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Hello all,

Promotions are out soon, so if you think you have met the requirements for a rank up (which could be attending events as well as being active on chat), comment down below to be eligible!

Use the following form


Activity level (1 to 10):

Your current rank:

Why you believe you deserve a promotion:

Fight the good fight!

~Percy, RPF Second In Command



I fall back just to see how it unfolds


  1. AwesomeBob20
    I have been attending AUSIA event and I am always active on chat

  2. Letherm
    I’m active on the discord, and attended most of the past few events. I wasn’t able to play for 2 days tho.

  3. Wadu
    i have attended all ausia’s this week and have hyped up events and have been active in chat

  4. coolguy1608
    First lit
    I am active on chat, I am always helping new troops. I am online everyday.

  5. Liahi
    Private First Class
    I attend all the events I can, I’m active on Discord and sometimes I help people there.

  6. JEEF
    I attended the Mexican event and today’s Ausia event.
    I am active on the discord group and am enthusiastic towards events, I greet players on the discord and am online everyday unless for a specified reason.

  7. kellis
    I’m always active on discord and have attended and actively participated in nearly every event since I joined

  8. mariatr123
    I’ve been active in the new event from start to end

  9. Orange37408
    I’m active on discord, and I attended most of the events for this week, I wasn’t able to attend AUSIA round 1 because I was awake for it.

  10. Diamond.D.Bloom
    First Lieutenant
    I have been attending every AUSIA and EU event , i comment on every post and send a lot of pics of the events , i welcome new recruits and always active on chat.

  11. mehmet410
    master sergeant
    i have attended every event this week, and i chat in the discord 24/7

  12. Ethan2008
    I attended many events this week, unable to attend some Ausia events because of school and being pretty busy the day I post this. Been talking on the discord a lot in thee past few weeks and this week and since I am able to attend the rest of the events now this week now that I am not busy for the rest of the week, I feel like I can attend the rest of the events so I deserve a promotion.

  13. sppork
    maybe like an 8?
    i’m kinda new to rpf although i have participated in all of the recent AUSIA events, as well as i’m active quite often :,)

  14. Foncest Vitello

    CPO: FoncestViteo
    Discord: Foncest Vitello
    Activity (since 06/07/2018) 9/10
    My first time on the ARMY. Attended all events since 06/07/18 Always active on Discord.

  15. Zeavro
    Master Sergeant
    I havent been active in main that much before, but I’ve been trying to now that I got some burdens away. I always try to attend events if I can too, and I’m glad that I did. FTGF everyone ^^/

  16. Commenting for dicord username: Sapphire since they are having connection issues:-

    Hey, I’m Alvin. I think I should be promoted to Corporal as I have been in 5 of the last 7 events, active on chat nearly daily…. Activity 8 to 9/10. Discord: Sapphire #9945, Rank: Private (Been stagnant for a while now)

  17. GHosSTs
    I feel like i deserve a promotion because i have been active and i have been hyping events and i have attended loads of events this week and i feel that im doing a good job of being mod

  18. Liraku
    I don’t… I’m writing this just to inform you why my activity level has dropped this week… i got employed… Congrats for me!!!

  19. Bloom

    Another bad week for me. Been busy and still somewhat sick but I attended a couple of event and I’ve been active on chat.

  20. Lebmont123
    Private First Class
    I have been quite active, despite mass amounts of school work, I always try to attend EU and AUSIA events whenever possible. I have been advertising the RPF in CPO quite often and have gotten many new members! Fight the good fight!

  21. had a bad week
    master sergeant

    dont promote me xd

  22. ItzSwirlz
    3/10, sometimes diff
    When I went to a lot of events last week, I didnt deserve to get promoted once to corporal, but twice to Sergeant because I went to a TON of events, and I have came to a lot of events over the week. And I always keep on eye on the RPF.

  23. Mindy4IsHere
    Major General
    i’ve been working hard lately

  24. xxKiraxx
    Master Sergeant
    I deserve a promotion because although I don’t really have the resources to be active I try my best no matter what. I attend Saturday events and talk whenever I can on RPF. I love to be involved with everybody.

  25. DatSpicyPorg
    We’re in the process of moving, and I devote what little free time I have to the RPF. I attended two events.

  26. Lacy83
    I’ve been Sergeant for a while due to not being active, but I’ve recently stepped up my game, and have attended events more often and will continue to do so. I’m also starting to send in pics of our best tactics during events. FTGF!

  27. name: jammydodger3 (formerly tommas3)
    Rank : Private
    Attendance: 2/5, haven’t been on recently since i’ve had DofE, exams and other stuff, but usually i’m one of the first to be at events and always try to support and help the RPF in anyway possible.

  28. Clemenzar
    Second Lieutenant
    This week has been particularly difficult for me. Although that was the case, I did my best to promote and attend as much events as I can (three ausia events so far, to be exact).

  29. penguinmaster64

    Private first class
    I have attended as much events as possible and I have tried to be active. It’s been a busy last few weeks for me so I couldn’t attend a few events this week But I did attend all events I did attend all possible events And I’ve tried to be active on chat. I have also used my free time to help recruit the RPF and I have showed multiple new members around.

  30. CaptWaffles/CaptainWaffles
    Attended as many events as i could since i joined RPF (about 5 or so). Followed all the rules so far and followed the formations and tactics properly. Also recruited a number of people.

  31. Private, First few days in RPF here.

    I have tried to stay as active on discord as humanly possible, attended aftermath and round 1 of AUSIA. I couldn’t attended round 2 because windows crashed. I have recruited a few other people as well.

  32. Vishal
    Scout Medic
    Cuz I am back and I had been attending few AUSIA events while I were banished.

  33. BScharbach2
    Yesterday I rallied a group of 10 or so soldiers in voice chat and we patrolled all the CPO servers for almost 2 hours. And also we found SWAT LEADER and chased him around the island after

  34. Amytis
    I’m not sure if it’s okay to comment every week, but hey! I attended eu events and was active on chat whenever I could, so let’s see.

  35. Raneaosama
    I believe I deserve a promotion because I have put lots of time and effort in RPF and will always continue to do so! I attend events, am active in chat and try and help as much as I can!

  36. Cpo
    Active on Discord as usual. I had the same trend as last week where I wasnt as frequent to the events. If I dont get promo today I’ll try my hardest to attend as many events as possible next week

  37. Laekaor
    Active on Discord most of the i am with club penguin online
    im hoping for this promo and i wont stop until i get it.

  38. Robert12343
    Well, i dont have much to say, but i feel im deserved for mod, FTGF

  39. I have been attending since I joined

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