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Promotions are out soon, so if you think you have met the requirements for a rank up (which could be attending events as well as being active on chat), comment down below to be eligible!

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  1. Rebel Pack Guy
    I believe i deserve a promotion for being super loyal and incredibly active! I welcome new members and am nice and polite and avoid breaking any rules. I made loads of new friends and LOVE this site and would LOVE to help it the best I can! I will also ofc keep an eye on the chat and help everyone in it when I’m online. The next step for me is mod one of the hardest steps. But I believe im ready to take that step and move on! By being mod you get loads of new responsibilities and duties and I’m ready to do those the best I can and help RPF and give 110%!! Brigadier general is hard and I’ll be needing to step up my game even more but I think I’m ready for it, so I can step up and truly prove my worth!! I’ll be active even more if possible and help out wherever needed! This step is so important but I’ve been born ready!! Once again FTGF!

  2. Google Mini/ARDIE
    I think I deserve a promotion because I attended all events during the week, but CPR shut down for like 1/3 of the week so I don’t know about that.

  3. Biffer
    I ate my vegetables everyday this week

  4. SkyeDVS
    Sergeant Major
    I’ve been attending each EU event and have been commenting that I’ve attended more.

  5. Max 186
    Acitvity Level 9/10
    Rank: Brigadier General
    Reason for promo: I’ve been moderating chat as best as possible, also even if i cant attend the events i usually hype them, i have also attend most of the events this week.

  6. call me maybe
    sergeant major
    : D i think that i should be promoted cause i attended most of the event, and i think that i am nice to mostxD jk …of the users….also i help new people in understanding about the rebel cash stuff and help them in joining : D i have been very active on chat
    good luck everyone

  7. trants
    Master Sergeant
    I think I should get a promo because I make people laugh,I am respectful and I always help out in every way I can also I attend events (sometimes I don’t cos my CPR accounts are leaked)

  8. Chachkis

    I think I deserve to be promoted because I am active towards RPF (mostly in the discord) and I try to be helpful towards others.

  9. name: limbo yeti(mikey gmd)
    rank: colonel
    activity level: 8/10
    I was pretty active in chat this week more active then last time I attended more events then last time I was very active in events tried to help with leading didn’t brake rules so yeah I think I deserver a promo.

  10. princeofmom
    first lieutenant
    i attended all of my divisions except the second round of ausia and i am pretty much active on the main chat, try tohelp many people as possible
    and yeah thats it

  11. Im JUANCHO in RPF, Corporal rank, and Roberto099 in CPR, my activity level would be an 8, because i have attended every single event since I joined RPF. Im also active in chat, but there, i tend to read more than i write.
    Because of all this , i think i deserve a promotion, and i will also be around for a lot of time.

  12. Rpfguy/Peaky
    I have attended all EU and ausia events both this week and last week. I also have attended 20+ events since my last promotion. I also have assigned many roles and helped people at all times I can.

  13. LavaHound
    5-7/ 10
    Sergeant Major
    I think i should be able to get a promotion, as i’ve tried to attend alot of events (that i could) and tried to keep chat alive at events before and after! Of course, the choise is yours. If you don’t want to promote me, i fully understand. FTGF.

  14. Trackling
    Brigadier General

    I’ve only missed 1 AUSIA event this week, took part in all the EUs and I stayed up late for a US.
    I’ve been active in the Discord chat daily, I’ve updated roles for New users and enforced the rules as well as following them myself.

  15. m klein

    i attended all of the US events and im pretty sure all of the EU except for one as well. This week was good for me, and i was very active on RPF discord main chat.

  16. DaftBasilisk641
    I feel like I deserve a promo as I have attended all of AUSIA, EU and even killed my sleep for some US events. During all of these, I have posted pictures, hyped up the event, helping others out before and midway event and I will truly be committed to RPF if I even get a promo let alone mod. I have seen many people promoted to mod and they are the people who have just worked as hard as me so if I get a promo, I feel others like me should get one as well. Another point of why I should be promoted is because I have been a lookout for people breaking rules and reporting it and also have told the leaders about some issues. However,it would be amazing for me to get promo, I would still be happy to stay the rank I am as I understand that it is hard for me to get a promo at these ranks. Well it will be all good if I dont get a promo but…

    FTGF! – From Daft

    • I also have been kind and generous to people who need it and also helped many people out as they are just like me… a person trying to have loads of fun

  17. Werny4CPR
    Master Sergeant

    I feel like I deserve a promotion because this past week that included tons of drama I kept my cool and tried to have fun with other members of our Discord. I got to lead my first ever U-Lead tactic which was amazing to see so many people say the same thing like you. 🙂 I also got in the Top 6 of the emoji contest which I didn’t think I would and currently I’m in 4th place just a few votes behind Tazy, it’s crazy! I attended both AUSIA events this weekend and had fun at the last one that there was even a tactic to say my name xD I helped people in help desk with pretty much anything like clearing cache to credit cards getting declined while buying Discord Nitro, anything. I consider myself as an underdog who’s slowly getting more and more recognized that just reminds me of how the whole RPF community is loving and caring. Fight the good fight!

