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Hello all,

Promotions are out soon, so if you think you have met the requirements for a rank up (which could be attending events as well as being active on chat), comment down below to be eligible!

Use the following form


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Why you believe you deserve a promotion:

Fight the good fight!

-Popsicle, RPF Leader





  1. Reyder
    Yup. Its a Promo Post.

  2. Anme



    I like trains!

  3. Noot noot
    I’m very active

  4. Coolguy1608
    Brigadier General
    pls promote me, I’m really active and attend all EU events. Pls, I want to be happy for once in my life.

  5. JUANCHO on Discord
    Activity level: 7/8
    Rank: Sergeant
    I have been trying to get a promotion for 3 weeks. Having known that CPR was shutting down, i assisted to every single event and this new ones from Oasis i didnt. Anyway, i am known through the community, i love helping people out, and i enjoy every bit of RPF i can.

  6. Rhys4 / R3D
    Segment major
    Bunch of events and active been quite active on cpu so far


  7. Bloom0804
    I think I deserve a promotion because I’ve attended most of the events in the past two weeks. I’ve been very active on chat, helped people when they need it, and welcomed new members.

  8. Woobamboo
    I haven’t been able to go to many events but recently ive been very active on the dicord server, in chat.

  9. Arnor
    Major General

    It was a raw and a real sight that CPR was closing down. We were all sad, some people were shocked. But we will never stop here. We never back down, we keep on Fighting The Good Fight. I have attended events including EU and US, and I will continue to help one another in the chat, and in the RPF discord. This is a new chapter, this is a new beginning that we’ve been waiting for. I am ready for what’s next. I will be active every week. I’ve been in the RPF for months, and I am not gonna stop here. This era is a special and unexpected one, but let’s keep on Fighting The Good Fight. This is a new chapter! For all of us. Let’s keep this going, we shall break past the limit. Fight The Good Fight Rebels! Let’s make this a good and fantastic year for all of us!

  10. Name: Furai
    Rank: Master Sergeant
    Activity: 8-9
    Why I deserve a Promotion?
    I have been active helpful like always and have bee not trying to look out for others too.
    ~Furai FTGF!

  11. FamousSkater
    Sergeant Major
    Due to CPR shutting down and be not being able to attend many events, I understand I may not get a promo this week. However, I have been active on the discord! I hope you take my promo into consideration. FTGF

  12. Eesa
    1st Lieutenant
    I am not very active these days due to studies however it has been way too long and I want a different rank
    Hell, I’d be ok if you demoted me a little bit but just give me anything other than 1st lieutenant
    every time i think of it i always remember that theres no such thing as a first lieutenant because the rank above 2nd lieutenant is just called lieutenant and my family is military
    i talk a little in the group chat every day
    i cant take part in many events
    i just dont want to be 1st lieutenant anymore
    all my friends from before i went on a long hiatus again have outranked me as have people who just joined back then.

  13. limbo yeti(mikey gmd)
    I’m active at chat almost always this week I was pretty inactive because school trip and cpr closed but yeah I attended a lot of events this 2 months I was colonel, and I was very active in events also I stopped breaking rules and I’m good boy now also I sometimes help people with stuff in chat 😀 btw I am colonel for 2 months :p well hope I will get it.

  14. 1. user name GHosSTs #0240 .2 my activity level 7-8 3.private 4.beacuse i have been active and never really break the rules. and i have been kind/not rude on the server

  15. AngelixAisha/ AishaJabz
    First Lieutenant
    I think i deserve a promotion as i am really REALLY active and make ure that RPF is safe as you guys are my second family! I also help a lot and welcome the newcomers and tell them how everything runs here in RPF!
    I also attend all EU events and nearly AUSIA!

  16. Chachkis

    I believe I deserve a promotion because I’m committed and active in RPF, attending every event (US ones at least) and I’ve tried my best to help out others (especially new rebels).

