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Hello all,

Promotions are out soon, so if you think you have met the requirements for a rank up (which could be attending events as well as being active on chat), comment down below to be eligible!

Use the following form


Activity level (1 to 10):

Your current rank:

Why you believe you deserve a promotion:

Fight the good fight!

~Percy, RPF Second In Command




I fall back just to see how it unfolds


  1. ThaOneNub
    1st Lieutenant

    Had been inactive for a while but am closely becoming active again

  2. noot noot
    master sergeant
    i have been reqularly attending events and have been active in chat

  3. Mintyman
    I have been active alot when I can and I am also loyal to my fellow leaders and have been following many rules.

  4. CPGames2010
    I feel I deserve a promotion because I’ve been normally attending AUSIA events and some US events as well as being active on Discord chat (despite I can’t be active for very long), following the Discord rules and welcoming those who join the Discord. I’ve been in RPF for 5 months and 5 weeks as Colonel. If I’m selected to become a moderator, I’ll continue to serve RPF, attend events, be active, follow the rules and fight the good fight. RPF is considered to be one of my families as of today and I hope that people will take me as a good example of a RPF soldier.

    Fight the good fight! o7 <O

  5. limboyeti(mikey gmd)
    Brigader general
    This week I was super active in chat I attended almost all eu and ausia events didn’t attended only 1 I didn’t break rules welcomed all new people and even gave ranks to new person for the first time.

  6. Lanzcp
    Scout Medic
    I have been attending events ausia and us sometimes i am online on discord many times and i am very early to events i respects leader
    and i always salute on the end of the events.

  7. Cpu1234
    Second Lieutenant

    I think I deserve a promotion because, well active on most events. If I get promo every single week, I’ll be a mod in no time πŸ™‚

  8. AwesomeBob20
    Brigadier Gen
    I have been attending AUSIA Events. I am active on chat and I acted real mature in discord. I respected and talked to people too.

  9. π’žπ‘œπ“ˆπ“‚π’Ύπ’Έπ‘€π‘’π“π‘œπ“ƒπ“

    Username: CosmicMelonz
    Activity level: 8/10
    Rank: Private First Class
    I’m really active and i’m doing my best. I often send screenshots of the event. i ALWAYS come on CPU 30 minutes before the event and hype things up.

  10. GHosSTs
    7-9 activity level
    ive been active and respectfull and i have attended most events

  11. smh


  12. Name: Rocker125
    Activity Level Out of 10: 7
    Rank: Colonel
    I was a bit inactive during events due to some reasons but i helped people in #help-desk and was active on #main-chat. I avoided breaking rules and was nice and polite to other troops (except saying “No u” to them) I will be happy for a promotion.
    Fight The Good Fight

  13. Lava Hound

    I’ve been active for alot of time this week and i’ve tried to attend as much as i could. Of course, i tried to be active on discord too. I think that this is a reason i should be promoted, really. Actually, i think that i sound like a full brag-teen, really. But it’s your pick. You may choose if i can be promoted or not. Welp, FTGF!

  14. wxbp
    Brigadier general
    Even though i am sick, I am active on chat and events, I always hype the chat before event starts. Welcoming new members to RPF and assigned roles for visitors/privates. Enforcing rules if i have too and keeping the chat safe
    RPF =FAMILY <3

  15. Peaky
    I have been very active in events and fairly active in discord. I also have been spreading the word of jazz which boots morale and then we can all start a jazz band, so that’s good.

  16. The Real Slim Shady
    I am less active than some others, but I usually log on with multiple accounts.

    Oh, and during an event on CPR I got Elmikey to leave the game.

  17. Chachkis
    I’ve attended every US event and some EU and AUSIA events & I have been extremely active on the Discord server, I’ve been extremely helpful and friendly to others especially new recruits and privates, I’ve made sure to hype up the chat before every event I went to, I’ve made sure to take and send pictures to the correct person, I’ve tried my best to follow every rule and to make sure that others follow it too, I’ve made sure to welcome new recruits to RPF and I have committed most of my time to RPF. If I become a moderator, I would make sure to moderate in the chat, mostly in the main chat and make sure that everyone follows the rules.

    Fight the good fight!

  18. Coolguy1608
    Brigadier General
    I’ve been regularly attending my division events as well being active on discord. As well as this, I’ve been helping to hype up the event and tactics before the event starts.

  19. Radue
    Private class 1
    I attend my division events most of the time

  20. AngelixAisha
    I think i deserve to be ranked up to become a moderator as i am very VERY active on MainChat and i attend nearly all EU and AUSIA events (I didn’t attend today’s AUSIA due to a really big family problem, which isn’t going to happen again, i will be attending EU!) and when tubas come i log on we always take victory. I have also been welcoming the new RPF members and telling them what we are about and I’ve been following the rules and respecting the members of RPF.

