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Promotions are out soon, so if you think you have met the requirements for a rank up, you might want to comment down below to be eligible!

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I fall back just to see how it unfolds


  1. trants
    i think i deserve a promo because i help RPF in any way i can and i always support others also i attend most RPF events. FTGF

  2. 7-8


    Mater sergeant

    I did try my VERY best for attending events sadly i missed some but did end up attending most of them


  3. risk08
    master sergeant

    I have been extremely active lately and hope I’ve done enough for a promotion but nevertheless, I will always FTGF!

  4. Van Vinc


    Sergeant Major

    I attended almost every EU and AUSIA event and I am very active on CPR and the Discord server

  5. N3tWork
    I’ve been active on the discord everyday and attending as many events as I can. And uhhh I haven’t broken any rules yet cuz ima good boy 😀

  6. Reyder
    Major General
    I think I deserve a promotion because I know da wae, my brudda. I fight the good fight for da wae, my brudda. I moderate chat and try my best for DA WAE MY BRUDDA. SPIT ON THE FAKE QUEEN, PLBT PLBT PLBT!
    In all seriousness, I attend most events I can, moderate, and try my best.
    I got sick this week but fought the good fight through it, and attended what I could.

  7. Gan10
    Master Sergeant
    I believe I should get a promotion cause, I am not atending all the events cause of school but I try my best to attend as much as I can, cause when Im not in school time, I attend all the events! I sometimes help new people, and try my best to not break any rule.

  8. DaftBasilisk641
    Sergeant Major
    I feel like I deserve a promotion as I regularly attend events and also hype up them as well. Also I like welcoming people to the RPF as that can persuade them to join.
    Helping others is my priority.

  9. SkyeDVS
    I attend most EU events but I have actually been forgetting to comment if I’ve attended. And I think I also deserve a promotion because you touched my spagget.

  10. Username: Chachkis
    Activity Level: 9.5
    Current Rank: Scout Medic

    I believe I deserve a promotion because I am extremely active in RPF; both the server and in events. I also try my best to follow each and every rule enforced.

  11. Name: Rocker125
    Activity level (0-10): 9
    Rank: Sergeant Major
    I believe i feel a promotion because I was very active in discord and i helped people in #help-desk as much as i could. I hardly missed any event and i always provided pictures/images in events. I would be grateful for a promotion. Thank you and Fight The Good Fight

  12. Limboyeti(mikey gmd)
    I was super active this week attended all ausia eu
    Was super active in chat helped in help desk was active in events tried to help so I think I really deserve promotion

  13. Orange37408
    Scout Medic
    I have attended many events and have helped many people with stamp collecting

  14. Discord: Werny4CPR
    Activity level: 10
    Rank: Private
    Why I deserve the promotion:
    I first joined the RPF discord because of the mascot tracker, multiple friends in CPR told me that this tracker works the best. When I first joined I wasn’t planning on joining the army, but a week later Anme asked me to join after noticing I’ve been on ever since I joined the discord. I made an application, officially joined the army and attended every EU and AUSIA event, I only attended 2 US events but that is reasonable since those are during my night time. I had a blast for the last 3 weeks after joining RPF, I find these events really entertaining and the community is very loving.

  15. CPGames2010
    Scout Medic
    I’m known to be attending events, active on chat and welcoming new recruits, hopefully I’ll try to get a promotion.

    Fight the good fight!

  16. wxbp
    Second lieutenant
    I believe that i should get promoted because i am very active on chat and events(ausia) i haven’t missed an ausia since i came into RPF. I always welcome new people, help people with questions on main chat and help desk when i know the answer to it. I always try to hype the chat when an event is about to start.

  17. Flv9
    Scout Medic
    I think i should be promoted as I’ve been very active in chat and events and have earned TOTW which I’m very grateful for and wanna thank everyone for supporting me. FTGF

  18. Rebel pack guy
    Scout medic
    I think I see deserve a promotion because I Ann very active Andy dedicated to RPF. I attend events and type as often as I can in main. I always welcome and help new people and is nice and polite 🙂

  19. Keemyorg123
    Lieutenant General
    I’m pretty active on chat try to attend Eu events during school, and uh as an added bonus: I know da wae brotha

  20. Trackling
    Brigadier General

    I’ve only missed 1 AUSIA event this week and I’ve attended the occasional US event when I’ve stayed up later than usual. I’ve been active in the Discord chat daily, and I’ve updated roles for a few new recruits. Lastly, I’ve enforced the rules and followed them myself.

