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Hello all,

Promotions are out soon, so if you think you have met the requirements for a rank up (which could be attending events as well as being active on chat), comment down below to be eligible!

Use the following form


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Why you believe you deserve a promotion:

Fight the good fight

~Percy, RPF Second In Command



I fall back just to see how it unfolds


  1. WinterJack
    I am always active in the chat and partake in events when I can.

  2. Lilmissp/khaleesi

    Activity: 8

    Hey all!
    I’m always active in the discord and attend as many events as I can. I follow the rules and have gotten a few recruits in!

    Thanks for the consideration!

  3. Biffuhhh
    wecund in wumand
    i kelp did fun

  4. Princeofmom
    Major General
    I feel like I deserve a promotion because I’ve been active in RPF discord, attended all events of my division even attended every EU that has happened till now, I welcome new people, I try to help them as well I assigned roles as well. These are a few reasons I think I should be promoted.


  5. Fluo
    I’ve been very active on discord, and helping some of the new recruits. 🙂

  6. Reyder
    Siete / Diez
    Jefe General
    Yo no hablo ingles. Habla español por favor.

  7. Wolfy Daddy [Robert12343]
    i was incredibly active this week in discord. i attend every division at the moment due summer started at my country. i recruit a bunch of penguins to RPF. i have been working hard for getting moderator and i’m sure i will be a mod one day [Maybe this week who knows]. i welcome new people to RPF and i guide them to right side. i’m good at doing some RPF event posts . i rarely break a rule and if i did i regret what i did, i tried to avoid breaking rules. RPF Future will rise.

    Fight The Good Fight RPF

  8. GHosSTs
    ok so i feel i deserve a promotion because ive been active attending events and active on discord aswell.

  9. Diamond.D.Bloom
    I have attended all AUSIA AND EU events thats happened laast week and this week , I am online most of the time and im almost always early … about 2 -3 hours early

  10. Bloom

    I’ve attended every US and EU this week except for one because my internet was out at the time. I’ve helped people when they need it, welcomed new rebels, and recruited people on CPO.

  11. viljam

    I was very stressed this week due to exams etc. But I still managed to participate in most of this weeks events. I was as active as I could in the discord chat and helped new recruits into our community. So even though I almost got an heart attack this week due to exams I was still able to do my job as a Sergeant of the RPF community.

    Thank for consideration!


  12. Veera

    Well, I just joined here like umm 4 days ago ? So, when I started to play Club Penguin, it was 2005. I was totally kiddo. And you know, one day it’s closed. My heart’s broken like everyone. I didn’t play for a looong time. After these long times, I’ve found CPO on google. I was in the Town and wow dude there were people on event. Amazingly sync, seem having fun. It felt like old days. I’ve learned it’s RPF and I searched. Then boom! I joined RPF and became a member of RPF. I’m in EU but when I get a notification, I broke my study and attented AUSIA events too ! I printed screenshots and sent whom we should send. And the important thing ; I had fun. :’) As long as I’m alive, I’m totally sure we all will be having fun together. This is not about game, this is about us. CP gave us very beautiful memories and I hope we’ll create new memories with each other.

  13. BScharbach2
    bEEN busy with CPA Wiki articles and school but i plan to get back.

  14. Activity 8

    User : MeMaybe

    Ive been loyal since the change to CPrewritten and I am on discord always

  15. Rpfboi1011
    I think I may deserve a promo because I have attended like two ausias and two eus and plus I have been welcoming new peeps and been active on chat and I have been trying to respect the rules

  16. Alexan Jr
    I believe I deserve a promo this week for several reasons. First, I have been to I believe every single event for for my division and several for EU as well. Second, I am on main chat a lot, having casual convos and helping out as many people as I can. Third, I obtained TOTW recently and I just really love this community! FTGF!

  17. Maxdude
    I believe I deserve a promotion because although I have just finished my exams, I have been very active on Discord and also have attended all the events I could. And I already attended 2 events yesterday. FTGF!

  18. Koloway
    Second Lieutenant
    I have been readily available on the Discord, and I have attended numerous events throughout the week. I believe I should be promoted as I have made large efforts to attend events, even going as far as to go to events at 5am my time! FTGF

  19. second leitenant
    im very active on chat and events
    help on events i be kind and follow rules

  20. Lanzcp
    I attended Ausia
    and i am always online on the chat i always follow the leaders orders
    sometimes a i break the rules and sometimes i follow the rules i am a shamed by myself But i am proud my self to be here on Rpf I never surrender till we win FTGF!

  21. Warship506
    Master sergeant
    I have been active in chat and attended all the events i could.

  22. Jurij1234
    I think I deserve a promotion because I’ve attended almost all AUSIA and EU event but only US sometimes cause I am sleeping, I haven’t broken any rules, I’ve been active, and I’ve been a colonel for almost 3 or 4 months.

  23. kaju0001
    Master Sergeant
    i feel like i deserve promo cause ive attended to all the events i possibly could. and ive been in chat everyday, and have helped other. 🙂

  24. Wafflez
    Master Sergeant
    I believe I should be promoted because I have been active this week in events, hyping during events, in chat, and helping new members around. I have been to US and some EU and AUSIA events, as well as recruiting potential members.
    May 26, 2018

  25. Wxbp
    Major general
    Not that active because of ongoing stuff in real life, busy with camp preparations and studies, but i still talked in chat helped assigned roles and enforce rules if i had to. Attended all events that i could 🙂
    RPF =FAMILY <3

  26. DragBolinJoe
    Sarge Major
    I don’t know if I deserve to be promoted or not because I wasn’t there all US events because I was asleep forgot to alarm myself, But even though I always attended every events even unscheduled events. Also during my spare time, I also recruiting people to join RPF. I will always continue to Fight The Good Fight and trying my very best to attend all events.

  27. ExusMarshall
    Private First class
    this week was a tough one as i had consecutive tests and etc. so i wasnt able to attend all the events that occured but even though it was hard i tried my best to attend as many as i could which i believe shows my commitment to rpf which is why i believe i deserve a promotion.i have been active on the servers and tried to help as many as i could…and i even believe i was able to recruit a few privates this week.i will continue to do my best and FTGF.

  28. litt7
    second lueintant
    i belive i deserve a promotion because if been at almost every event,i have welcomed every new person to the discord, and have been very active on chat.

  29. Yugi
    I liek purcee and jooni

  30. Haze/Uni
    Private First Class
    I’ve had college finals and family issues so I’ve not been SO active as usual. I’ve still been attending and hyping events. I led a tactic in a U-Lead and I welcome the new people I see join the Discord. I recruit on CPO a lot and am always open to RPF for help with the game, or any issues regarding it etc.

  31. Cpo
    8.123456789 out of 10

    i would like a promotion this week because i led a good u lead tactic on saturday and i was active as usual and i attended as much time of the ausia/eu events as i could so i really hope i get the promo this week

  32. Delbar
    Scout Medic
    Because I attended all the EU and Us events, I think? Almost all, and one unscheduled. Also, I’ve been active in chat lately; hyping up before events, talking about stuff whenever I can. I’ll continue to do so.✨
    Thanks. FTGF!

  33. Orange37408
    I haven’t been the most active person this week (mainly because I was in Kentucky for 3 days), but I have attended all US this week.

  34. xxKiraxx
    Master Sergeant 5-7 active
    I believe i deserve a promo because despite not being able to do as many things as my sister i love RPF and treat it like my second family. I love all the members! FTGF OOOOOOOOOOOOFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

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