Comment For Promotion 28/4/18

Hello all,

Promotions are out soon, so if you think you have met the requirements for a rank up (which could be attending events as well as being active on chat), comment down below to be eligible!

Use the following form


Activity level (1 to 10):

Your current rank:

Why you believe you deserve a promotion:

Fight the good fight!

~Biffer, RPF Second In Command



  1. Ukulily
    I have attended the events and helped recruit 2 new members, and I am active in the server when I can be!

  2. Alexan Jr
    First Lieutenant
    I believe that I deserve a promotion because I was at several events this week including two unscheduled ones! Also, I spend several hours everyday in main chat, and lots of time welcoming and helping other members!

  3. Lanzcp
    First lieutenant
    I am very active on the chat and event listen to my leaders and higher ranks i am very hyped when there is a event and always leave a comment on a event We must defeat the tubas so we can win

  4. Yuli
    I have been doing my hardest to attend events, hype, recruit and welcome new members. I know it looks like I’m breaking rules sometimes (when it comes to roasting chachkis) but I’m joking and I hope that that wont slim my chance of getting a promotion

  5. adhamwel3a
    i joined every event since i joined RPF
    becuase i did my best but i want to beat my best to be better

  6. Orange37408
    I have been Colonel for 3 months now, I have attended many events and I am very active on discord, I am not demanding a promotion if it sounds like it.

  7. RaptoRex
    Private First Class
    I feel like I deserved a promotion i’ve attened ausia and us events and i’m not that much active at discord,but i will be active at discord in the future.

  8. Ethan2008
    I have been trying my best to join RPF events, if I don’t attend it’s because I am not here, not because I don’t bother about RPF. I try my best to stay on discord and stay active as much as I can. I joined RPF about 2 months ago now and haven’t been promoted yet.

  9. Warship506
    I believe i deserve a promo because I have attended 3 events including 2 events with there time pushed forward and i have been very active..

  10. mklein
    major general
    rpf is lit

  11. AwesomeBob20
    Brig. Gen.
    I have attended some AUSIAs and I am active on chat, well, not for the entire week, sometimes I don’t rly talk there but yeah, i’m MOSTLY active on chat.

  12. GHosSTs scout medic
    ive been active on discord and ive tried to attend events

  13. Bloom0804
    Sergeant Major
    I’ve been very active on the chat this week but I’ve only attended a few events. I’ve helped people when they need it and welcomed new members.

  14. Princeofmom {Cosmo}

    I feel like i deserve a promotion because im extremely active in the RPF Discord i attended every event of my division except today’s ausia part 2 i try to help most people and i even got TOTW this week! and i would love to see a new rank on my roles.

  15. Yuuki
    Master Sergeant
    I attend events, get on chat whenever I am able, recruit when I can, and help on discord and the CPPS’s for members and others. FTGF!

  16. Yugi
    I think I deserve a promo this week because I attended the most events I could and I have been more active in the chat, I always welcome new members and I hype the events before they start, this is why I think I deserve a promo this week.

  17. Robert12343
    i wasent active this week due to family issues and i really want to be a mod becuase it has been more than two monthes being colonel and also im kind to users i try to avoid breaking rules and i attended most of the events on this week and i hope to get a promotion.
    And as always…

    I think I deserve a promotion because this week i keep being very active, I assisted just a a bit fewer events because last week they where scheduled events so i work from monday to friday, i can assist nights events. Every time I go to an event I take pictures, because I know that helps a lot and I just love doing that. Today I will also assist all the events so I think I meet every requirement. Love you RPF!
    FTGF! 😀

  19. Alienhunter
    I think I should be promoted because I attend most of the EU and US events, and sometimes I attend AUSIA if I end up awake early enough. I’m active on discord every day, and I try welcoming newcomers and helping other people.

  20. Sirplus1881
    2nd lieutenant
    I have been super active in chat plus I’ve gone to a US, AUSIA, and EU event.

  21. Tasos2009
    I dont think i deserve a promo nor a demo. <3

  22. Eesa
    This si the last chance for promotion im going to get in a while as my exams are ending on june 11th so until then ill be almost to completely inactive. I’ve been attending most ausia events until recently but with my exams on the way its hard. I hope I am ready to become a colonel as this is when I would be considered for mod position. I don’t know if I’m entirely ready yet but i want to get my name on the list for your consideration.