  17. mr pgno
    My timezone is defferent but i try a lot i havent been promoted since Last year I was in the most important battles and led RPF into victory

  18. Rebel Pack Guy
    I believe I deserve a promo for being so active help and be nice and always welcome members and help with anything at anytime. IM I dedicated to RPF and I feal so ready for becoming a moderator. And I once agsin ftgf

  19. Decoded Eclipse
    Private First Class

  20. SkyeDVS
    Sergeant Major
    I’ve attended so many events this week (mostly Ausia) And been active in the discord

  21. HayoMayo
    Private First Class
    I havent been TOO active this week, but i did attend in most of the events!
    I kinda feel ok for the promotion.

  22. Mew
    I’ve left RPF for a while. However I’m back now and I’m active again! However I’m a private now, with my combat experience I was able to participate in events easily though, good to be back RPF! It’s a 9.5 because I became active again and I’m doing as much as I Can.


  23. User – Discord – [RPF] JC#9459 – CPU – JCTheFiend – Penguin Oasis – T_JC_T –

    Activity Level – 7-8 / 10.

    Your current rank – Private First Class

    Why I believe I deserve a promotion – Oh boy, another post about this. Okay, I’m ready. Ahem. I believe I deserve a promotion for the sole fact that I’m reliable. I’m a friendly member in the community, I do my best to attend events, I try my hardest to support the RPF in whatever conflict they go up against, and etc. This army really stands out to me, not just it being one of the older armies in Club Penguin history, but it stands out because of the positive community. I dived right in to the army, and I was greeted in a very nice way by Danielle and Rane. < Great people but I digress.

    I have a really positive attitude towards the group, always trying to lead attacks in raids or defending the RPF. It is great to see so many awesome faces here. And even if we move to a private server that i don't like, I'll always go along with the decisions of my leaders.

    RPF has even taught me some life lessons. Life lesson number one. You'll always have people behind you. Life lesson two. When things are rough, you keep going, and life lesson three. People are stronger together.

    I try my hardest in events, trying to get on every single day. Its a really great group.

    I want to be well liked in this community, be someone that can provide support for others, help others and guide others just like you all have.
    In conclusion, these are my reasonings as to why I deserve a promotion to the rank 'Corporal.'
    Thank you, and as always, keeping up with the motto,
    'Fight the good fight!'
    – [RPF] JC

  24. Fluo
    2nd LT.
    I’ve been being more active starting this week, even though my schedule dosent really match RPF’s event schedule

  25. CPGames2010
    I feel I deserve a promotion because in addition to attending events, being active on chat, following Discord rules and welcoming those new to Discord, I would like to help RPF as much as I can.

    Fight the good fight! (as always)

  26. Lava Hound
    Second Lieutenand.
    Yep, i wasn’t active at all. It wasn’t my fault though! Every damn event was either a US or in a time i couldnt attend! Even if i wanted to, i was either late or canceled! That’s just so unfair for me.
    Fight the good fight.

  27. call me maybe
    sergeant major
    some or a week ago i was demoted for leaing the server D: and before that i wasnt promoted D: but anyways i hope i get promoted this week like everyone : D
    i feel i deserve promotion because i am actve in chat and sometimes i try to help people i missed a few events and i am sorry for that
    also i am known for ghost pinging people 😛 i cant and i wont ghost ping again cause if i do i will be muted D :

    good luck everyone : D

  28. Kaju0001 [frostbite]

    Kaju0001 [frostbite]
    i think i deserve one because i have been really active on those last CPR events!

  29. Maxdude
    PVT (Left, Rejoined)
    Activity Level: 7/10
    I believe I deserve a promotion because I have been very active on discord although I haven’t attended many events.

    Good Luck Everyone

  30. Orange37408
    I’ll be honest, I haven’t been very active recently, I’ve been fed up about the drama, but I am very active on discord and I have attended many events

  31. I think I may deserve a promo because umm like I tried to attend events and been active on chat plus I have been welcoming new peeps

  32. Yugi
    I think I deserve a promotion this week because I was very active in the chat I played all the game nights (I even got in 3rd place), in this week really bad things happened ,CPU was hacked and last week CPR closed but we Will not fall the RPF will live!!!
    I think I really deserve a promotion because in the last month and this one I was very active and I attended All the events. This week I welcomed new people and didnt break any rule too. This is why I think I deserve a promotion this week.
    So as always Fight The Good Fight :salute:

  33. Marija113
    Sergeant Major
    I believe that I deserve a promotion because I have been really active in the rpf discord since the cpr closing and I was at all the events i could attend.

