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I fall back just to see how it unfolds


  1. Fight

    • Christmas Pack Guy??⛄
      8 activity tho out internet was down so i couldt log on 🙁
      My current rank is private first class
      I believe i deserve a promotion cuz i am on when i can and i and very dedicated to the RPF andre remember FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT

  2. Fight

  3. Reyder
    I’m still not at max attendance, but I am definitely attending more events, nearly every single one that happens. Only ones I miss are because they happen while I’m sleeping. My activity in chat is constant and always, and has been for a while.

  4. 9/10
    Limboyeti(mikey gmd) major
    I attended alot of events was really active in chat tried to help in events was active in chat and in game on events

  5. Pokoh kazama:
    Activity 7
    Because im active , and its such fun joining events

  6. im active 7/10. I feel like i need a promotion because i try to go to every event but i dont comment on the post i just say it in the Disord.


  7. Vishal
    10/10 (AUSIA)
    General (4IC)
    Cause I had been welcoming new people and have been helping out in leading events and helping others to lead event. Have been active in all events AUSIA. Helping out in roles and goiding new people.
    Joy be the consequence!

  8. Roogmonster
    First lieutenant
    I think I deserve a promotion because I try very hard to attend as many events as possible although I can’t always make it. I am also very active on the chat and help others as much as possible.

  9. fight the good fight

  10. Plane17
    Activity is probably a 9-10 (online for min 3 hours a day)
    I believe I deserve a promotion because I am on the discord every day and i try and attend as many events as possible and help out in any way I can.

  11. GabbyKawaii
    I love this army, and even though i can get stressed about little things irl i know rpf has my back.. i love everyone in this army .

  12. Username: raylog
    Activity level: 5 (im not sure about this level*)
    Current rank: Private
    I deserve a promotion: because I attended all events that took place after I got accepted into this.

    *I don’t know what activity level is, but I’d say I’m pretty active on the chat.

  13. Username: SanderNorway
    Rank: First class private
    Activty level: 7

  14. Bibolino 1
    Activity level: 7
    Current rank: Private
    I think I deserve a promotion because I’ve been attending all the current events

  15. Name:wxbp
    Activity level :7
    Private first class
    I believe i deserve a promotion because i try to be active everyday, welcome newcomers everytime, trying my best to attend every event that i could attend and i will never break the rules 🙂

  16. NiallPlays
    Activity level 7-8
    I’m attending all of the events I can the only one I don’t are when I’m out or asleep I have recruited a few new people.
    Fight the Good Fight

  17. Arnor
    Master Sergeant
    Its been a honor being in the RPF for months, and it has been a good run. I have made friends along the way, attended events, etc. Why I should be deserved for a promotion is because I am a respectful, responsible, and a safe person. I take care of people IF they are in need of help.

    I always wanna make people have a enjoyable, and a amazing day. I always hype events, active in chat, and much more. RPF meant a lot to me once I got a hang of it, and I will never keep you guys down. NEVER.
    Thank you for reading, have a great day!

  18. Rhysthepage4 or rhys4

    I think that I’ve been to loads of events and tuba battles – found dot online last Sunday with a tracking team which was quite cool after a successful week being online on cpr for ages. I was on discord enough so much so that I ended up using my 250MB of my 1Gb data package! I also liked movie night


    Fight the good fight!

  19. Orange37408
    I have attended a lot of events in the past few days and I feel like I deserve a promotion.

  20. Username – Jebus_YT

    Activity Level – 8.5/10

    Current Rank – Private First Class

    Reason why I believe I deserve a promotion – I submit many photos, attend many events, and try my best to be a great member

  21. CPR Username: FloatieNinja
    Discord Username: Floatie#3435
    Current Rank: Sergeant
    Activity Level: 8/10
    I feel like I deserve a promotion because I’m very active, on both CPR and Discord. I try to attend every event possible.

  22. Nicohio
    Private first class
    I have joined in many of the recent battles against the tubas as well as my events over time

  23. name: wesley15
    Activity level:6/10

    i feel i deserve a promotion because im active in chat almost everyday
    and welcome any new player that joins , i have attended quite a few events this week and have also been very friendly to people .