  21. Woobamboo
    I haven’t been able to attend as many events but I try to whenever I can, however I’ve been active in chat and have a great time being part of the RPF. FTGF

    I feel like I deserve a promotion because I attended all my division events, I help to hype up the events before they start, I’m active on RPF discord, I try to help most, i even changed my attitude for RPF I try my best to be perfect, I have been a colonel for 7 weeks i feel like I am ready to be promoted to a brigadier general. As always “FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT!” owners know best!

  23. 1337mishka
    I have been attending every EU and AUSIA event and even more US events as I currently have holidays. I have been active in chat, welcoming new people and trying to help in help desk as well. I feel I am ready for the position of moderator and have all the necessary skills that a good moderator requires. I think i would be a valuable addition to the moderator team. I realise I have not written a huge paragraph again but I still hope l will be promoted. I have been a loyal member of the rod for half a year now and think I’m ready for the next rank.

  24. Fluo
    I deserve a promo because, I stay active on discord. Also, try to attend events, when I’m always lazy to get on CPU. FTGF…

  25. Xing
    I help hype chat up for tactics. I attend events always! Also, I have been recruiting a little bit for RPF!

  26. PranavJH
    Master Sergeant
    I’ve been really active this week and have attended all events I could. I helped to hype the chat up before the events and helped many new troops and other fellow members when I could.

  27. Bloom0804
    Brigadier General
    This week I’ve attended all the US and EU events except for one. I’ve been very active on Discord, helped people when they need it, welcomed new recruits, hyped up the chat before and during events, assigned roles, and moderated the chat.

  28. Colonel Cameron Ribcage

    Mr. Ribage
    I may not attend as many events as I should to be a mod, but I feel that, for my schedule, I am VERY active in the chat, I help out whenever I can at the #help-desk, and I feel that I have been a member of this army for long enough that I deserve to become a moderator. Please consider my comment, and I hope that we can see things at the same level. Good luck to all the other people hoping for a promotion, and to the entire RPF, continue to Fight The Good Fight!!!!

  29. Robert12343
    i was active lately attending all the AUSIA Events and also i did a video to how to join RPF and i always recruit on CPPS i am ready for moderator and i will be moderating the chat if i get one and also i can track mascots well i lately met every mascot came to CPU. i also help troops that might needs one thats my 5th week being a colonel [1 month] and i hope i get mod.
    and as always… FTGF!

  30. Tasos2009
    I think i deserve a promotion because i attend events, im active at discord, helpful and friendly to all RPF members and try to bring out my best self when in chat.


  31. Mehmet410CPU – CPU name
    Legolas Greenleaf#7340 – discord tag
    I attend the events and I am active in the chat

  32. Agent Rocky
    I attend as many events as I can, I am extremely active on chat. Ever since I have joined I have remained loyal not joining any other armies but working incredibly hard, such as videoing Op. Twilight. FTGF!!

  33. michaeljeff2
    Trying to attend events when I can, and I’m really active on Discord.

  34. Anme



    I bought Plant role and totally regret it.

  35. Yugi
    I think I deserve a promo this week because I have been active in the chat hyping the chat before the events (e.g, WOOOOOOOO, GR , EVENT SOON PICS TO —–) I attended all the EU events and some AUSIA too, I welcomed new members, I tried to help as many as possible and as always Fight The Good Fight!!!

  36. I love Percy BTW

    Sergeant Mayor
    Activity level: 9/10
    I think I deserve a promo cause I’ve been very active every day on chat. Assisted many, if not every single EU event, and I love RPF, as simple as that.

  38. Mindy4IsHere
    Brigadier General
    i’m trying to be more active

  39. Jeffera
    I have been trying very hard to attend more events this week. I just got out of school for spring break so I believe I will be able to attend most of the events. Spring sports just started so that restricts my ability to attend all of the events. When I am unable to attend an event I hype with others. I’ve helped recruit a couple people this week and answered new people’s questions.

  40. Orange37408
    I am very active on discord, I try to attend as many events as I can.

  41. EmpressKatie
    I have been on spring break for the past two weeks so I have been very active for that period. In general, I devote my time to as many EU events as possible, and chat in the discord when I can, and I only wish that I could attend US events, also, but with the time difference and my busy schedule it’s difficult for me to attend 1AM events.
    I also make sure to mention any suspicious activity on CPU, for example a tuba gang forming, even if it’s not always necessary.