  34. xxKiraxx
    The reason I am not active is plain. I am handling too much, but I love ton see RPF grow. The events that i attend have my full power and strength. I am a FAT noob growing and learning about friends through RPF. My activity is growing, and I am 5 steps behind, BUT I get caught up, and help out. On the air force vs navy, I came up with a tatic that percy used. I am honored to be here-FTGF

  35. Alienhunter [Ariel]

    Alienhunter (punkrock101 on CPU)
    Even though there werent really events this week to attend I’ve been active on discord and I attended the events the week before Active Count began

  36. NiallPlays
    I wasn’t active that much this week due being really busy and my internet being really bad. I did however come on whenever I could and spoke with everyone on chat. No matter what happens I will always be loyal and dedicated to the RPF. I feel like I am ready to be a moderator. FTGF

  37. Joey Cubes
    I attend battles, go in discord, welcome others, and I tried and helped suggest new CPPS we could move to after the CPR closure.

  38. gaypike
    second lieutenant

    Alot of things happend this week…
    this week was fun and sad at the same time!
    i dont know what else to say.
    ftgf, rip cpr and I hope everything will be ok with cpu so we can go back to our normal schedule.

  39. Koloway

    I believe I have been active and attended all events held, outside of 2 Ausia. RPF has become a major part of my life. I’d like to also campaign for a double promo. I have been active for 2 weeks straight and would love to rank up quicker so that I may continue to have an impact on this army.

  40. Superdan1000

    • and i forgot to add my rank…
      I know i wasn’t active, but i promise, that i will, for the good of the army

  41. m klein
    I have been SUPERR DUPERRR active these past two weeks, and have been helping everyone on the chat and talking with everyone!! super sad that CPR closed, but the Waddle On event was fun and I cant wait for more events on CPU

  42. Anoonimas
    I am with rpf like for 1 month now. I think I am quite active.

  43. Keemyorg123
    It’s the map it’s the map it’s the map it’s the map it’s the map
    I’M THE MAP?

  44. BScharbach2
    Second Lieutenant
    Even with a cold, I have been active in chat even with no events. I feel I have fought the good fight enough over the past 2 weeks for at least one promotion, and if you feel I deserve, a double. FTGF

  45. Tasos2017
    Scout Medic
    I think i deserve a promotion, because i am very active lately, try to attend as many non CP related i can, im very friendly to all in chat, try to help new members out and i, and everyone should do, follow the rules.Lastly i would appreciate a lot a double-promotion due to last weeks disability to get a promo. Thanks for reading this


  46. SamTheWhale
    Second Lieutenant
    I attend lots of events and I do not spam whenever something happens in chat.

  47. Musicmingo
    1st Lieutenant
    I think I derseve a promotion because I have been really active on the chat, helping others out and just being a good troop member! For the first ausia event on cpu i was ready to attend and even when the event got cancelled I still particpated in the rpf trivia!


  48. RPF Penguin
    In the 4 weeks I have been colonel, I have tried my absolute hardest to serve RPF. I have consistently attended events and been active in chat. I get on discord as much as I can. I am kind to other members of the RPF, and I am welcoming to new members. In the weeks I have been colonel, I have been the most active I ever have been in the RPF. It would be amazing to help out as mod. I could use the privilege of moderator to help RPF even more. I have attended a lot of the game nights this week, and I even got 1st in the US card jitsu tournament. I have truly tried my hardest to help the RPF in every way possible. Fight the good fight!!!

