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Hello all,

Promotions are out soon, so if you think you have met the requirements for a rank up (which could be attending events as well as being active on chat), comment down below to be eligible!

Use the following form:


Activity level (1 to 10):

Your current rank:

Why you believe you deserve a promotion:

Fight the good fight!

-Percy, RPF Leader



I fall back just to see how it unfolds


  1. Max 186
    Activity: 7
    Reason: Held a sign up irl

  2. i deserve a promo becuze Ive bEEN On THe Grind No ReStiN

    • so guys we did it we reached a quater of a million subscribers, 250,000 subscribers and still growing

      the fact that we reached this number in such a short amount of time is just phenomenal i-im just amazed, thank you all so much

      for supporting this channel and helping it grow I-I love you guys, you guys are just awesome.

      so as you can probably tell this isnt really a montage parody, this is really more like a kind thank you / update video

  3. Leothelion255
    I spend a lot of my time on RPF and I always try to go to every event. also I try my best to welcome newcomers and help people when they join. also I recruit people and I have already recruited 2 people to RPF

  4. Diamond.D.Bloom
    I have been trying to attend as many events i could , i comment on every post , send pics of every event i attend .

  5. Name: JEEF
    Rank: Master Sergeant

    Okay then.
    I haven’t been active on RPF this week because I have been busy putting together my new gaming setup and pc.
    I think I deserve a promotion because I have been welcoming and socialising with new troop members, congratulating people who have achieved things like ToTW or a black belt on CPO. Thus, I shall be active all of next week and hope to join my troop in battle them.

  6. Mindy4IsHere
    Major General
    i’ve been talking more on discord

  7. Kellis
    I was again very occupied this week so I didnt make it to all the events but I did make it to some. and like always I am on disscord every day.

  8. Liraku
    2nd lieutenant
    idk. do you think i do? <3 if yes plz promote me then! xd

  9. SassyPixie02/ThunderSkull02
    I believe I deserve a promotion because I attended the champions battle last week (which we won!) and since then have been promoting the RPF to my friends online and in real life. I have been recruiting on CPO and managed to get a few recruits. I have been messaging on the discord server and made some new friends. I also have been attending events this week. Tomorrow will be my birthday and though I will be busy I will still try to take part in events!

  10. Shanks [CusineFine]

    Master sergeant
    i attended on chat everyday

  11. Cindy77
    5 or 6/10
    private first class
    I’ve attended some events. I’ll try to attend more :

  12. gaypike aka 1212k2
    private first class
    I just came back to rpf last week after a long break I took.
    I want to get back on track and attend events again as I used to do a couple of months ago. since I came back I attended almost all the events from this week and from the last one, and I also attended the finals of the 2018 Legend’s Cup Tournament. I hope its enough lol.

  13. Coolguy1608
    I deserve mod because I have changed and becomed a better person. I am always active and I always attend all scheduled events. I always help new recruits and I’m always kind and active.

  14. JakeTheBird
    I’ve been active on the chat everyday despite my vacation. I attended 2 events this week. I answered questions about RPF to other players. I also recruited 2 new members( my best friends). So I believe I deserve a promotion.

  15. Hexxer07 the Reporter [RPF]

    Hexxer07 the Reporter
    Despite being in school this week, i still found time for myself to chat with people on discord and attend EU and AUSIA events everytime it pops up, i even got TOTW because i been active every single day, you can see me online most of the time chatting with friends and RPF members, and also trying to help beginners troops. Also even when the events are super late, i still try my best to be awake to join every single event and record and post it on Youtube. If I don’t get promoted than that’s fine, if i do, thank you so much for understanding

    Fight the good fight

  16. Yugi
    I believe I deserve a promotion this week because I attended all the events that I could Including some AUSIA and EU events, I helped those who needed and I’ve been really active in the chat. Thanks in advance.

  17. BScharbach2
    Major General
    I have attended events, active on chat and tried to help when I was needed. Not to mention my work day in and day out to make sure the rules are followed and that troops have fun in RPF. Fight the good fight.

  18. DiaTigera
    I think I deserve a promotion this week because I attended all the events that I could attend. I know I wasn’t at all events, but I couldn’t attend these times.

  19. Liahi
    Scout Medic
    I was quite active on chat this week, hyped up events, attended all the events I could so far

  20. Cindy
    I only missed 1 event since I joined and I’ve been attending both Ausia and EU events

  21. MyPenguinPen
    I dont think i deserve a promotion but i try to attend to every event and i have bring a lot of people in rpf I try to be active in the chat and everything.

  22. Alerd
    I have been active but lately i missed a few events. I will be just as active as before.

  23. Mehmet410
    I attended almost every event this week and i daily talk in the discord

  24. Cookie03069
    Private First Class
    I have been attending a lot of events in the past week and have tried to recruit people ingame a few times recently.

  25. Get_a_life/=\life's a trip

    Get_a_life/=\life’s a trip
    Sergeant major
    I think I should get promo because I always stay active. I try to make any event I possibly can even if I have to use puffin. I notify a higher command person if I can’t go to a event. I take part in unscheduled events and i make sure I comment on the posts of the events I attend. I like to stay active and if someone needs help, I am down to help. I have recruited for over 5 hours this week. I think the future is bright for us. FTGF

  26. Jt812
    Bro im big JT jk i think i have a little exp and i’m usually always on and do make most events, and i’m usually active on discord.

