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Hello RPF,

Promotions are out soon, so if you think you have met the requirements for a rank up (which could be attending events as well as being active on chat), comment down below to be eligible!

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Why you believe you deserve a promotion:

Fight the good fight

-DJCrystal, 2ic


Fight The Good Fight


  1. I am good

  2. AwesomeBob20
    I have attended alot of AUISA Events, and I am always active on chat

  3. Puncher
    Private 1st class
    Because of my events avtivity

  4. kaju0001
    Scout Medic
    I have attended many events recently and i am active in chat everyday!

  5. GHosSTs
    i feel i deserve a promotion because ive been very active recently on discord and attending events while doing some recruiting as well and i never break rules and have only been warned once

  6. penpenpals
    Master sergeant
    I have attended all of the EU and US events this week. Sometimes, I like to hype up the chat before the event actually starts, and I’m an early logger. I provide pictures of the event. Sometimes, I’ll stay after the event to recruit. Whenever someone new joins, I welcome them. I’ve been more active on the chat than I’ve ever been.

    I have been very active this week, i could not assist all unscheduled but overall my level on rpf is high. My rank up also is an important one because of responsability, so i think i can acomplish my duties on the field very responsible.

  8. Diamond.D.Bloom
    Scout Medic
    I try to attend every AUSIA and EU event , i missed yesterday’s events bc of family outing but i attended today’s AUSIA events. i send pics of events, welcome new comers and comment on post; im always online on the chat

  9. ExusMarshall
    I give a 8/10
    I gave myself a 8 as i attended all events that i could and Have been trying my best to recruit new people in order for this GREAT army to grow even further! i will i was a little less active on discord but was always there to help when someone needed it! so thats why i believe i derserve a promotion! as i love this army! FTGF RPF!

  10. Lebmont123
    I have been active on chat and have also attened many AUSIA events, despite being EU. I have taken many pictures of recent events, so I contribute a lot, and I have been very respectful towards commanding offciers.

  11. Fireball449
    I am very loyal to RPF. Even though I don’t attend all RPF events I still check the website every day. In my free time, I attend RPF operations.

  12. Ethan2008
    I did use to be a Private Second class before I left RPF, today I rejoined and attended all the events that were scheduled for as long as I could. I am always on the discord now, checking for events.

  13. Mindy4IsHere
    Major General
    I’ve been working very hard

  14. Discord- xalexanicolex
    CPO- alexanicole
    Activity level- 7.5
    Rank- private

    I believe I deserve a promotion because since I joined, I have been at most of the events and have only progressed to a private.

  15. Liraku
    I have a high activity level, i attend most of the events, even in the 2 am. I attended also some events were promotions could (and) have been awarded but i didn’t get one.

  16. Coolguy1608
    Second lieutenant
    I am active, I attend all events and I always help others. Unfortunately, there are some very rude people in the RPF (like Liz) who like to argue with me and make me look bad so I don’t get a promotion. Very sad! One day, we will build a wall and keep all the rude and obnoxious people out of the RPF. Oh, and Liz will pay for it!

  17. Chatime (teeyow in discord)



    I am proud of myself because I am more active this week than last week. As of now, this week, I was able to attend all AUSIA events, even the unscheduled one and one non-AUSIA event ((he Air Force and Navy battle). It’s currently 3:40 AM here but do it all for RPF lmao. I am also quite active in chat especially during events.

  18. Discord Username: Dino#0558

    Club Penguin Online Username: Dinorewrited

    Activeness: 8.5/10

    Rank: Colonel (Week 3)

    Reasons: Now while I wasn’t so active on Monday and Tuesday, I made up for that and have been attending most of this weeks event, I attended yesterday’s Rise of US, today’s EU and AUSIA.. I have been active on the discord and have been helping out soldiers on CLUB PENGUIN ONLINE which aren’t on our Discord, I helped commented for someone yesterday, and since Brigadier General is next in the ranks as a Mod (Officer) Rank, I know what Mod is what since in 2015, I was a RPF Brigadier General and a Xat Moderator, I will be willing to work for The Rebel News Media and want to help the RPF grow with my planned tactics at US mod leads, I have been recently been interviewed and I will never stop fighting the good fight, that’s why I rejoined RPF in 2017, because I loved the Good Fight so much and want to help the Good Fight grow bigger and stronger..