  18. Hi I think i need a promotion because i stay at events,I love CPR and I like RPF because we are like a family.I am private and my activity level is 8 I think or 7 nevermind…I am 1Stefanel123 like in CPR.

  19. Bob Ross

    I try my best to make all the events, but this week I’ve had a bit of difficulty logging on, i’ll be sure to attend today’s event though.

  20. flame tobias

    scout medic


    i have been attending every US event we have and if i can i attend the EU events also i try to be active all day in the chat but its only every once in awhile. i talk for almost an hour then i dont talk again until two hours later. i would like to talk more in the chat but im too busy. even if im not in the chat at the moment and an event is starting i log onto CPR for the event and open up discord. FTGF!

  21. Cpr1234
    7.5 out of 10

    I think I deserve a promotion, because I’ve been attending most events. Whenever i go onto discord and see there’s an event, i log straight into CPR and jump straight into action. FTGF!

  22. seth.spinda
    Private 1st tank
    I believe I deserve the promotion because I am incredibly loyal to the team and I have made all the meet ups this week only brings late for one, and that was because I wad getting out of school when it happened. I try to be active as much as possible, on discord chat and on meet ups. I always follow orders when commanded. I wasn’t the most active in discord chat this week, but other than that I believe I did good enough to get a promotion this week. I do hope you consider it.

  23. Zedward
    I reported a bunch of suspicious purple guys causing rukus .

  24. jaiho master
    private first class
    ive been to a lot of events and i always check the site for news and i go to dis a lot its been fun in rpf and that all i can say

  25. AishaJabz
    Sergenat Major
    i feel like a deserve a promotion as i help people out a lot. And when i struggle to do something i keep that in mind and help people who have the same problem. I attend all EU events and some AUSIA events which is really good!! I strongly believe i deserve a promotion!!!

  26. Beemy
    Because KSI beat Joe Weller

  27. Chip pls send a comment

  28. Plane17
    I understand that for many people it takes months to get the role of Moderator however, I believe that I am ready for such a role. If I become moderator I will continue to help with the RPF youtube channel as I already do, I will also try my best to help out with AUSIA events and other AUSIA related things. I know that there is a jump from colonel to Moderator and I am ready for that jump. I will always be here helping out RPF, if it be making videos for the RPF youtube channel or helping lead AUSIA events I will always be here helping out. RPF is more than just an army to me, it is a second family.

  29. NiallPlays
    I have been attending every event for the past few weeks and I have been more active on chat this week while I have still been quite busy with personal problems, I have welcomed new people and I have also helped them get their ranks when they join. I am polite to everyone and I am also respectful to all the troops in the RPF. I have also made quite a few new friends.

  30. sirplus1881/hunter
    private 1st class
    im always on chat. ive made 2 events this week.

  31. Flv9
    I feel I should be promoted but I know how hard it is to get to mod and it’s one of the biggest things to happen to anyone in RPF ever and I know that it’s only given to people who are deserving and ready to take on the responsibility of being a moderator of the one and only RPF. I honesty think I am ready for this big step and become something even bigger and help anyone along the way who needs it. My reasons for this that I am a very active person I dedicate alot of my time and effort into rpf as do other deserving troops and I think I maybe in that list somewhere. I think I’m also a kind and welcoming troop, who helps the needy and won’t back down in the face of danger. But really RPF isn’t about being the best or popular it’s about being part of a safe, respectful and loving community where everyone plays a part and is never forgotten. A place where we are all equal and unique, kind and helpful and part of the history of the RPF! And remember always and I mean always break past that limit and Fight The Good Fight!
    Please remember that this is my opinion.

  32. daniellem
    In all honesty, I haven’t been my best self in activity week due to my inability to attend events. I couldn’t attend Mondat’s due to personal reasons, Tuesday’s was cancelled, Wednesday’s was during school, and CPR was down for Friday’s. However, I have been active during the chat, and this week was a major exception – usually I am very active and I attend events, and I hope that is recognizance. While I could not attend events (I do plan to attend today’s and tomorrow’s EU events) I still have been active in the characters and I believe that my past hard work is recognizable. Thank you in advance for consideration. ftgf

  33. Yugi
    I think I deserve a promotion in this week because I was Very active in the chat and I attended almost all the events only missing one, I welcomed new users. And I even got a hug! We could not do many events due to the maintenance. This is why I think I deserve a promotion this week.