  42. Nickyze
    I am active on the discord and I try to attend events as much as I can due to school being in the way, as well as making sure that these Tuba gangs do not get in our way.


  43. BScharbach2
    srry i have to sleep
    I try to attend every event i can (only a few this week due to Easter) But i am very active in chat in 5 days i can be anywhere between 10-20 hours into chat

  44. Plesiosaurus
    4/10 if I’m being honest
    I don’t think I really deserve one but I’d like one and it’s worth a shot πŸ˜›

  45. Yuuki
    I’ve attended most events since joining and have been logging on early to be prepared and get excited.

  46. SilverCat
    I think I deserve a promotion because I am active in the discord, I try to attend an event every day even if it’s not in my division, and I try to be nice to troops in the discord while hyping events. Many times I rush home from school or even stay up late just to make it to an event. I also usually ditch homework just to make it to an event.

  47. Musicmingo
    I believe I should get a promotion because this week I have been very active in the chat and I attened two events this week (which is very rare considering my timetable) and I found the events refreshing and made me glad to be apart of RPF! I have also helped hyping up events and recuirting!!

  48. Lagirdm7
    Ive attended every event since last Saturday, recruited new people, and helped people on the discord. I feel I deserve this promotion because I always do my best to follow the posts on this website and I go on the site at least 3 times a day.

  49. Furai
    Scout Medic
    Activity 8-9
    Hi! I will explain why I deserve a promo now, I have been very active in chat and looking out here and there but this weekend is a long weekend for Australia and we went on holidays with no wifi so I couldn’t attend events but I still stayed very active on chat. πŸ˜‰ FTGF

  50. Jay0005
    Activity Level: 7-9
    Attended 2 events, persuaded my friend to join the RPF, been friendly on main chat, been kind and caring to new people, cracked jokes in the main chat. Though I’ve been at school, I managed to attend half of an event at lunchtime, the RPF means a lot to me. FTGF

  51. Delbar
    Private First Class
    I’ve attended ALL the US and EU events during the week, also helped hyping the chat before the events start. ^_^
    Will continue to be active and do the best as I can. NBD!

  52. Fireball449
    Private First Class
    7/10 because of homework
    I attend all events on weekends and events that start at 4:00. I will try my best to attend a lot more but homework takes control of me.

  53. SamTheWhale
    Second Lieutenant
    I attend almost all events and I am active in the discord! I also attended the major event around last week.

  54. Koloway
    did my best to attend ALL events I could! Stayed true and active in the discord. A promotion will help me to better myself and my activity! FTGF

  55. DinoCPU (CPU) Dino Mapping (DinoCPU)#9572 (Discord)
    7 or 8/10
    Because We need some new changes, and some new high rank smart people like me can help out with this
    P.S. Percy is the one who’s getting the demotion :wary:

  56. Steiny
    On a scale of 1 to 10 i would say a 9
    I have been on a streak of I don’t even know how long of attending events so far. I think that I also think that I have been very active on the discord and that I am really doing good things for theRPF and I hope that you Promote me

  57. Mycydric7 (TheHEROBRINE)

    Master Sergeant

    I deserve a promotion because i tried to be active all day, plus i flip the tables everytime they turn off the computer while i was doing an event, especially yesterday night (i wrecked the whole house because they yelled at me and i beat them but they force me to go to bed).

  58. Haripk
    Master sergeant
    Active rating 8 /10
    Iam active during EU and ausia events, I love to help penguins in rpf and cpu. Promotion would help me to help people’s easily. Thank you

  59. sirplus1881
    I’ve been in chat as much as i could be. Im making new friends in chat everyday. It makes me really happy to have a family like the RPF.

  60. SquidAU
    Rate on rpf: 6/10
    I just got told by irl friend Plane and told me to write comment. I don’t mind if I don’t get a promotion, I just want to help rpf. Also I’m a spy for you guys trying to take down Tubas Army

  61. eledymax
    I do not speak English very well, but I always try to help all the people I can, in addition to being present at all the events I can, due to the time difference

  62. Wafflez
    I think I should be promoted this week because I have been to multiple events, and I have been hyping those events before hand and in chat. I have also been active in chat without events going on. I always try to help new members and I try to be the best RPF member I can. FTGF!

  63. cmk1705
    scout medic
    Attended some events and have been active on chat, welcoming to new recruits. I did this last week and this week.

  64. missmariss
    i am a potato

  65. Jurij1234
    The reason why I deserve a promotion is that I’ve been active almost every week attend most of the time and sometimes not cause, I’m busy and I welcome new people.

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