  24. I have attended all the events and un scheduled events. I feel like i deserve this promotion because of this.

    Rank: Sergent
    User: Andrea

  25. xxKirby warriorxx/FusionxKirby
    8/10 or 7/10
    Been to nearly every event since joining (Plus out of my region) Very good at trolling tubas and i’m not a bad memer

  26. AwesomeBob20
    Major Gen
    I have attended AUSIAs, Active on Discord and having fun!

  27. Pedrocs /RobertoCarlo

    Master sergeant
    I think I deserve a promotion bc I’m very active in attended almost all the events having fun with you guys and as always :salute: and FTGF

  28. michaeljeff2
    Active on chat but not in events. Will try harder. Trying to do better.

  29. CPGames2010
    Private First Class
    I deserve a promotion because I attend most events (especially AUSIA) and welcome newcorners. I’ll try to be on Discord as much as I can. By the way, I cannot attend all events when there’s ISP maintenance, school or when I’m sick.

    Fight the good fight!

  30. 3intimidator
    Major General
    I feel I deserve i promotion because i have been a Working hard and I have been active on discord and help any new person that I can. I also advertise RPF when I’m on CPR and make RPF look good.

  31. Businessmoos
    Because active on the chat and attended some of the events. But i will try harder next time. Btw i cant attended all of the events due to the school

  32. private first class
    i think i desrve a promtion because i am very active on chat and have attended the last 5 or 6 evenet sbut icouldnt attend alll because of school

  33. Fireboy8291
    Master sergeant
    So I was sick for a last week and that’s why I wasn’t there for a while. I believe I deserve a promotion because I attend almost every event, welcome newcomers and am semi active on discord.

  34. cmk1705
    I think I should get a promotion because I’ve attended 5 events this week and 3 surprise attacks by the tubas. I would put my activity level higher but I have school so I can’t be on in the day on weekdays. Also I’ve been friendly on chat and I’ve recruited a penguin or two.

  35. princeofmom
    i would love to get a promotion

  36. Tazy
    Hi everyone, first of all i just wanna say thank you to who ever is reading this, i joined rpf roughly 3-4 months ago and i am very dedicated towards rpf. i love rpf soo much and it means the world to fight and protect the community. i am a very active person on the discord and a welcoming friendly person.i welcome new trouper to the discord and helping them with the roles.i have recuited people to rpf and have attended lots of event. im always helping out on the discord and always there if u need me. im always helping out on #help-desk. i have attended every eu and ausia event this week. but i have also attended other fights like unscheduled event (fighting the tuba). I really think that i deserve this promotion because im just a very valid user on the discord and i want to show everybody my skill to be a bria… being a mod will mean a lot of responsbility but i am up for it as i have experince on how to deal with situation. i feel like i am ready to be a mod on rpf. i love to lead event and it is a great job being. i will never break rules and and i will keep the chat safe.i will help those people who need help and even if i had to show them everything i will do anything for rpf.i would love to take a oppuntunity to develop everything i have had. i comment on the result page and and im always helping out with the event and unschedudled event. i am a very warmly hearted person and would love to help. it has been over 1 month now and i feel i am ready to witness and show my level of undertstandment. im always congratulating people who have achived great thing. i would love to make rpf Rise more and more and hopfully we will be a great army.i try my best and i am 100% commited to everything. one day i would love to become a leader but for now ill stay as my rank. i feel like my time has come to show the world how truly i am. i may be goofy sometimes but when ever i am serouis i am very seroius. thats it for now. wether i get this promo or not ill like to thank everybody for being such good loyal rpf. fight the good fight everyone
    :slaute: i wish u all the very well and ftgf……

  37. daniellem
    I believe that I deserve a promotion because of my determination, spirit, and energy as a RPF agent. I attend every event that I can- the only events that I miss are ones that go on when I’m at school or sleeping. I recruit whenever I can, and I’m active in the discord chat as much as I can- I’ve even downloaded the app. I am excited to see what happens to me next as an RPF agent!

  38. PenguinISLIT Aka Buddy The Elf
    Ok it’s been a month and I’m not assuming that anyone else here hasn’t waited that long. My activity level is about an 8, I’ve been active through out the month. I’ve a attended numerous events and have been active in the chat.