  49. ThaOneNub
    Sergeant Major

    I haven’t been active in chat but i have tried my best to enter every AUSIA I can

  50. Jay0005insect ([Insert Nickname Here])
    Though I’ve had school I’ve attended events at lunchtime, been active and friendly in chat, invited 3 friends to the RPF server

  51. 7/10

    I have played club penguin from the year it opened and told many friends about club penguin.

  52. wxbp
    This few weeks i have been busy with studies and exams but i still try my best to attend all the event that i can attend(ausia), hyped up the chat before the event starts, welcome new people to RPF and help people in main chat or help desk if i know the answer.

  53. Haripk
    Master sergeant
    Even tough I wasn’t mostly online after cpr shutdown, I will be mostly online here on since we found new cpps and wanna help penguins

  54. Utkarsh15
    Why should I promoted?
    See in my country government organized a board exam which so important that it will decides our stream or you can say our dream our jobs. Still I am taking part in events (Asia and EU) and the trivia. Always activate in discord. Maybe I have missed the events because of studying or came late. I have always been there for RPF. Always FTGF. Always help everyone in discord and every cpps we go. Promoted RPF in cpps as much as I can. Give opinions and appreciate and respect others opinion. Always been friendly. Never been rude or mean. If this is not enough plz let me know what else can I do. I love to hear.

  55. Alexan Jr
    I understand that I haven’t been very active until these last feeble weeks but I have been super active in chat, at events and welcoming new members! And it’s been two months since my last promotion but that’s completely my fault.

  56. AwesomeBob20
    Major General
    I am active on chat and I attend every AUSIA event

  57. 1337mishka
    I feel I deserve a promotion because I show a lot of dedication to the RPF. I help out many people in help desk if I can help them, I welcome new people and help them get their roles sorted out, I attend every event I can and I’m always as active as possible in the rpf discord. The next promotion will bring me to the rank of moderator and I feel o have shown that I’m ready for it. I have shown loyalty to the Rpf, helped put many people, I have done my best to help resolve issues and arguments that arose, I have enforced the rules when necessary (not with mutes of course but reminding people of them), Im also honwst and can take criticism which I think are 2 aspecta every mod ahould have. I feel that I have shown that I am capable of performing the tasks that are expected of mod and therefore feel I’m ready for the next step.

  58. Mycydric7 (TheHEROBRINE)

    Mycydric7 (TheHEROBRINE)
    Private first class

    i think i deserve a promotion because im active if there is an ausia but not on first ausia event in cpu because i dont have enough money on cpu to buy all the cpu rpf uniform plus i log in very early every ausia event so i cant miss out the fun

  59. Princeofmom
    I think I deserve a promo because I am active in the chat, attend all my events, try to build up hype for events, and try to help most people,and also I have been a colonel for 3 weeks it would be cool to get a promo and yeah… I think I’m ready now

  60. Jurij1234
    I deserve a promotion because I’ve attended almost every event this week, been active a lot, and been welcoming a lot of new people
    and i’ve been colonel for 3 or 4 weeks.

  61. Robert12343
    I know that I wasent active this week because of family issues but I was active in the last week I think I really deserve to be a moderator I have been a long time on RPF Attending events I attended all AUSIAS Event I will not let RPF Down, this words that I’m telling it on my heart I am soo happy that I’m on RPF I will moderate the chat I will be more active I promise with my heart I really love RPF, RPF is My Second Family if I am dead or alive Rebel Penguin Federation will be on my heart I will always remember RPF I might retire soon who knows but I will love RPF in my heart i don’t care about promotions, promotions are like just a step for me to be better with RPF i really love you guys i love all the RPF Members thanks to all who welcomed me on this army i really love RPF from all the armies i joined before i liked rpf more Because RPF has a special thing that they fight the good fight that’s a message from the leaders i will be loyal to RPF i did some bad things on the past but i regret it i will always like RPF i may be a leader who knows what will happen but if i don’t or i will, i will always love the Rebel Penguin Federation on my heart i have been recruiting so much.

    i don’t know what will i say more thanks RPF Thanks all who supported me to RPF i will always…

