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Hello all,

Promotions are out soon, so if you think you have met the requirements for a rank up (which could be attending events as well as being active on chat), comment down below to be eligible!

Use the following form


Activity level (1 to 10):

Your current rank:

Why you believe you deserve a promotion:

Fight the good fight!

~Percy, RPF Second In Command




I fall back just to see how it unfolds


    • Blue shell!

    • Name: Aaron
      Activity: 8
      Private First Class
      I dont normally comment on where I attended, but I always do. I love interacting with the RPF, and being involved in the activities. Also, I normally dont just go to US events, but if I am awake, I also go to some EU events, too! I love the RPF, and I hope that RPF will be here for years on end. Waddle on, and Fight the Good Fight!

  1. Mycydric7 (TheHEROBRINE)

    Mycydric7 (TheHEROBRINE)
    Sergeant Major
    ive been active on chat, im also very active at ausia battles and serving the RPF from tuba attacks.

  2. Name: Lamewo
    Activity: 7
    Private First Class
    I think I deserve a promotion on the RPF because I’ve been attempting to enter every EU event held. During the holidays, I’ve made time to enter both AU 2 and EU events. There weren’t a lot of EU events this week (or just not at their usual time) but whenever there was an event I did make sure to attend and comment. I really hope I do move up! FTGF!

  3. ThaOneNub

    I think I deserve a promotion cause from what i have seen i have been active in chat even though it is 90% dead most of the times for me and have been chatting with people in the RPF and just casually having fun chatting with everyone while attending the AUSIA event’s

  4. Cpu1234
    First Lieutenant
    Been active as usual. I’ve tried my best to attend events as long as possible ;). A promotion would be good today, that would be 4 in a row I think

  5. mklein/kleinn
    birgadier general

  6. SilverCat

    I think deserve a promo because I try my best to attend events of all divisions, and I’m active in chat. I stay up late and wake up early to attend events, and rush home from school too. I’m on chat everyday. I’m nice in chat too.

  7. HurricaneFox
    I think I deserve a promotion because I’ve been going to as many AUSIA events as I can!

  8. Lanzcp
    Second lieutenant
    I have been online on discord always because when there is invaders and i attending events ausia and us i have always follow tactic and leader so i can be great comander like the higher ranks i have been comenting all events that i attended FTGF!

  9. Lucy0600
    Scout Medic
    I have been pretty active lately with both, events and chat. (Hopefully I’ll have the guts to speak in vc this weekend welp) I would like to take on more responsibilities and help in fighting the good fight!
    All the best to everyone applying to promos!

  10. Princeofmom
    i think i deserve a promotion because I’m active in the RPF discord I Welcome new recruits I attend 80% of my division events, I even changed my attitude as well for RPF, I’ve been a colonel for 7 weeks and I never gave up, I know being promoted to brigadier general is a big thing and comes with a big responsibility but I think I’m ready now. As always leaders know best. FTGF

  11. Orange37408
    I’ll be honest, I haven’t been very active this week, I have had a lot of trouble with school, but I feel like I deserve a promotion because, I am very active on discord, I attend 90% of my division events and other events as well (aside from most Ausia).

  12. I have attended every EU event and nearly every Ausia and US event. I am active in chat, talking with friends, welcoming new people and I hype events when they are happening or going to happen. I follow all the rules and make sure to enforce them so others follow them too, i have been loyal to RPF and I feel I have what it take to become and be a good moderator. I hope that as a moderator I can do more for the RPF and I think i will be a valuable addition to the team.


  13. Robert12343
    i feel i deserve a promotion becuase i have been attending all the AUSIA Events for this week and also it has been more than a month being me a loyal colonel and i’m ready to be a moderator. mod was my goal to RPF and i have been recruiting on some CPPS and discord aswell and i also known to many leaders and owners and i also hype on Ausia Events i have been colonel for more than 7 weeks but i will not give up at all. and i know that moderator is a hard work to get and also i have been helping a lot of RPF Troops on #help-desk and i help new members to RPF and also im really active on chat talking to people and also saying funny jokes. and i try my best to avoid breaking rules and im trying my best also to be nice to others and im surely gonna be from the legends one day.
    and as always…
    Fight the Good Fight

  14. michaeljeff2
    Trying to attend events when I can. I’m also very active on Discord.