  39. Dumlemix3


    Ive been in many events lately

  40. Username: Anme

    Activity level: 8/10

    Current rank: Lieutenant General / 5ic

    I’m attending many scheduled and unscheduled events. I’m taking pictures of unscheduled or scheduled event I’m attending. I’ve assigned many roles to new members. I’m helping people in #help-desk, and I’m active on discord everyday.
    I love talking in the RPF discord and laughing.
    I’m leading frequently if owners wants me to, if I can’t lead it’s proably because there are stuff I need to do in real life.

  41. Username: Rocker125
    Activity Level: 8/10
    Current Rank: Sergeant
    I feel like i deserve a promotion because i am attending more events than usual, I have been helping people in Discord and i am starting being active. I was commenting on every post that came. I was helping people out with their roles and how to join RPF (.join command). I would feel grateful for a promotion. Even if i don’t get it, i will do my best next time. I will always try to remember, Fight The Good Fight

  42. TheTPlush
    I wanted to acheive my goal of being the rebel commander of the rpf and to help others be free from the notorious tuba gang and to be the best of the best.

    sorry if my activity level is low because i got school

  43. KingBlue16245
    I am always active and excited to join some events after school (if there are any) I will always stick to the end of the event even if it goes on for more than an hour. FTGF

  44. Zeppelin31
    Currently a private
    I think I should be promoted because I feel I am very active all day and a good RPF soldier. FTGF!

  45. Name: Chachkis

    Activity Level: 9

    Rank: Sergeant

    I believe I deserve a promotion because I am frequently active in both unscheduled and scheduled events. I make sure to get pics of the events and DM them to the person required. I am also very active in the RPF discord and I make sure go to the website every day to see the daily news.

  46. CheeseWaffle
    Private First Class
    I attend all of the events that I can, except if they happen while I’m at school, I always have the chat active and in case of any unscheds, I recruit quite a bit when nothing’s going on and welcome new members into the RPF. Fight the Good Fight!

  47. Yelo017
    I attended a small amount of the previous events.
    Also my name isnt on the troops page

  48. Name:Robert12343
    Reason:i have been attending all of the events that i can im active at chat helping and enjoying and i try my hard to make rpf better and i love rpf it was my best army for all the armys i joined and i will Fight The Good Fight Always and ill be active as much and i can and as always …

  49. Merri
    Master Sergeant
    I attend most events that happen at 7pm c and participate in unscheduled Tuba’s when I can. I enjoy welcoming new members to the RPF. Once the semester is over in about a week and a half my activity will go up. I always have discord open, even if I’m not participating in the chat. Fight the good fight!

  50. WinterJack
    I attempt to attend every EU event, and some AUSIA events. I’m constantly online on CPR and very active upon the Discord. I’m keen to keep climbing the ranks as well.

  51. Silly guy 6
    Activity: 9
    Whenever there’s an event, I participate in it. and if the room is full, i wait for the announcement of a room change in the chat. I plan to continue this for a long while, and to always fight the good fight.

  52. Name:baldo
    Rank/role:private first class
    I’m very active in chat I try attend all events I can and unscheduled events it can be a little hard for me becouse of school and becouse in my country we set the klock forward we will get more sun on the day so eu events are at 21:00 instead of 20:00 but I try my best and I love rpf Ps I’m aiming to surpass anme and chip

  53. Shayera

    fam……. i woke up at 7:30 am ON A SATURDAY to go to an event if that isn’t dedication idk what is.

  54. Hstergirl
    I feel that I deserve a promotion because I have been very active this week. I don’t believe I have missed a scheduled US event, and have been to quite a few unscheduled events. I am not as active as some people on the chat, but I am working on that and always try to help people who need it.

  55. LinedStorm2
    Active level 8-9
    Active on discord try to attend every event and I really don’t care if I get the promotion but if I do it’s ok.

  56. Name.) TheDewGee777
    Rank/Class.) Sergeant
    Activity Levels.) 9.7/10
    Lately i have attended all scheduled events, and have participated and started some of the unscheduled events. On 11/26/2017 i started a unscheduled event that lasted 3 hours and 14 minutes and participated every moment of the event. I would appreciate it alot if you would consider giving me a promotion, or even give me a promotion. Ither way I enjoy being part of the RPF and look forwards to the next event :).