  21. NiallPlays
    Scout Medic
    I have been active on chat talking to everyone and welcoming new people to the RPF I have also attended every event I can and I have helped some people if I knew the answer.

  22. Tango_Down
    Secound Lieutenant
    I havent been the best at being online, due too many things, but this weelk I tried my best to be as active as possible.

  23. Rpfguy
    Brigadier General
    I have attended all events except the Friday Ausia this week. I have also been active on discord and helped to moderate the chat, assign roles etc.

  24. Ritzi
    Master Sergeant
    Even tho my christmas break ended this week and i was pretty busy, I’ve attented all the events I could. I keep recruiting penguins on cpr, I am on discord everyday and i am very friendly with everyone. I love RPF and everyone in it. My biggest dream as a penguin is to become Colonel, so i hope i will have the chance to improve my rank. FTGF!

  25. Arnor

    After the months passed, I started experiencing some friendly people, fun events, and so much more. I greatly thank everyone from who I am today. I felt like I was just a Private a week ago. And here I am as Major, serving the RPF, and give everything I got until I’m sore. I won’t give up. I’ll keep on Fighting The Good Fight. Even if it means to help one another, and lead unscheduled battles in the future.
    I really wanna show who I truly am. I am incredibly close for being a Moderator, and I would give anything I got to help you guys. From the good, and the bad. If I was to become a Mod, it would be a time where I should step up my game more, and seriously worry about you guys. There are no plans of myself retiring. I’ll keep on fighting until my time as come to an end.
    Fight The Good Fight Rebels!

  26. hola
    i try to be very active everyday most of the time i cant due to family problems , but i have been trying my best each day to attend all events

  27. Fluo
    I always try to be on discord, and try to attend events on discord during the school weeks

  28. Oham
    I have been more active than ever before, attending almost every EU event, but also some AUSIA and US events as well. I have also been more active in chat: hyping up events, helping people out and welcoming new RPF members.

  29. Jurij1234
    I haven’t been attending much event’s but I’ve been active on discord most of the time and I help people and other stuff.

  30. AishaJabz
    I deserve a rank up as i am active a lot and do take part in events- mainly EU because i live in the UK.When i first joined RPF, i was like wow, people were kind and made me laugh which i also wanted to do. I really wanted to be a big part of RPF and attend events and help people out- which i love doing!!! I am quite helpful in many ways , i really want to continue ranking up instead of down as i have learnt the rules and like to help the new people who join RPF!

  31. cmk1705
    Sergeant Major
    I believe that I deserve a promotion because I have been on several hours a day. Ive been to an event everyday that we had one this week some days even 2 events. I have been very friendly on chat having great conversations and making friends with people. When someone joins I make sure to welcome them. so they want to stay. I always give a positive comment on someones artwork. Also I have answered some questions in the help-desk. I always FTGF!!!!!

  32. daniellem
    second lieutenant
    I believe i deserve a promotion because I have been attending the US events and been very active in the chat. Additionally, I try to help people, whether they don’t understand commands, rules, or need help with anything. I obviously can’t give roles, but if someone needs them I try to alert a role manager so they can give the roles.

  33. noot.noot
    i have been very active recently and i have been helping newbies around

  34. Jeffers
    I have been trying my best to be active in the chat and to support events that I couldn’t attend. I have also been attending more events recently. Please consider me for a promotion. 🙂

  35. Hstergirl
    Master Sergeant
    I believe that I deserve a promotion because I have worked very hard to attend as many events as I could. I am not as active in chat, but I try to help
    I have had a hard time commenting on posts because the site still crashes for me sometimes. I helped vote to let the army stay on the CPPS, and am very glad to hear they can stay.

  36. Bloom0804
    Master Sergeant
    I think I deserve a promotion because I try really hard to attend all the events. I attended all this weeks events except for 2 or 3 because my internet was laggy and wouldn’t load. I helped lead during the U-Lead event. I am very active on chat, especially in Music-BotSpam.

