am active on it pretty much all day

    I have attended pretty much every event I have missed like 2 or 3 because I was in school when it happened but I try to attend every event and so far I have attended most of them and I’m always trying to get people on cpr to join rpf almost everyday even after events

    fight the good fight

  52. ReubenBRO

    Activity: 9/10
    Rank: sargent

    I’ve been on every battle except one (which was on a school night and was at 1am in UTC) and have given my full attention and commitment to the RPF. as I climb higher in the ranks of RPF I commit more and more to the RPF.

  53. Username: Carlos
    Activity Level: 9
    Current Rank: Colonel

    I feel like I deserve a promotion because I’ve been working very hard since I joined. I was also a former 2ic and as hard working back then.

  54. wesley15
    Activity: 6
    Rank: Private

    I Work in the week but still attend any eu events i can , I have been in the RPF for over a month and a half and try my best to be active , i would really appreciate a promotion and it would really make my day!

  55. Pedrocs(RobertoCarlo)

    Username: Pedrocs(yugi)
    Rank: Corporal
    Activity Level:9/10
    I feel i deserve a promo because i only missed 1 scheduled event
    and im very active in the chat and its realy fun the events and the guys so FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT :salute: .

  56. Nyctofire
    Second Leuitenent
    This week I have helped in chat and attended most US events and some EU/AUSIA events. I was also as active as I can(due to school.)

  57. almondsjoys
    5 or 6

    even though I haven’t been able to come to all the events, I’m still active on the chat. I try to come and help as much as I can. I try to be as active as possible even though its not as much because of school.

  58. Debate
    I wasn’t able to be as active as usual this week– it was the last week of the first marking period at my school and I had lots of work to do. Regardless, I attended as many EU/US/Unscheduled events as I could, participated in chat and recruited and helped new members. I plan on continuing to fight the good fight [and be shocked at how fast we’re growing!]

  59. Queenieliz
    I’m gonna give myself an 8/10 for activity.
    I believe I deserve a promotion as this week I’ve been a lot more active and upped my game again, despite being really busy this week with assignment deadlines, work, etc. I talk a lot in chat and try to help out during events by repeating commands and advising newer troops on the times they can and can’t lead (i.e. U-Lead). I follow all orders I am given, and contribute as much as I can to things going on within the RPF. Since being a part of the RPF I’ve met so many amazing people and friends so I’m super thankful for that. FTGF!

  60. I see you reading this pop

  61. Max 186
    Activity Level: 7
    Rank: Master Sergeant
    Reason: ok, i might have lowered on activities this week but i managed to attend the most important event which was the one we had on friday, also after events i like to help penguins who need it, plus despite not attending events as usual im still active all of the time in discord.

  62. User: hstergirl
    Activity: 8
    Current Rank: Private
    I have been very active this week. Not only with events, but recruiting as well. I have been helping many people on CPR who ask about what RPF is, but helping those who are not actively checking the discord during the events. Being on a lot, I am able to make lots of events and would appreciate the promotion. Thank you.

  63. Skiper1100;
    9/10 Im currently on most of the time now and have been going to the most recent events;
    I deserve a promotion because i feel like it’s long over due and it gets me 1 step closer each time to my goal of someday leading within the rpf and to push rpf goals and values

  64. ddewing
    Brig General
    I have helped at an unscheduled before the high command showed up and I have gone to the events this week. I have been enforcing and following rules.

  65. Keemyorg123
    Well I’ve attended as many events as I could this week, tried to help out on chat, etc, etc, etc.
    So yeah, kthxbye

  66. Vishal
    9.5/10 AUSIA [Honestly]
    I was said that I would be tested for my former 3ic rank. I needed to attend events. I have attended all events [AUSIA] and commented and had been on discord. Helping out the new penguins out there and recruiting.

  67. TherAi
    2nd Lieu
    I haven’t been chatting much on Discord and attending many events so I don’t believe I should get a promotion. I might be on leave soon since mock exams are looming up (just a pre-notice so you know :P).
    Even if I don’t get promoted (highly doubt I will) I’ll try my best to do so in the future.

  68. Uni
    Major (Former Brigadier General :kappa:)
    9/10 now I’m off leave.
    Well, before I get into why I deserve a promotion, I’ve got something I’ve been wanting to say for a while now. You probably are aware I was banned from the RPF Discord. Yes, I know what I done was wrong and I can admit that, being perfectly honest. I’m not the happiest person alive, I get angry. During the AUSIA event yesterday, I said a few things I regret saying and those things really didn’t help my case on being unbanned. Again, I was annoyed. I’ve still got anger against RPF, because of my demotion. Normally, I wouldn’t care so much, but I really do this time for the reason of why it happened and it really does bother me that I’m the one being almost ‘punished’ for it. Like I get this long comment can’t change it now, but really, was the demotion necessary? I was being verbally harassed for God’s sake, I’m obviously not going to be over the moon about it. I’d even warned people in DM’s that something would happen, but no, I’m treated ‘the bad guy’, and I feel like people see me differently now after my demotion and I don’t know why. I get that it wasn’t the first time I’d left the server, I totally do. First time was accidental, second was because a troop was verbally abusing me and third was because of the harassments. Not being funny, but nobody would like that. However, despite all this, I still love RPF massively. I’ve met some of the BEST people ever and I couldn’t thank the owners, moderators, and also the troops as a whole enough for all the fun times I’ve had. I will continue to fight the good fight for as long as I possibly can.