  57. Woomitron
    Without a promo, I still am grateful to be in RPF.

    I have attended most events, along with helping others in help desk, telling others the rights and wrongs of RPF, and constant tuba battles. Otherwise, I try to be active on Discord. This may be a little bit of the same as what I’ve said before, but it is what I do.


  58. I’ve only been with RPF for short amount of time but I have been attending events and getting to know everyone. I have to say it it’s a fun community that’s i am very happy to be aprart of. Now that i am More comfortable with everyone I really am going to step up my rpf commitments more so hopefully I can get a promotion and I would appreciate it because I’m fully committed it getting closer with rpf. Thank you – Depeche Mode1

  59. SamTheWhale
    I try to attend every event, but due to school I have not been able to go to as many events.

  60. Username: DepecheMode1

    Activity level (1 to 10): 9

    Your current rank: Private

    Why you believe you deserve a promotion:

    I’ve only been with RPF for short amount of time but I have been attending events and getting to know everyone. I have to say it it’s a fun community that’s i am very happy to be aprart of. Now that i am More comfortable with everyone I really am going to step up my rpf commitments more so hopefully I can get a promotion and I would appreciate it because I’m fully committed it getting closer with rpf. Thank you – Depeche Mode1

  61. ChronX
    Although my work and schooling has been dragging me down, I still attend every single event that I possibly can. It’s close to the holidays, so work has been tremendous and hard, recently. I am still quite active in chat and I have RPF spirit to pass to all. I love our army of penguins. FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT!!!!

  62. Max 186
    Rank: Sergeant Mayor
    Activity level: 8
    I think i deserve a promo because im always active on discord and besides i attended yesterdays event and also because i will try to be more active

  63. Red Omega
    Although reality is slowing me down from CPR duties I hope to get to Sergeant before 2018. I know it’s a big wish but hopefully, the events and battles I have attended will accomplish this goal. And yes, I am using Grammarly :).

  64. Nyctofire
    I feel I deserve a promotion because I welcomed many new recruits and helped them with their roles. I also was active on chat.

  65. BloodPanther
    Sergeant Major
    I believe I should be promoted because I have attended every event I can, I am always on discord, I get notified so I see every question on #help-desk and I sort out anyone with the “New” role as much as I am able with my low rank (telling them what commands to use to get region roles and branch roles or visitor role). If I was promoted I would closer to being able to help people much more.

  66. Maxdude
    Rank: Private First Class
    Activity level: 7.5 because of school but I have been on Discord a lot.

    I think I should be promoted because I have attended all the scheduled events I can, and some unscheduled events, i.e. tuba containment. I will also put more time into RPF after school hours. Also, it’s getting closer to the christmas holidays, which for me begins on the 19th, so you can expect me to be a lot more active after that date.

  67. Greenistman
    8.5/10 (Haven’t been on as much this week because Avengers: Infinity War trailer dropped and I have been watching it like 10 times a day.)
    Master Sergeant
    I have been int he RPF for a while now, and I am on whenever I possibly can. I have devoted my time in CPR to the RPF, and go on whenever something is going on, if I am online. I have been fighting the good fight for about 7 or 8 months now.


  68. Name: qazwsxedc16
    Rank: Sergeant
    I am active and try to attend all events if i don’t have other obligations.

  69. Agent Rocky
    Rank: Sergeant
    Activity Level: 10/10
    I believe that I deserve a promotion because I attend as many US and AUSIA events as possible. I also check this website daily to keep updated whats going on. I am on club penguin EVERY DAY to be alert of any enemies. I am also fairly active on discord telling people if I spotted any tuba raids. These are the multiple reasons why I deserve a promo.

  70. Bubbaganoush
    Rank: Corporal
    Activity Level: 10/10
    I believe I deserve a promotion because I am very active on Club Penguin and know of every RPF event there is. This is because I check the website and the chats daily. I am very good at recruiting more people to FTGF!!
    Thank you for giving me a chance to be a better soldier. FTGF

  71. SuperHeroFan28(P1391289)
    Private First Class
    I think I should get a promo because I have attended 2 events and 2 Unscheduled Ones. I try to be active in RPF even in school and in events I also help the owners by saying “GR”

  72. beast mastet
    Scout Medic
    currently working with a friend of mine who joined the Tubas to spy after he was banned from RPF. We are working to find and get rid of as many spies as we can. he was originally attempting to appeal his ban but he quickly gained their trust somehow. I am now more active than ever.

