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Hello all,

Promotions are out soon, so if you think you have met the requirements for a rank up (which could be attending events as well as being active on chat), comment down below to be eligible!

Use the following form


Activity level (1 to 10):

Your current rank:

Why you believe you deserve a promotion:

Fight the good fight

~Percy, RPF Second In Command



I fall back just to see how it unfolds


  1. first

  2. kaju0001
    i have attended many events, and have been in the discord a long time everyday.

  3. I want to get promoted because i’m active in the server and I have attended events!
    Fight the good fight

  4. Lanzcp
    I attend ausias i am very active on the chat i just have the long vacation but i am back to rpf i miss you guys i never stop fighting FTGF

  5. W31rdR0m4n14nD00d

    Activity level (1 to 10): 7
    Your current rank: Private first class
    Why you think you deserve a promotion: I have been active, posting art and attending events

  6. Wolfy Daddy [Robert12343]
    i have been super active this week i have been attending all the EU’s and AUSIA’s and i could help in postes for events if i get moderator, i will make the discord chat more safer and i hope i get chosen this week.
    As Always…

  7. master turner/2 years and still a private
    private first class
    i am ubelievably active in the chat recently and i attended almost all the events over the past months, and have always commented on post

  8. Princeofmom {Cosmo}
    Princeofmom {Cosmo}

    Major General
    i feel like i deserve a promotion because I have been active this week I attended all events of my division this week a few ausia’s as well I recruited this week I welcome all the new people I try to be friendliest I can be I assigned roles as well, these are a few reasons I think I should be promoted.


  9. Orange37408
    I’ll be honest, I haven’t been very active this week, I have had a lot of stuff going on, but I have tried to attend every event I can this week, I know being promoted to mod is a big responsibility, but I can take it.

  10. And I forgot something 9/10

  11. GreenPingu
    I want to get promoted because im active in chat and I have attended events.

  12. CPO NAME:peko2004
    DISCORD: DolevGriffel
    I’ve been to all the events since I joined the army except the igloo raid event and i still private and I think I deserve a new rank i’m online on discord 4h at day And I will continue to be in RPF for a long time. thx for reading dolev griffel

  13. I just want to be promoted because I attended 3 events so far this week



  14. Bloom
    First Lieutenant

    I’ve attended every US and EU event this week and been really active on chat despite being busy with school. I’ve helped people when they need it, welcomed new members, and recruited people on Cpo.

  15. MDj113
    I have been active on the discord everyday this week even ignore I couldn’t attend events. I attended as many events and tried to make up my missed us events with eu and one ausia.

  16. WinterJack
    First Lieutenant
    I’m active in the chat and frequently welcome new people who join. I can’t attend many events, but I try to go to the ones I can.

  17. viljam

    I’ve been attending as many events as I can even though I have alot of studies and exams at the moment. I’ve been hyping the chat before and during events and I have also said “Welcome to RPF” to all new recruits.

    Thank you!

  18. Name: Jordan82679


    Rank: Scout Medic

    I believe that I should receive a promotion because I’ve tried to be more active and to attend more events during the week even though I was away for a short time. I also attended an event. Thank you for your time.

  19. Fluo
    I’ve been very active on discord even though I have a lot of stuff to attend too. And attended a ausia event

    psst math is so good

  20. rpfboi1011
    First Lieutenant
    I may deserve a promo because I attended like 4 ausias and one eu and been active on chat trying to respect the rules and welcoming new members

  21. Alienhunter
    I’ve attended most EU and US and some AUSIA since I got colonel (minus this weekend because prom) I’ve been active on discord, I always follow rules, and I welcome new users. Good luck to anyone else trying out for mod

  22. GHosSTs
    First lieutenant
    i feel i deserve a promotion beacause i have been active and attending events

  23. Yuuki
    Sergeant Major
    I have attended not only my division events but also several others during the week and on weekends. I’ve been positive and hype. I have recruited when there were no scheduled events. And I have tried increasing my time on the discord, both just being on it and having conversations.

  24. Koloway
    Scout Medic
    I have been doing very well actively, I have been taking in new recruits as well as tipping off vets on little things. I attended whatever events I could during finals week, and I surely believe I deserve a promo.

  25. Colonel Cameron Ribcage

    @Mr. Ribcage#8101
    Okay, I’ll make this short. I really want to be a mod, and I think that I have the qualifications. I have been a lot more active lately, and if it weren’t for a mute getting in the way, I would have helped my first new soldier assign roles. I help out as much as I can at the #help-desk, and have attended as many events as allowable by my schedule.
    Continue to FTGF RPF!!!
    Congrats to all who do get a promotion. *hoping that one of those lucky people is me.

  26. Sirplus1881
    I feel like I deserve a promo this week because I always greet people when they join chat and I’ve attended 2 US events and 2 EU events. I have also been super active in chat. Continue to FTGF RPF.

  27. litt7
    Scout Medic
    i have been very active in chat, have attended almost all the events’ and have welcomed people that have joined the discord server.

    i have been very active this week, although i couldnt assist every event. I think i have a fair chance.

  29. ExusMarshall
    Joined very recently yet attended most of the events during the time being…missed like 2 or 3 due to conditions like timeones and stuff..also was active on the chat…will keep on attending all the events possible..and will do my best to contribute. FTGT.