  15. GHosSTs
    master sergeant
    i try to attend the events i can and i stay active

  16. Chachkis
    I believe I deserve a promotion because I’ve every event in my division, as well as most in the other divisions and I’ve been extremely active in the chat and hyping the chat before the start of events. I’ve been really committed towards RPF, making sure to finish whatever I’m doing to make it to events, I’ve welcomed new recruits/visitors in the kindest way I can, I’ve made sure to follow the rules and I’ve recruited penguins in CP Universe, before, during and after events. If I was promoted from a Colonel to Brigadier General, I would be extremely responsible, not abuse my power, and make sure that everyone follows the rules.

    Fight the good fight!

  17. Zeus555
    Private first class
    I have been attending every event I can including some Ausia events all the EU and us events. I have been active in the discord server everyday and have followed the rules I also have provided pictures for some events.

  18. Africa
    7 or 8/10
    I have been actively attending and participating in the rpf events and have been following all the rules in-game and in chat.

  19. viljam


    I think I deserve a promotion since i’ve been participating over all more than I ever done before!

  20. ditiboy1011
    Scout Medic
    I have been active on chat plus I have attended events and been welcoming new people

  21. Coolguy1608
    Brigadier General
    I’ve been attending all EU and helping at AUSIA events. I always welcome new troops and help out anyone that needs it. I heard 3 mods are being fired/demoted this week so I hope I’m not one of them!

  22. Alexan Jr
    Scout Medic
    I believe that I deserve a promotion for many reasons. I was way more active than last week events wise and managed to attend US events, EU events, and even some unscheduled ones!
    I am active on main and help desk every day even when the chat is fairly dead. I just have so much fun in RPF and I hope a promotion may come my way this week.

  23. Agent Rocky
    Private First Class
    I believe I deserve a promotion because I attend as many events as possible. I am very active on discord welcoming new recruits, and helping at the #help desk. I have not joined any other armies, I have remained loyal to rpf, not breaking any rules so far in the discord. Thank you and FTGF.

  24. Bamboo
    I deserve a promotion because this week I have attended all events except ausia and I have been extremely active in chat. I have also gotten a few people to join rpf.

  25. Lilly
    I’ve attended some events this week and been on chat a little.

  26. Bloom0804
    Brigadier General
    I’ve been really busy this week, but I’ve still tried my best to attend events. I’ve been very active on chat this week though. I’ve welcomed new recruits and helped people when they need it. As a moderator I’ve assigned roles and moderated the chat.

  27. Bloom0804
    Brigadier General
    This week I’ve been really busy, but I’ve tried my best to attend as many events as I could. I’ve been very active on the chat though. I’ve welcomed new recruits and helped people when they need it. As a moderator, I’ve moderated the chat (Sometimes by lurking) and assigned roles.

  28. penpenpals
    Everyday, I try to attend events, even though I’m busy with school, but I believe this week, I attended all the events except for some of the AUSIA ones. I participate as much as possible, including providing pictures for each event. I’m always active on Discord, although I tend to lurk, I’m always in the chat if needed, like if someone has questions, or even if someone needs welcoming. I hope I get promoted. FTGF!

  29. Mindy4IsHere
    i’m trying to be more active

  30. Blitz
    I attend on most of the events US/EU and give pics most of the time too

    Scout Medic
    Think I deserve a promotion because I have been truly active, assisted every eu-us event, and now i’ve taken the hobby to take every single picture of the events, which is useful to our community and I like doing it. Its fun to take the time to block every person that is annoying and the unblock them (?
    Well nevermind, the point is that I think I deserve a promotion because I have been very active every day, and as always I try to help everyone in RPF.
    FTGF! 😀

  32. Rocker125
    Yeah, that’s right I was not active this week due to some personal reasons. I am sad to say but i was not attending many events. I would just like to say, I have been much experience with colonel till now. I think i am ready for the promo.
    Fight The Good Fight Always

  33. Legolas greenleaf
    Priv 1 class
    I attend most events and often chat with others

  34. FamousSKater
    Second LT
    What a week! I am happy to say I attended quite a few events ( 2-3+) and I have been very active on chat. I would like to thank whoever does the promos, I greatly appreciate all the promos I receive and I am always happy to see myself and others moving up in the RPF. I can’t wait to become a mod and help even more people and the the RPF stay safe and fun. : D

  35. Xing
    I should be promoted because I have been hyping up tactics and I have been friendly with new recruits. Especially with ones whom I have brung over from my army to the RPF. Also, I have been recruiting on Oasis occasionally.