  73. Taetaer
    I’m active on rpf and attend all the events I recruit also. RPF is probably one of the best things that have ever happened to me before rpf I was just a nub with no friends but when I joined rpf I met so many people so many nice people that without RPF I would of never know. I know rpf is just a CPR army but it means much more to me. Without RPF I would be a very different person. I’ve learned a lot of lessons from RPF that I will use in real life so thank you, everybody, in rpf for being such amazing people. FTGF

  74. CallumHunter
    I am on very often and always attempt to get on as much as possible.

  75. name: supahotboye
    activity: 7
    rank: Private First Class
    reason: Since I’m amongst RPF, I check the chat daily and try to attend every event, sadly sometimes I’m not home at the time the event takes place, that’s why I gave myself 7 activity points.

  76. Name: Jurij1234
    Activity: 7.5/10
    Rank: Second Lieutentant
    I’m active on rpf most of the time and attend as much events as possible and i recruit Rpf sometimes and help new people.

  77. Chawwh
    I’ve given up whats left of my social life in attempt to attend every event I’m capable of. >.<

  78. Ragnar123
    Private First Class
    I’m on the discord channel every day for at least two hours, i have recruited 5 members to RPF this week, and i have attended every event and unscheduled from 2:30 PM EST to 11:30 PM EST every days.

  79. AUGmatt13
    I think i deserve a rank up because i have attended all of the battles since i have joined RPF, I have given up time to do events, I am very active on CPR and discord, and I helped out 2 penguins JOIN RPF and helped them get all of the items for the uniform.

  80. Streghten
    Activity: 9/10
    Rank: Sergeant Major
    Took a comeback to RPF events and there were so fun! Brings me back when I joined. Will keep being active! 🙂

  81. Username: XSDOSfc12
    Activity: 7/10

    I Attended most EU/AUSIA Events, and looking for more events in the future! FTGF

  82. NinaQueeBee
    Private First Class

    I think I deserve one because I’ve attended as many events as I could (EU ones at least, can’t join america ones bc I’m sleeping and I have work and stuff). I got promoted last month so I can understand if I’m not promoted this time.

    Fight the Good Fight!

  83. NotPengpex
    Activity: 7.5/10
    Rank: Private First Class
    As a long time CPR player, i felt that the game was getting stale. but when i joined RPF it made me have a whole new perspective on the game. RPF made CPR really fun and exciting. When i am in those unscheduled, and scheduled battles, i feel that i am helping out CPR from those pesky tubas. I am also very active in the discord, i am making friends with lots of CPR and Romans. And i have even missed homework just to attended a battle. So please consider me being promoted Commanders.

  84. RPF Penguin
    Private First Class

    I think I deserve a promotion because I have attended every event I could this week. I am super active on discord. I have been helping the rpf since 2010, but I officially joined recently. I am looking to move through the ranks fast, and I am hoping to become a legend one day.I want to help and influence the rpf. My goal is to get to rpf leader one day. I want to make a great army even greater. FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT!

  85. Posie

    I try my hardest to attend the events even when I have school/practice on weekdays. The bond and connection between the family is incredible! I’ll try to attend the AUSIA/EU events as well. I also helped my little sister join RPF a couple of days ago so hopefully we will work together! FIght the Good Fight! I’m so glad that I’ve become apart of this strong family!

  86. Eesa
    It’s been a while since I attended events but I have done so recently.
    I attended 2 events this week, and became active on the discord again.
    I have recently started using other computers I have access to to start attending events again because I love the RPF too much to stay away.
    Even before I left I spent a good while while everyone but me got promoted but thats not a reason to promote me now so ignore it anyway.
    Its been a good few months and I’m not really expecting a promotion right now, but I want to get back on the radar. Keep your eye on me.
    I’m ready for more responsibility. I want to get to the edge of being a mod and take some time to adjust myself before I cross that line.
    I feel like being a mod would help me stay motivated to work with difficult situations that have caused me to stay away for some times, as well as to improve myself as a person by the responsibility. I also feel it would help me get closer to the newer members who I havent gotten to know since leaving.
    I know I am a way from getting mod yet, but I’m just trying to get your consideration.