  27. Wadu
    Brig general
    i have been very active in chat and have hyped up many events this week i have also helped new comers with their roles and to make sure they understand what rpf is about FTGF rebels

  28. SeaOfSeagulls
    I try and attend a many events as I can, and try and be active on discord

  29. Zeavro
    I have been active in the chat, and I have helped and welcomed a lot of troops and new comers this week. I hyped events and also tried to attend the ones I can even if it’s hard since I have a lot of errands (dedication).
    Fight the good fight, everyone ^^

  30. Ur Mom Lol21
    Activity : 7/10
    Reason : i’ve been in rpf since 2 weeks and i already like it.Sooo……… yeah :3

  31. Rained Boats
    I have been online a lot, been active in main chat, was kind to everyone, and was very hyped up for events.

  32. Wxbp
    Major general
    I have been active on ausia events made some posts and i always hype the chat 1 hour before event starts, i have been a bit more active on chat since my exams are over. Helping people assign roles and answering questions that they have related to RPF and moderate the chat as well and enforcing rules if needed.


  33. CPGames2010
    Major General
    (someone please add reason here, thanks)

  34. Username: Leobaba
    Activity level: 8
    Current rank: Corporal

    I believe I should get a promotion cause I’m very dedicated to the army and I attend most events. Sure you might not notice me in the discord chat but in game you can see me. I am also very friendly and do my orders very well (the orders you give in the event).

    (Commenting on behalf of Leobaba as he had issues in viewing the site)

  35. Biffer
    Privet ledur
    I remembered that even though the other arne

  36. Username: Frankicetien
    Activity: 8/10
    Rank: Private
    Why i deserve a promotion: Whenever i am online i will promote RPF. I am very dedicated to RPF and am not part of any other army. i am often of the discord and will happily help the newer members of our army. I will always follow the orders given to us during an event!

  37. Jurij1234
    I’ve been attending events, broken no rules, been active most of the time, I’m sometimes busy so I won’t be able to attend every event.

  38. Amytis
    First Lieutenant
    I usually help others to hype up the chat before the events, and I’ve been attending almost every event during the week. I stay active on chat anytime I’m around.

  39. Sirplus1881
    this week im on chat as much possible I also hype before events and I learned how to take pictures so I sent in pictures for the pirates v rpf event today which I attended. im super excited to continue my journey in ref thx for letting me be here.

  40. RPF Penguin
    Lieutenant General
    Kinda active
    I have been hard core ballin all week

  41. timothy138
    Master Seargent
    Trying to attend as many events as I can, I always show up for weekend events. Sometimes I’m busy but I’m trying my best to show up for week day events.

  42. RHYSPERRY!!!
    11/10 RPF STANDARD

    being modest i cant give a specific reason to be promoted except from the fact i attend all the event that i can and in my first week here i had managed to send a total of 734 messages. also i believe i would be a good mod as i am active modt of the day


  43. Cup Boi
    Activity Level – 8/10
    I think I deserve a promotion because I was active both in the Discord chat and the CP events

  44. Roxient37
    I believe I deserve a promotion because I was in the car traveling to candada and still did the last event. And the event made even made my laptop crash

  45. Stamm
    I am new, but I have attended every event and will most likely attend 90% of the future events. A promotion is not a necessity, but it would make me work harder and become even more active in the RPF

  46. [Username]: VenHur

    [Level of Activities]: Probably 9 to 10.

    [Current Rank]: Sergeant Rank

    I believe I deserve a promotion to help further contribute to the future of the Rebel Penguin Federation. [RPF]

    F.T.G.F – VenHur


  47. BIG ROB

  48. Reverie
    I try to be on the RPF chat and go to events as much as possible. I was one of the leaders in the U-Lead event at the beginning of the week (which I woke up at 5 AM to do so) and led a fun tactic of everyone saying “SHREK IS LOVE, SHREK IS LIFE.” I also often read about the history of the RPF and old CP armies, and told some of my real life friends about the RPF (I’m going to tell more when school starts again for me). I think I said this last week (or the week before) but the RPF community is one of the best internet communities I’ve been in. Seriously. Screw FairyABC.

  49. cassie (greatcomets)

    I believe I deserve a promotion because I’m active in the Discord chat when we have events, I attend as many events as I can, and I try my best to be active in the Discord chat when I’m not busy. I hype up events before they happen a lot and I’m trying to be more active during the week.

  50. MyPeguinPen
    Activity level 7.5/10
    I attend to all the events I can, i have brought a lot of people in rpf and I am active on chat when I can. I respect the leaders and i dont lead or spam/ break rules. I am not years in rpf but its family

  51. Dinorewrited
    I have been very active and I have attended Wednesday’s EU, Friday’s EU, and Saturday’s EU. I attended today’s AUSIA and EU. I have welcomed new people and assigned them roles and helped in help desk.

  52. Ghost11x
    I am just glad I can be a part of this amazing army. If I get a promotion that would be fine, but mainly I just do my part as part of the RPF by recruiting in my free time and being somewhat active in chat. Thank you all for this opportunity of letting me be in the best army ever.
    Fight the good fight!!!

    “I haven’t be incredibly active recently but I came back and plan to be more active than ever, and I believe I have attended enough events overall as corporal to be promoted.”

  54. Leothelion255
    I always help new people, recruit more people. whenever I’m on cpo i advertise. I’ve recruited two of my friends already. I also try to go to every event I can.

  55. FoncestViteo.
    Attended almost all AUSIA events and even a few EU events. Including the War against the Pirates. Always Active on Chat. And I’m so Proud To be Part of The RPF.
    Master Sergeant.

  56. mariatr123
    Private First Class
    I would like to get a promotion because I tried to attend to all events I possibly could, I tried to recruit people even though there wasn’t an event and I try to be active as possible

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