    Okay, on to why I deserve a promotion:

    First reason is, I believe I was missed last week on promotions. You know, they said it may be because I attended 2 events. That shouldn’t really be shown as ‘bad’. I still donated my possible time to RPF. I still fought the good fight. One of those events, I also led a few tactics. I mean, that’s good in itself. You’re telling me it means nothing?

    Second reason is I love to help people. I am welcoming to the new people and I’m always happy to hold out a hand and help without even batting an eyelid. Yeah, I may not be the best role model at times, but I can still set a perfect example.

    Third reason is the effort I’m putting in at the moment. I was on leave this week and I still attended one event during that time, and that’s because I CARE. I only rejoined again today because yesterday while I was mad, I said ”If you unban me, I’ll come off leave” and I don’t lie. I did just that, even though I still need more time off, I will take my best efforts to come despite how bad my personal issues irl are at the moment.

    Fourth reason is because I’m just Uni ya know, I’m a cool person so yeah, I think you should promote me this week.

    Peace love y’all. FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT!

  69. Hi my name is Tazy.
    my activity level is 8.5
    i am a colonel
    The reason I deserve this promotion well there is a number of reason. im always active on the discord. like 100% active on the discord. Im always helping out in rpf and helping out in #help-desk. im the most friendly person on the discord. the reason i believe i need a mod ranks is because i will make rpf greater. I have also been the 7th Totw- this shows my dedication towords rpf and that i always ftgf. ive attended many many event during my time in rpf. i havant missed any promotion due to my high attendance. there are many reason i want to be mod. first to help people. or do my job as many people dont follow the rules. secondly i would love to lead event. i spent my time off for rpf. i take responsiblty to be a great leader one day. ive learnt many things in rpf. but one important thing is to -Never give up – fight the good fight. Im always helping with the event picture (u could ask anyone). im always commenting on the pages. ive recuited soo many people to rpf. RPF is a great community and i hate to see it full out. but not in my watch. i will love to see rpf finally to destroy rpf. i wish to stay in rpf for a good 5 years or more. being a bria. would mean the world to me as i have gave all the best i could. many people think im just angry all the time. well im not. just thinking about it rpf has help me in my day to day life. it always motivates me to push my self over 100%. knowing whether or not i dont get this. i will apprectaite your descion. FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT :salute:

  70. Coolguy1608
    Brigadier general
    I am active, I try my best to dedicate as much time as possible to the RPF. I’ve recently joined the interview team and I’ve enjoyed it. It has helped me develop my character. I enforce the rules and always help new troops. k bye.

  71. x Scarlett x,
    Activity 7/8
    I would like to be promoted because last week i missed out on promotions due to not being active but this week i have been able to attend more eu and ausia events and during the events i have followed the tactics correctly and i guess i can be quite active on discord. I really enjoy being in the rpf and i am willing to continue attending events and be a proud member of the rpf and fight the good fight. Thank you for reading.

  72. Woomitron
    First Lieutenant
    Once again, I am grateful for being in this lovely community, where I can learn to communicate and cooperate with others. If I do not get this promotion, I am ok with such. FTGF, RPF.

    Despite me being less active for 2 days in a row, I feel like I deserve a promotion due to the same reasons as before: chat activeness, helping others, and tuba patrols. As I strive toward a better rank, I learn to become a good troop, and a better person. I hope to participate in more RPF events in the future, and if I get this promotion, I can take steps to becoming a troop with higher authority, and more responsibilities to learn.


  73. Username: Anme

    Activity level: 9

    Current rank: Lieutenant General / 5ic

    I’m attending many Ausia and EU events and taking pictures of course. Sometimes i’m leading Ausia events with other mods or only with one other or myself. I’m really trying to make sure new people who wanna join RPF gets Private role and Ausia/EU/US role and Air force/Navy role.
    And trying to help give people who only wanna visit RPF Visitor role.

    I **am** trying to make sure nobody is breaking the rules.
    Thank you. :salute:

  74. Rafiguerra
    I would say I deserve a promotion because I have attended the mayority of events since I joined RPF, I also recluted other penguins to join, stayed online in the discord channel, sent pictures of the battles to Perry and other higher rank members, and I would love to keep fighting the good fight.

  75. Username:Darth Tuba

    Activity Level:8 Current Rank: Visitor
    I attend most of the events well not all of them and I want to be a veteran because being a veteran shows that your becoming used to the rpf like I am and not some old useless visitor and I want to help out my fellow friends Percy,Anme,And my other rpf friends

  76. CPR Username: Floatieninja
    Discord: Floatie#3435
    Activity Level: 7
    I think I should be promoted because I try to attend every event that I can, and I’m very active on CPR and Discord.

  77. Queeniealex
    Sergeant Major
    I think I deserve a promotion because I try to attend all the events I can. Although I could be more active in chat, I try to be the best troop I can be, by following all orders and welcoming new troops to the RPF.

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