  87. DeltaPinguin
    Private First Class
    I have been attending events as much as I can, and will for a while! FTGF!

  88. Scoured
    I think I deserve a promotion because I have attended and I have been good and helping out. I have been online fighting tubas, even without a event. FTGF

  89. Cheeseater13
    Lt. General
    was on leave since AUgust, ex Xat Mod, Good to be back active with rpf! FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT!

  90. XxzBRYANzxX
    Private First Class
    joined a couple months ago,pretty active

  91. Avalre
    I just joined RPF about three days ago, and I’ve already recruited 3 members and helped them to get their uniforms. The real kicker is that one of them was a tuba! I’ve attended all of the events, scheduled or not, almost from start to finish, which is why I gave myself a 9.5/10. I dedicate 4 hours every night simply for recruiting, and I’m always willing to get up and fight if I see a tuba alert.

  92. OllieSparrow (OllieDog)

    Username is OllieSparrow, or OllieDog on discord.
    10/10 activity 😛
    Rank: Private, Navy, AUSIA
    I believe I deserve a promotion as I’ve been apart of the RPF for a weeks now and I love it. I’ve attened nearly all events, and I’m always there, adding people. taking down any other armies, Loving the RPF life. During battles, I’ve even taken charge, such as the ‘Tuxedo takeover’ Last night, I had the idea to sit in an X formation on the iceberg, etc. I really love this army but I’m still the beginning rank. My dedication and determination to the RPF is what I believe should allow my promotion. If not, thanks nontheless! ~OllieSparrow

  93. Corky127
    I deserve a promotion because I have been really active lately and I have not gotten a promotion in a while.

  94. TBBluePickle
    Private-First Class
    I love the RPF, I participate in a lot of events that line up with my timezone
    I have also started many wars against the tubas and won, I also almost have my discord open always so i know when things are happening.

  95. TheminercatPG

  96. Weaboowaddle
    I would love to receive a promotion this week, just as much as I would love to any other week. I believe I deserve one this week, because of how dedicated I am to the RPF, attending all EU events, some AUSIA events as well as unscheduled events. Furthermore, I think that I am a very friendly person, which comes in handy with making new friends, helping out along the server and much more. Being one step away from being a moderator is another reason why I would love a promotion. This week, I also earned ”Troop of the Week”, which I would have never thought I would earn. I could honestly have never got to where I am without everyone on this server. I wish everyone good luck in promotions :).

  97. RealisticZ
    Private (on discord)
    I believe I deserve a promotion because I would like to take part of RPF battles and keeping the army up!

  98. 1337mishka
    Master Sergeant
    I am very active in the discord, I welcome all new members and help them (joining rpf, choosing navy/air force, uniform etc.), I attend almost all EU events and some ausia events. I do my best to attend every event I can and really enjoy the community.

  99. Yellowpen29
    I think I deserve a promotion because I have been active,Helping out lead red alerts (not posted cuz no mods on) and alerts tended every Aus ia event except this Saturday and Sunday . I hype alot and fight the good fight.

  100. Coolguy1608
    Brigadier General
    I’m online everyday, I attend most EU events. I help new recruits and hype for events. I believe I’m ready for major.

  101. Elepsis182
    I just joined a week ago and I attend most of the US events. I like welcoming new people and recruiting to make the army stronger. I want to fight the good fight.

  102. Peachykats
    I dedicate all my free time on discord and cpr. I also attend US events and I’m active on chats daily

  103. Private Frist class

  104. Queeniealex
    Scout Medic
    I think I deserve a promotion because I’ve been a lot more active in discord this week then I ever have been before. I’ve also attended all the EU events this week. I try and welcome all the new troops that are joining the RPF and be the best troop I can be.

  105. RSnailGames
    Activity (so far): 8
    Sergeant Major
    Since I was inactive over the summer (due to alot of stuff,) I feel like this is the perfect time for me to actually come back and do stuff when i’m finished with my homework and exams.

  106. Tango_Down
    Scout Medic
    I haven’t been as active as I want to be this week mainly due to random family events getting in my way. Will try to be more active next week!

  107. Wilt
    Private First Class
    I just join RPF yesterday and experienced my first event today which was a ton of fun and hope to attend much more in the future!

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