  19. Alexan Jr
    Brigadier General
    I believe I deserve a promotion this week because I attended many many events, I hype up chat all the time, assist people who need help whenever I can, and I do my best. to attend events for every single division, including AUSIA! I have been working very hard as a new moderator and I’m really enjoying every second of it! FTGF boiz.

  20. Tyro
    I attend most ausia and some EU and i recruit before/after events and always hype FTGF!

  21. Bloom

    This week I attended every event and hyped up the chat before and during the events. I’ve been very active on the chat. I’ve helped people when/if they need it. When I see a new member join the discord I welcome them and help them out. Whenever I’m on CPO I recruit new rebels. Fight the good fight!

  22. Clemenzar
    Scout Medic
    Despite being less active this week, I’ve still tried to attend as much events as I can (mostly this weekend). I’ve helped few recruits as well in learning more about RPF. FTGF!

  23. Wadu
    Scout medic
    I have been very active in chat and have hyped up a lot of ausias and i also attended us events
    FTGF <3

  24. Fluo
    I have attended every event up to Friday (Except Ausia sad), and have been talking in the discord a lot.

  25. BScharbach2
    horrid week for my activity tbh but summers here

  26. are you squidding me?
    Private First Class
    I have been trying to get new recruits and have be active lately, I have been active more in the past couple of days then this past month and want to do more in rpf. Hopefully that all makes sense

  27. are you squidding me?
    Private First Class
    My comment did work before so I will make this short. I just want to help the community of rpf and am aiming to be on more

  28. Mycydric7 (TheHEROBRINE)

    Mycydric7 (TheHEROBRINE)
    I know im a bit *pasaway* (doing thigns that arent allowed in the mainchat) and im not active on events because of my grandma… but im active on discord. and sometimes i recruit people on cpo.

  29. veagan
    i came back to rpf with a bang and now i am hyping all of the ausia2 events like crazy, just dont expect me to attend anything that isnt ausia2 and maybe 1…

  30. ElitarnyJez
    Attended all events except 1(and US, i am proud i can attend both Ausia and EU events) so i guess 8/10

  31. Note ItzSwirlz could not comment so i’m commenting for him

    Discord Username: ItzSwirlz

    Club Penguin Online Username: ItzSwirlz

    Activeness: 7/10

    Rank: Private (Week 1)

    Reasons: A few months ago I came to RPF and came because of the mascot tracker, so when I admitted I was downgraded to visitor but a few days ago I rejoined RPF, thanking everyone for the fun I have here. So my first event I attended to? Months ago, and the one before this was before the US. But then I had stuff that my parents did that made me miss the US event on Friday. On saturday events my parents wanted to go to (irl stuff, not games) made me not attend. But today I come as in my third event-and as the STRESS i have, because I have been going through stress, because of the way I’ve been learning, that is why I should be promoted. If you dont promote me thats fine, but if you can, then make sure you promote more important people (like recruits) before you do so.

  32. Litt7
    rank: 1st lieutenant
    activeness: 9.4/10
    I belive i deserve a promotion for the facts that
    1) I have been very active on chat
    2) have tried to attend all events
    and 3) have welcomed all new comers to the discord

  33. Amytis
    Private First Class
    Okay so I’m commenting because I think I’ve been active ever since I joined RPF. I attended every event I could, and I chat with the amazing people on the server anytime I get online, if that’s the case.

  34. viljam
    Scout Medic.

    This week I have been quite busy but I have still made it possible to attend almost every event and tried to welcome the new recruits of RPF. I have also taken part of some discussions in the discord chat. So I feel like I deserve a promotion since I have prioritized RPF over other unnecessary things.

    Thanks for consideration!

    Fight the good fight!

  35. Lava Hound

    I really think i helped throughout this week at least as worthy as a promotion, since i took part in events and even in 1US event (which started for me at 3AM), but it’s your pick. At least, as i believe, i am worthy of a promotion

    As always, fight the good fight!

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