  62. Peaky
    Over 9!
    Reasons for promotion:
    I like jazz
    I gotta bucket of chicken
    Finger Guns are my kinda thing

  63. Lanzcp
    Sergeant major
    I want to be a promoted beacause i attend ausias now and i must obey the leaders and higher ranks than me we will remember of our cpr and cp times

  64. PotatoGuy
    Private First Class
    Why not?

  65. DaftBasilisk641

    I feel like I deserve a promo as I have been very active in main chat and have helped people in help desk, also I have suggested great ideas to leaders for events. Also I have attended all events, even game nights and have been active in pretty much the whole of RPF. In these past four weeks of colonel, I have worked very hard in the RPF even though I have things to do outside of the social life. Moderator is a hard spot to reach and I think I would be perfect for moderator as I enforce the rules everytime and am very active also I can attend all events (EU,US and AUSIA) which could be very changing for RPF as I have heard that not many mods are on at AUSIA and I am always on during AUSIA! I have seen many people being promoted to mod and they have done what I have done over these past 4 weeks. Sometimes, people can easily troll as not many mods are on and I have to report these people. This would make life and RPF more enforced with its rules and keep RPF even more safer! I am even active on break days which I think is an achievement and active on all days which can be proven true by other RPF members! I would really appreciate RPF and its leaders if I got promoted to mod as that shows how kind and enforcing they are. I am a perfect fit for RPF’s mod rank and I have even shown that by enforcing rules when no mods are even around which is very helpful for me and I think that I am ready for Mod! I would LOVE RPF forever if they made me one of there moderators!

    However, I know that Mod is hard but would really enforce the rules as MOD! Well keep on Fighting the Good Fight to whoever reads this and make sure to keep on enforcing the rules of RPF.

    A promotion means a step for me to become a better troop in RPF, this would really make me be a better troop

    FTGF and We are far from over! – Dafty! 😀 <3

  66. M0M0
    Private First Class
    I feel like I deserve a promotion because I wanna be more active in the rpf community, participate in more events and help out more.

  67. Name: Rocker125
    Activity Level (0-10): 8
    Rank: Colonel
    I feel i deserve a promotion because i was active on chat and i was attending almost all events. I tried helping as many people in #help-desk as i could. I avoid breaking rules, I helped people with their roles (e.g telling them “.iam visitor” if they are a visitor) and welcomed newcomers. I would be very grateful if i become a new mod for RPF and i will fulfill my duties.
    Fight The Good Fight!

  68. Cmk1705
    Sergeant Major
    I recently came back to RPF and have had a blast. I have been very active on chat and nice others. I even attended a few game nights. But I couldn’t attend any oasis events because they were at bad times for me.

  69. XSDOSfc12 (Now XD)
    I tried to attend as many events as i can, since i have a busy time, i attended 4 in the last 2 weeks. hopefully will still get a promote ftgf

  70. NotPengpex
    I left RPF about 4 moths ago because i heard from a friend that CPR was completely shutting down. I left because i was thinking RPF would go down with CPR, but when i heard you guys were doing CPU i felt a sense of hope that RPF would rise again. My previous rank was Master Sergeant before i left FYI.

  71. PranavJH
    Activity Level : 6.5
    Private First Class
    I have tried my best to be active this week even though my school started. Even though I didn’t attend much events, I was active on the chat. Only attended 2 AUSIA events this week, the game night and trivia. Honestly speaking, I don’t deserve a promotion. I promise to be plenty active after CPU opens up.

  72. eledymax
    Lately due to the cpr closing I’m not as active as before, but I’m still trying to help whenever I can, and I’ve also been in the last cpr events, and when they open cpu I’ll be there

  73. michaeljeff2
    Active on chat sometimes, will try to be more active

  74. penguinmaster64 private 8/10 i feel i should be promoted because i have been active at recent events and i want to make a difference to the community

  75. Firecat
    I have been decently active (bar events that happen in the middle of the night) and i am very active on the chat. I also want to do more for the
    community and help out around here.

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