  37. Tasos2017
    Active Enough (kidding 6/10)
    I think i deserve a promotion because im loyal to the game 😀


  38. Maxdude
    Sergeant Major

  39. Maxdude
    Sergeant Major
    I think I deserve a promotion because I have attended all the events I could and am very active on Discord.

    • Maxdude
      Sergeant Major
      Activity: 8.5/10
      I think I deserve a promotion because I have attended all the events I could and I am
      very active on Discord

  40. Dilssuperboy
    I try to be as active as possible, and im active in the voice channels. I help hype up the events!

  41. Coolguy1608
    I’m online everyday, I attend all EU and AUSIA events. I welcome new troops and help people out a lot. I believe I deserve my mod rank back.

  42. VenHur


    Private First Class

    I believe with my promotion is long deserved due to my increase in participation in many events the R.P.F have to offer.
    I welcome our newest recruits with all love and grace, and together, as we promote into better rankings, we can become a stronger team then we ever have been.

    F.T.G.F – VenHur

  43. Noth!ng


    Private first class

    I spend most of my time in R.P.F free time and even i dont sleep sometimes
    I help others and im taking part in events much as i can

  44. wesley15

    i feel i deserve a promotion because i have been very active this month and i havn’t been promoted in a while now , i have attended lots of events and i have been very friendly in chat, i have also been here since September. it would make my day if i get promoted !!

  45. Princeofmom{ßℜAVΘ⚔ṨIX♛}

    Sergeant major
    I think I did not attended enough events this week but a promo would be cool!
    Like I said leaders are doing an awesome job,FTGF

  46. Mindy4Back
    I work hard, i’m loyal to rpf, i’m very active on discord

  47. Cheetos8474
    I try to help RPF i every way I can.

  48. @call me maybe (pikachu)
    my activity left is 8-9
    however i didnt attempt 2 events and i am sorry for that but i think i should be promoted cause i always welcome and help new people who join rpf and i have been active on rpf chat
    i am sorry as i am late to comment but i was studying for my assessment
    anyways good luck everyone 🙂

  49. m klein
    sergeant major
    i usually give myself an 8/8.5, but i believe i. a 9 because I have been a lot more active this week than usual, and i have gone to every US event, and a couple eu events also. I try to go on the discord server as often as possible, and love chatting with everyone!
    (also the You-Lead event was fun!)
    FTGF 🙂

  50. 7/10
    Lt. General
    Recent school startin, food poisoning and flu has hindered my ability to attend events I will admit, but I attend any event I can (regardless of US, EU etc). I also try to keep chat alive as much as possible! Because an active chat, imo, is what draws ppl towards rpf :)!

  51. 7.5/10 activity this week
    Discord/Cpr Name : Vretzy
    So this week I came back to school and basially I was focusing on schoolthis weeek but, it hasnt stoppd me from being active on chat
    but not really events. I only went to 2 events this week but my chat activity was still the same (8.5/10 Chat Activity). I tried my best this week to be active and I think I did great this week and will be better in the future FTGF! – Vretzy

  52. Zato // Tubah
    Private First Class
    9/10 Activity (I have work, so I can’t be 10/10 unfortunately)

    I believe I deserve a promotion because I have been as active as I possibly can since I joined a few weeks ago. I have also tried my hardest to come to as many events as I can. Sometimes I stay up until 1AM simply to arrive at an RPF operation. I’m active in the chat and I have become friends with plenty of the RPF army and I am keen to continue doing so!

    Thank you!

  53. RPF Penguin
    Scout Medic
    I think I deserve a promotion because I attended the majority of the events this week. I get on discord whenever I have free time. I take pictures at events to help out even more. I help out at the help desk if I know the answers to any questions. FTGF!

  54. Active Level 8/ Rank Sergeant

    I feel like i deserve a promotion is because i have done a lot of RPF events , I’m very active in all the chats, I have not been promoted in a while. Im my free time i’m usually just waiting for a RPF event or someone to ping in the the discord so i can help anyone I can.

  55. Active Level 8/ Rank Sergeant suspectkj

    ^ suspectkj

  56. Max 186
    Rank: Major
    Activity Level: 10
    Reasons for promo: I am very active on the discord server, im mainly on discord all the time and im making sure that people follow rules, also i have been attending events regularly.