  23. Dinorewrited (CPO) Dino Mapping (Dinorewrited)
    Scout Medic
    I am very active on the Discord, i mainly attend events a lot and is very well known, miss me with that Noobas Music, Junie ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡ °). But seriously, enough with the jokes and back to my reasons, i help out a lot in help desk and welcome many new people to the RPF..

  24. Fireball449
    I am very active on the website and in game. I always attend events on weekends and most of the time on weekdays.

  25. Jay0005 (Wilson_Ninja_Warrior)
    Scout Medic
    I have been active on the main chat and in game. However, I may not attend all my events, but if a EU or US event is suitable for me, I will attend it. I have been quite kind and friendly to new people on main chat, and also have answered quite a few questions on help desk. FTGF

  26. Mycydric7 (TheHEROBRINE)

    Mycydric7 (TheHEROBRINE)
    second lieutenant
    i have been active in events and in discord and the reason i cant attend ausia last night because my pc broke (again) and ive been worried i might miss the ausia.

  27. Wafflez
    Master Sergeant
    I believe I should be promoted because I have been active this week in events, hyping during events, in chat, and helping new members around. I have been to US and some EU and AUSIA events, as well as recruiting potential members.

  28. Username: itsamerosied
    Activity: 7.5/10
    Rank: Private
    I think I should be promoted because even I have been with RPF for one day, I have already contributed to the recruitment of many members, have been active in chats and karaoke, am attending as many events as possible and have been helpful in answering new recruit’s questions.

  29. Delbar
    Compared to last week, this time I truly believe that I deserve that one tiny promotion! This week I attended ALL the EU & US events + the two unscheduled ones. I also recruited at least 3 ppl (on CPU, rip). and I’m trying to be more active on chat. Will continue to do so.
    Thank you, FTGF!⭐️

  30. CPGames2010
    Brigadier General/7IC
    I feel I deserve a promotion because I daydream.

    Fight the good fight!

  31. 1337Mishka
    brigadier General
    I am an active, helpful, friendly mod. I attend all EU and most AUSIA events. I welcome new people help them get setup and do everything I can to help RPF.

  32. DragBolinJoe
    I think I deserved to be promoted to next rank. I tried my very best to come on events, even atm too busy studying for my final exam. Even waking up for EU event because I’m on different timezone. I sometimes active on chats, but I tried to get along and join the discussion. I help on recruiting more people and I’m glad that we move to CPO. We recruited more than expected that CPU. I hope we can continue recruiting more people and Fighting the good fight.

  33. i’m always active on CPO and discord
    i attended ausia us and EU
    i always be kind

  34. Cmk1705
    1st lieutenant
    Ive attended a good amount of events the past 2 weeks and have ben pretty active on chat. Ive always welcomed new people and helped in the help desk. FTGF

  35. SilverCat
    Scout Medic
    I think I deserve a promo because I’ve been active, and frequently attending events of all divisions. I’ve helped by helping new people and other things.

  36. Lucy0600
    I gave a great deal of thought to whether or not I deserved a promotion as I reflected back on my week and came to the conclusion that I deserve a promotion because I have been very active on the discord (Making new friends, making new troops feel welcome, and interacting more with the old ones), attending events (Despite the CPO lag xD), and recruiting when no event is going on. Thank You for considering me. Fight The Good Fight! <3

    All the Best to everyone applying for a promo!!

  37. Fluo

    I think I should get a promo because, I have been active on discord, also helped recruit. I learned math too 🙂

  38. Colonel Cameron Ribcage

    @Mr. Ribcage#8101

    I think I deserve a promotion because I have been in the RPF since November. Not once have I received any prizes or anything, not that I envy that, because to be honest, the people who have received prizes deserved it more than me. I haven’t received a promotion for two or three months, and I think that I could have a much bigger role in the RPF. I help out as much as I can in the #help-desk chat, and am as active as possible in the chat, considering I’m not able to make it to most events. I would really like a larger role in this federation, and in what I believe to be a true second family, even though they missed my birthday. LOL. Continue to be the great family I have stumbled upon RPF!!!!

  39. BScharbach2
    I think i have been active and would be a great moderator

  40. Cpo

    I think I deserve a promotion this week because I’ve been active in the chat and most of the events I have attended.

  41. Jurij1234
    The reason why I think I deserve a promotion because I’ve been active a lot this week and other weeks I’ve welcomed new people, attended almost every event this week, broken no rules at all, and been colonel so long and I would be very very grateful if I would get promoted this week.

  42. MDj113
    First Lieutenant
    I have attended all the events I was able to and if I didn’t I was very active on the discord chat.

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