  34. Orange37408
    1st Lieutenant
    I am very active on discord, I have attended many events, and helped many penguins with stamp/item collecting.

  35. Arnor
    Brigadier General
    This week marks the time where I don’t have the flu, and started to become more active along the way. I have came back, and I feel more healthy than before. I am more active then last week due to myself having the flu, and cannot attend that much events. Although I have attended a lot of events this week, and stayed strong to be more active then before. It’s been about 2 weeks since I stayed as a moderator position, and I am still here Fighting The Good Fight. I’ll always be here for matter what. To protect the RPF from the bad. I will attend more events, unscheduled battles, and stay active in the chat. I have things under control. I’m glad that I am back, and staying strong. I’ll always be by your backs. Once again, thank you. Fight the good fight RPF!

  36. 1337mishka

    I believe I deserve a promotion because I attend as many events as I can. I attend all EU events and AUSIA events and sometimes I even attend a US event ruining my sleep schedule doing so :D. I always welcome new people, helping them to choose navy or airforce and getting them their private rank. I am respectful to everyone and am very active in the chat in the morning afternoon evening and night. It is important to me that I continue climbing the ranks in the RPF because I feel like I can help even more as a higher ranked RPF rebel/soldier :D.

    Love y’all!

  37. Bloom0804
    Scout Medic

    I think I deserve a promotion because I’ve tried to attend most of this weeks events and only missed a couple. I’ve been very active on chat, a lot more than usual. I always log into Discord the moment I wake up and right before I go to sleep. I help people in help desk when they need it and I welcome new members.

  38. ditiboy1011
    6.5 out of 10 I tried to be active on chat and attend events and plus I sent the event pics

  39. Rockstarp09

    I think I should be promoted because I have attended most events throughout the week. I’ve tried and will continue to try my hardest throughout RPF’s history and greet new members too. Also I just finished exams so i should be attending even more events now.

  40. Crash Eclipse
    EU Private
    (Prepare yourself i’m going to write an essay)
    I feel like that everyone in this army is kind of serious. everyone might not be serious but that is what I feel (I don’t mean to mean) and I think that I’m the Funny one in the group, like I’m a cartoon character.

    Everyday at school i imagine what it would be like being mod or even a second it command! But I feel like i’m not that important at times or even not at all. I try to attend but i’m too tired because I feel like I’m gonna get no attention and i’m stressed out about life and a problem i have. Please promote me, I promise I will TRY to attend every event. It might motivate me more.

    If you think that shouldn’t have a promotion I’m sorry I wasted your time……….
    Fight The Good Fight
    Sincerely Crash

  41. naym: Reyder
    renk: ginurel
    akteveti:Twee oot ef Twee
    I lernt too cownt to twee dis weke, i diserv prumo nuw 🙂

  42. Coolguy1608
    Brigadier General
    I’ve been brigadier general for over a month now and I believe I have developed into a better moderator. I always attend all eu events and I try my best to help out in ausia events as well. I am always active and online for more then 6 hours a day. I hope I get major general!

  43. Bibolino 1
    Master Sergeant
    Like i said before, ive been less active due to school, but im trying my best to attend all the events i can. This week was very painful for me but the next one will be great because of carnival here in Brazil. 3 days without school

  44. Yized
    Lately i have been talking and helping out with a few mods on cpr (Wickz and Melchior) as well as becoming a bit close with Joe the youtuber. I’ve been giving updates about Cpr to RPF quite a lot recently as well as helping out with operation ideas and patrolling so hopefully i can get a new rank from my dedication to the game in general.

  45. risk08
    second lieutenant
    I believe I deserve a promotion for being at my most active this weak and for helping out new recruits. Nevertheless I will always FTGF!

  46. Username: Carlos
    Activity: 9
    Current Rank: Colonel

    I believe I should be promoted because I’ve been active. I’ve used up most of my free time on RPF. FTGF.

  47. Koloway, 7/10, Private. Due to this week being down a few days, I wasn’t the most active, however I believe a rank would help improve my activity and increase pride in the RPF. FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT!

  48. CPGames2010
    First Lieutenant
    I feel I deserve a promotion because I attend events (mostly AUSIA), am active on chat, follow server rules and welcoming new people to the server and the family.

    Fight the good fight! (as always)

  49. SamTheWhale
    Second Lieutenant
    I attend most events and i never leave early!

  50. Scout Medic Cameron Ribcage

    Mr Ribcage
    Scout Medic
    I attend all the events I can. Although I don’t seem to be able to attend many events because of my full schedule, I do try to make them, and if I can’t, I try to help out in the chat as often as I can. I still have a lot to learn, but I will try my best!