  36. Litt7
    Activity Level: 9.7/10
    I belive i deserve a promotion because i am active in chat and try to attend as many events as i can (even auasia), i also am nice to new recruits that join the discord while im on and i try to be nice to everyone.

  37. Noot noot
    Master Sergeant
    I have been hyping up events, attending events and overall have been active and nice in chat

  38. Sirplus1881
    sergeant major
    I’ve been very active in chat. Usually i’ll be up on chat until 3 am PST. I’ve been trying to get to events but havnt been able to because of bdays and such. FTGF and have a great day.

  39. Yugi
    I think I deserve a promotion because I was Very active in the chat, I hyped the events before they started,I attended all the EU events and most part of the AUSIA events this is why I think I deserve a promotion

  40. Yuuki
    Private First Class
    I’ve attended all but one event under my division but have attended two unscheduled tuba events this week as well. I also log on to the scheduled events about 30 minutes early to help the hype and be prepared.

  41. Colonel Cameron Ribcage

    Mr. Ribcage
    I believe I deserve the promotion to mod because I attend every event it’s possible, and I help out whenever I can. If I become moderator, I feel I will be able to help out a lot more in the community, and have a bigger reason to be online. The Rebel Penguin Federation is a wonderful family of amazing people, and I would love to have a bigger role in that family.

  42. Plesiosaurus
    I attend many events and talk in the discord sometimes. I also haven’t had a promotion in a while 😛

  43. RPF Penguin
    Major General
    I attended a lot of events and was active in chat. I made 2 event posts one being an unscheduled tuba battle.

  44. Lava Hound
    I think i deserve a promotion because i was atending trainings, helping on discord and etc. I tried to enough to help, and i think that this deserves a promotion.

  45. Furai
    Scout medic
    I think I deserve a promo since i haven’t had one for 3 weeks, and i have been actively checking chat. I was going to make AUSIA round 1 but the time was displaced due To our daylight savings, so I didn’t attend… Thanks Furai

  46. Steiny
    Private First Class
    I think that I should be promoted because I am actually coming to as many events as possible, look, you will see me in a lot of them. But really, I’m trying my best to stay active, and I did not get promoted last time.

  47. Jay0005
    Master Sergeant
    Activity Level: 8/10
    Though most of the AUSIA events are really late at night, I manage to attend usually the first round, and I also try to attend events out of my time, e.g. US events. Even though I’m at school, I still try to stay on mains in the breaks, and if there is an event on, I try to attend. I have invited my friend to the RPF, who finds it a welcoming server. Though I don’t attend many of the AUSIA events, I am quite active on mains, cracking jokes, making puns, and overall being a nice person

  48. SamTheWhale
    I attend most events and i am active

  49. CPGames2010
    I feel I deserve a promotion because I’ve been attending most AUSIA events and some US events plus following the rules, welcoming those who joined the Discord server and hyping the chat sometimes before and during any event despite being online from 1-3 hours due to one of my phones being taken away weeks earlier as well as my studies. I’ve been Colonel for 6 weeks now and when I’m mod, I’ll try to enforce the rules and help others if needed.

    As always, fight the good fight!

  50. Fluo
    I think I deserve a promo is that I chat on discord, and hype some unschedules when I’m not home or near a computer.

  51. Wafflez
    I believe I should be promoted because I have been very active this week in events, hyping during events, in chat, and helping new members around. I have been to most US and some EU and AUSIA events, as well as fighting Tubas when needed to.

  52. 9/10
    I think I dersev a promote
    Is I stay active on chat I attend every event that’s
    eu or us and I’m kind don’t curse

  53. AwesomeBob20
    Brig Gen
    I attended AUSIA Events and I am active on chat

  54. Jurij1234
    The reason I deserve a promotion is because I’ve been almost everyday active and been attending events, welcoming new people, and being active on Discord also been active almost every week.

  55. I need a promotion.

  56. BScharbach2
    School is back, but i attended a few events and have been welcoming and active on the chat

  57. Marija113
    Second Lieutenant
    I attend as many events as i can and am very active in the discord.

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