  57. Name: qazwsxedc16
    Rank: Sergeant Major
    I try to attend any events i can

  58. Name: Fawna1234
    Rank: Private
    I believe I am very loyal to the army, and I am almost online ALL the time. I believe I would be a good promotion candidate!

  59. Name: Bob Ross
    Rank: Private
    Personally, I believe that I am quite loyal to the RPF. I follow all the rules and attempt to the best of my abilities to attend all of the events. I also visit the Discord everyday to receive updates. I believe that I may be a good candidate for promotion.

  60. Robert12343 Aka Wolfy Daddy
    Sergeant Major
    i have been Attending all the AUSIA Events i didnt miss any ausia ever and Attending Most EU Events and Being Loyal to RPF i have Been in RPF For 3 Monthes and im Proud of it And Being Active in Chat And Fighting The Good Fight Always and ill never Back Down in Any Reasons 😉 Thanks RPF For all of u did it and as always…

  61. name: flame tobias

    activity level: 7/10

    rank; sergeant major

    i dont think i will get one but its worth a shot i am active almost everyday in the server but i havent attended any rpf event for almost two months but thats because i have been so busy with school work that i never had the time to attend them i can finally attend more events though at first i wasnt going to attend operation da wae but i was able to and it was great i missed rpf events i did have problems with the rpf discord server it kept lagging and i didnt see what we were doing for tactics but that didnt stop me but so i can start attending events again and i will try my best to be a great rpf soilder like i was when i first joined rpf

  62. Name: EmpressKatie
    Activity: 6-7
    Current Rank: Private
    I have attended almost every EU event since December, and I am somewhat active in chat (although that is usually when an event is on). I contribute as much as I can to tactics during events, and help out as much as I can.

  63. LavaHound
    I believe that i deserve a promo, as i have been attending operations from the time i started and trying to follow as much as i can the orders.Also i’ve been making some pictures for some operations but i don’t think that it really matters.If you don’t want to promote me, i understand and i will try harder next time. FTGF

  64. gnrdocarmo

    Im attentive to the events, i am very active in discord and i try to help the begginers max.

  65. SamTheWhale
    Sergent Major
    I attend most events, and with the upcoming long weekend i can attend even more!

  66. Name : Rockstarp09
    Activity level : 7/10
    Rank : Private First Class
    I believe i deserve a promotion as I have done my best to attend every single event although i have exams coming up 😛
    I managed most ausia events and a few main events.
    I have done my best and that is why i believe that i deserve a promotion

  67. Komodo
    Private First Class
    I am very active in the RPF events,I go to US and EU events, i go to the ones i can i actually went to almost ALL this week except those from AUSIA, when i have free time, i enter the chat and i am loyal to the RPF army.

  68. Fuli
    I became more active these past few days, and will make sure I keep doing so. I was previously a Head General and I know what is expected of me. I assure you I will do my best. I answer questions in help desk, and moderate the chat. I participate in every event I can and take screenshots. I also update new troops’ ranks. I make sure to tell the new members to read the rules. Of course, I follow the rules too. I constantly jump between channels to ensure nobody has broken the rules, and I even sometimes go to the voice/music channel/s to check if they are following the rules there too.

  69. Name: Andrea
    Rank: Sargent
    I am less active during the week because of school, but i try to make time to get on every day. I barley ever brake a rule and if i do i try to redeem myself i guess (lol). I am mostly active on the music-botspam chat. (If thats ok) I attend as much avents i can.
    So thats pretty much it lol

  70. Name: kaju0001 [frostbite]
    Activity level: 9/10
    Rank: private first class

    I think i deserve a promotion because i have been extremely active and i am trying to help rpf in any way i can, and i have only missed one event in the last week.

  71. Name: (Discord) Jay0005insect
    Current Rank: Private
    I deserve a promotion because:
    I have attended 3 events this week
    I have been very active on the RPF main chat
    I have been friendly to everyone
    I have been in the RPF for over 2 months, I think that’s long enough for a promotion
    I have gotten my sister to join the RPF

  72. Corky127
    Master Sargent
    I deserve a promotion because even if I haven’t been the most active I am honest and told you that

  73. Fireboy8291
    Sergeant Major
    I believe I deserve a promotion because I attend almost all events and talk regularly on discord. I also want to try to do more for the RPF and am Looking for opportunities.