  30. snowy#5377

    I attend every event, and I am very active in the Discord chat! I love attending the events and talking with the community. FTGF!!

  31. im a pretty cool shark

  32. Flynno
    I’d say a 7
    Well, why do I feel that I deserve a promo? Well, despite only attending two events this week (I’ve been super busy ;-;), I’ve remained fairly active on chat. Summer vacation starts in less than a month so then I’ll be able to devote even more time to the RPF, and perhaps even attend an AUSIA now and then 😉

  33. DragBolinJoe
    I deserve to be promoted because I attended all the events weeks after my final exam and right now. I sometimes active in chats, but I don’t say no to attending events and fighting the good fight, even though my timezone is not suitable for EU events. I will continue to attend all events and I will try to be active in discord.

  34. Alexan Jr

    I believe I deserve a promotion for it s several reasons. First, these past two weeks, I have attended so many events, wayyy more than usual. Second, I am extremely active in chat. I chat for probably 6+ hours a day. Third, I’m very helpful and I try to get along with everyone. Recently, I was given the title of TOTW by my peers. I feel as if this shows that I am ready to take the next step for the rebel penguin federation. Although I am a lower rank for being in RPF for ten months, I have really been pushing and striving to make up for the lost time. Even if theres a slim chance of a promotion right now, I’m glad that I get to prove myself. Whatever happens, happens.

  35. SLAY
    I just recently joined RPF last night after participating in the first AUSIA battle with my buddy PLANE! Decided to also join the EU event today as well. I’m a retired ARMY VET. I’ve lead multiple armies and decided to JOIN RPF. I’m a pro graphic designer, I have 18 million views on YouTube and I’m a DISCORD partner. I could’ve started my own ARMY, but BELIEVE in the leadership here in RPF. Promote me and I’ll create this ARMY better graphics, add hundreds of new recruits, and bring my years of CPARMY experience alongside this wonderful army. Cheers! SLAY

  36. AG Silver
    Sergeant Major
    I’ve been attending recent events and trying to be more active on chat

  37. BScharbach2
    I have been a good role model showboat in my getting TOTW 40

  38. Sorry typo
    *showing not showboat

  39. 𝒞𝑜𝓈𝓂𝒾𝒸𝑀𝑒𝓁𝑜𝓃𝓏

    I was really active this mean, and by that i mean i attended every single event i possibly could and i was also taking pictures of the events. The only thing is; i’m not very active in Discord, it’s probably because i’m still “too scared” to say anything because on my other experiences on Discord.

  40. Tasos2017
    I think i deserve a promotion because i try to be as active as i can. Im giving exams in school and i dont have much time to participate in events tho.


  41. i think i deserve a promotion because i am always active, help everyone and i never have been swearing, been banned, or been mean to others. AND i have been attending every single event and i have shown outstanding devotion to the RPF and to everyone. And i have been working hard to improve the RPF and it members and to improve Club Penguin online.

  42. Lilly
    Master Sergeant
    I’ve only attended a couple events this week due to still having testing going on, but I’ve been really active on chat.

  43. Clemenzar
    Private First Class
    I’ve been trying to attend all AUSIA and some EU, US events despite of being very busy with school work for the past few days. I also tried recruiting/promoting RPF on CPO whenever I have I’m free to compensate on the events that I couldn’t attend to.

  44. Delbar
    Sergeant Major
    Well, I believe I deserve one mostly because of the attendance at almost all the EU and US events + 2 unscheduled ones. Besides, I think I was way more active than ever before on the server! I recruited some pals and invited them to join us as well.✨ I’ll continue fighting the good fight btw.🤠

  45. Lucy0600
    I think I deserve a promotion because I have attended all the events this week except the Sunday ausia (that I’m gonna have to meet bc I need to be at the airport) and I’m very active in discord. I had been observing how mods take care of recruits and queries and this week, I have been helping the recruits too. I have also been helping hype the events and keeping up the spirit. Thank you for considering me. I know it’s hard to promote colonels because being an officer is a new level of responsibility but I think I am ready for itand to contribute more to our community, after all, persistence is the key. Or at least that’s what tatsugotchi bot says. FTGF!

    All the best to everyone’s applying for promotions ♥️

  46. Warship506
    I haven’t been as active as i could have been because of naplan at school plz can i have promo.

  47. Wafflez
    Master Sergeant
    I believe I should be promoted because I have been active this week in events, hyping during events, in chat, and helping new members around. I have been to US and some EU and AUSIA events, as well as recruiting potential members.

  48. Radue
    Ok i got a lil inactive for 1 week cause of school
    The last week of school makes me inactive cause of grades and test and turning work in but i was stil active on chat
    Sometimes sorry for being inactive
    Now i can be very active cause of summer
    And i follow the rules
    Scout medic

  49. Jurij1234
    I believe I deserve a promotion is because I’ve been very active this week,
    attended almost every event, missed 2 or 3 events, I’ve hyped up events and I’ve been active almost every week sometimes not cause of stuff also
    I’ve been a colonel for like 3 months.

  50. Username: Uni

    Activity level (1 to 10): 9.5

    Your current rank: Private

    Why you believe you deserve a promotion: Because im as active as i can possibly be and I hype up the Chat etc. i have a lot of faith in rpf and really enjoy it aswell and I’ve been private like 6 times in the past so yeah

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