  51. Fluo
    Scout Medic

    I try to attend the event, this week I had a sprained ankle and I had more time to chat, but couldn’t attend events. During the day cause no event during Thrusday. FTGF. GLHF

  52. ruhnayohsahmah
    breegadur genurale
    fiyt da gud fiyt!

  53. Van Vinc
    Second Lieutenant
    I didn’t attended much events,but I still did my best and had been active on the discord server

  54. alinagrey
    I feel that I deserve a promotion because I have tried as much as I can to be as active as I can be since school has started again (which leaves me with limited timeframes). I am also online on the server at least once a day for the most part, and I try actively to be as helpful as possible.

    Good luck everyone!

  55. wesley15

    I havnt been very active because I caught the flu but I have been active in chat and attended a couple of events and have spoke in chat being very friendly , please promote me .

  56. Micronova



    I should be promoted because I am joining more and more events each day. I feel like I should be promoted because I am helpful and kind and can help beginners when the join the RPF Community. Micronova will forever respect the RPF Community. FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT!!!

  57. Corky127
    master sergeant
    I have been more active lately and I havn’t been promoted in months

  58. RaptoRex
    I’ve only attended 5 events this month.And i’m very active at discord well not in chat.

  59. wxbp
    I am active on chat and i attended every event (ausia) i welcome new people and help answer people’s questions if i know the answer to it. I haven’t and will not break the rules. Honestly, this week my activity level isn’t that high cause of school, i always try to make time for chatting on discord and attending events even though there is homework to be done. Thank you for your consideration

  60. Haripk
    Master sergeant
    Love to help penguins in game and rpf

  61. Name: Rocker125
    Activity level (0-10): 9
    Rank: First Lieutenant
    I believe i deserve a promotion because I was very active, I attended many events and helped as many people in #help-desk as i could. I was very active on chat. I am a high rank in RPF and i have changed too much, I have spent much time in it (I joined RPF at the end of may) so i know how to moderate (If one day i become one. I would be grateful for a promotion! Fight The Good Fight!

  62. Jurij1234
    I believe I deserve a promotion cause I’ve attended most of the events, welcomed new members, and been active a lot.

  63. Robert12343
    First Lieutenant
    I wasent active this week because of Familey issues I don’t think I deserve a promotion but ill always attend AUSIA and some of EU Events if I can I always Fight The Good Fight and taking Most of the Pictures for AUSIA Events I have been loyal to RPF For Almost 5 Monthes it will be happy to get a promotion and even if I don’t get its okay I will always never back down and fight the good fight I remember the old days of RPF I know no one remembers me in that time because I was a nacho but I will always…

  64. Baldo
    (Forgot rank)
    I won a game of one in a row

  65. Anme


    I know how to smile 😀

  66. RedHerbert

    active 8/10


    I have attended some events and be active in main chat and more

  67. Gan10
    Scout Medic
    I know I didnt attend much events lately, but I think I should get a promotion cause: I sometimes help new people get on RPF, I am always on discord, I say when people are breaking rules, Im always up to new updates, and because I know the next week, I will attend a bunch of events. 🙂

  68. LukesterB
    active 6.56/10
    I have been attending like 2-3 events every week, but i havent been promoted in like 2 months

  69. RPF Penguin
    I have been very active on discord this week. I have attended attended every event for my division this week. I have also attended a couple other events too. I have been super active in general this week. Fight the good fight!

  70. Jeffera
    Private First Class
    Active 7/10
    I have not been too active lately due to softball season just starting, but I feel like I haven’t commented on one of these posts in a while. I haven’t been here for long, but I feel like I am more active than others. I have the Discord mobile app on my phone and try to be active on the chat and welcome all the new people and help them around the server.

  71. Tasos2017
    Master Sergeant
    I think i deserve a promotion because i believe in gender equality…


  72. Ragnar123
    I know i wrote this late so yall probably wont read this but I think we need more mods in RPF. Usually when I am on the server at around 9:50-10:10 AM EST on weekdays, there are usually no mods that are watching over chat. I know this because I have seen two people spam in this time frame and three new memebers join with no mod to assign them roles. I ping mods when I see this but the reaction time is still slow. I think that I should be one of the new mods beacuse I am normally on during this time frame and also I am active on chat. I attend most events too. Whenever someone new joins I always welcome them and usually help them get situated in the server. Also, I use voice chat a lot.

  73. Cheeseater13
    Lt. General
    my activity took a little hit this week and will for the next week due to increasing musical rehearsals i have. Regardless, i try my utmost to attend events, attending 75% events a week. I really wish to have my previous 4ic role back too; I’m workin hard to one day lead rpf!

  74. hadarar103 / a wild tryhard
    in the last few weeks, I started to participate in events and be a little more active in the discord

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