  74. Lettucegal
    I have been trying to attend as many events as possible, mostly ausia, but the times are hard for me to attend (AUSIA – 12am, EU – 6am, US – 12pm) so i’ve tried to be super active on chat to compensate! I am hoping to get to the point on e day where I can help RPF more than I can now!

  75. AwesomeBob20
    Lieutenant General
    I have been active on chats, attending AUSIAs and such

  76. Raneaosama
    First Lieutenant
    RPF has now become part of my life and I know that won’t change anytime soon. I promise to continue being as active as I can be and always be better than the day I was before. I love hyping and attending events and enjoying the fun of our family. I will continue to help as many people as I can and prove to you all that I can be useful as my time here extends. FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT

  77. FamousSkater aka Skater Potater
    I think I should get a promo because I have been very active on discord.
    PS! I know I did not attend many events (maybe none at all) but I have been nice to troops and like I said, active on discord.

  78. Vishal
    No rank atm
    9 (AUSIA)
    I missed just an AUSIA event due to visitors at house. I am at service of RPF and will always be in. This is my destiny and my duty. I have been a want-wit to think too leave RPF

  79. Musicmingo
    Scout Medic
    I believe I deserve a promotion cause I always try to help others in events and on discord. I am very active on the discord and I have been doing a lot of pre-event hype recently. I follow all the rules and listen to what others have to say and I feel I have been a good troop! FTGF

  80. Lucy0600
    I have been very active on chat lately, I feel like I have truly become a part of the RPF family and I would like to take on more responsibilities. I couldn’t attend too many events this week because of school work but now I will be back with full vigour.
    I wish the best for everyone else applying for promotions.
    Fight The Good Fight.

  81. AG Silver
    Private First-Class
    I have been more active on the chat at night recently, but active nonetheless, I have been attending numerous of the most recent events as well.

  82. Ben | Greninja |
    I have been very active since I joined RPF. I also hype up events and try my best to be nice to people. I attend every Ausia, Eu and stay up late for the US events.

    Thanks for reading 🙂

  83. 1337mishka
    Scout Medic
    I am very active in the discord, I welcome all new members and help them (joining rpf, choosing navy/air force, uniform etc.), I attend almost all EU events and some ausia events. I do my best to attend every event I can and really enjoy the community.


  84. Yugi
    First lieutenant
    I think I deserve a promo because I only missed one event and I was really active in the chat this is why I think I deserve an promo

  85. Plane17
    Scout Medic
    Activity level: 9
    I have been active since I got back from leave and i have been trying to attend events, I also have been helping out new people in chat and helping out the community.


  86. Username: Carlos
    Activity: 8
    Rank: Colonel

    I wish to be promoted because I want to get back to me original rank from 2016.

  87. Queeniealex
    I think I deserve a promotion because I have attended all Eu events, some Ausia events and one Us event. I have also been quite active in chat this week and I try to talk to everyone. I like to welcome new troops into the rpf and hope they feel welcomed. FTGF!

  88. Ragnar123
    Scout medic
    I am always active on chat and attend most events that are held. Also, I broke no rules this week somehow. Also, I have proven that I can do well with a high rank as I co lead Roman Eu events.

  89. Tazy
    Major general
    Attended all ausia and eu event. i help people in help desk. im very active on the discord. giving out roles to the new comers. ftgf

  90. Merri
    Second Lieutenant
    I wasn’t initially going to post, then released that I have attended every single US and EU events this past week not to mention I’ve been far more active in the chat. More talking and less lurking is good.

  91. Monikasen
    Second Lieutenant
    I’ve attended every US event this week and EU events on the weekend. I finally got lightshot, and have been attempting to take pictures this week. I’ve been the most active during the events than I’ve ever had and I’m a bit proud of myself. FTGF RPF!

  92. Rk9-8355
    1 (but today activated notifs because i’m back so it is 8 from now on)
    Well, i have returned from a long break so i can’t say much.

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