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I fall back just to see how it unfolds


  1. P r o m o t i o n s!

  2. Pinpin516
    because I need a promotion

  3. Reyder
    Scout Medic
    Honestly, I haven’t attended many events the past week, only 5-7. I’ve stayed very active in chat, and continue fighting the good fight, but I feel like I may not completely deserve a promo.

  4. 3intimidator
    i thin i deserve a promotion because i work really hard and deserve to become apart of the RPF moderator role. i take pictures at every event im at and work really hard. so i hope i get to become a mod today.
    thanks and Fight the good Fight

  5. jackdavies

    so, id rather be 100% true and not say 10/10, but ill admit, i missed 1 or 2 events. the reason being is that 1. different timezone and 2. i was not on my laptop to do the events. But i still believe i should be promoted because i attended the events that i was able to do. I believe even if you try your best, your still doing well and that is what i go with. I would also love an promotion because everytime i get a promotion it gives me the courage to try much harder the next week so i would love to have an promotion and thanks for reading,


  6. SketchEk/WispyWoods

    sergeant major
    i have been supporting pictures for most of the events i went to and i have attended almost every event and there was around 4 promotions seince i got a promotion, i think i finally deserve a promotion.

  7. Chucky (on rpf chat)
    i have only attended one event sadly due to being on leave and been trying to be active on chat

  8. Eesa [RPF First Lieutenant]

    I decided to become more active this week despite my keyboard. have been saying I’ll be a lot more active when my keyboard gets fixed and my dad has been saying well do it every day for a week or 2 and its still not fixed but at this point I don’t even care I want to be back with RPF and I want to stop getting surpassed by people who joined after me and I want to get to green rank so I can have the option to be a powerful moderator and deleter of inappropriate comments even if I lose interest in it by the end of a week but I want the luxury of having it as an option. I’m still using the on-screen keyboard.

  9. Biffer
    Major General
    I attended all the events i could, was active on the chat and helped new people with joining RPF

  10. Username: Purplalia

    Actvity Level: 7

    Rank: Private First Class

    Why I believe I should be promoted: I’ve attended most of the events in the recent week and have been somewhat active on the Discord.

  11. Woomitron/Sergeant Ngyesh
    I really wish to help more RPF, and fight the good fight on a higher rank. I hope that I’ve been able to keep everything balanced, from Tubas and Newcomer assisting. I’ve attended most events, along with several unscheduled ones. I hope you can consider me to be promoted.
    -FTGF, Woomitron

  12. Tuninha2017
    rank corporal
    Level 7
    i want to be promoted i have a been corporal for a long time and now i am attending several all events possibles events and i am also battling in the invests and it has been many months i am that a corporal and i can not take any more really wnat to be promoted even

  13. Anme



    I’m attending events and taking pictures of them. I am active on discord.
    If i get a mod rank i won’t ever break an RPF rule and i will try to keep the RPF chat safe. I’m saying “Welcome” to many new RPF members.

    Fight The Good Fight!

  14. ThaOneNub

    I used to be active in chat but not rarely anymore and i can barely attend any event’s but i try to attend events every Fri-Sun I have school problems so i cannot be that active but i will support RPF if it ever needs help FTGF!

  15. 8/10
    I attend all the events and I am active on chat.

  16. Rpfguy
    First lieutenant
    I think I deserve a promotion as I have attended a few events this week and a lot this week. I always help those who need it and join in with debates, as well as chatting on the discord. As well as this I think that jazz is an art form and that alone should be enough.

  17. TherAi
    I have to admit that I was not able to attend as many events as I wished this week. We had a lot of deadlines and I had to catch up. However, I’m regularly in the chat and since I had more time at the end of the week I attended more events then.
    I’m sorry for not being able to send enough pictures either. I was interrupted a lot during the events I managed to attend.
    I understand if I’m not able to be promoted this time around.
    Fight the good fight.

  18. Pepe
    Yeah I came back to 7 :/
    But I am, indeed, very active in the discord and tried to attend all of the events I could.

  19. michaeljeff2
    I’m trying to attend more events when I can

  20. Chausie
    Scout Medic

    I have always been a huge supporter of RPF ever since I joined. I’m also very active in the community and during US events and weekend EU events. Although I can’t attend weekday EU or AUSIA events, I always try my best and support RPF. I’m also a loyal user who can be trusted with a higher rank and I believe that I can stay active for a long time to come. In addition to that, I am very active on discord and I am a help to new members. I hope that you take me into consideration!

  21. Rpf unicorn is awesome

    RPF Unicorn

    Hello good sir/ma’am, whoever it is who may be reading this. I believe I, RPF Unicorn believe I am worthy enough to warrant a promotion as a result of my hard work in the RPF. I am a kind, hardworking, loyal AND loving edition to add to my knowledge on fighting the good fight! As you can clearly tell, my next promotion is obviously a big step. Moderator, wow. I don’t just look at that word and think, oh I can’t do that, because I, and I bet even you would know that I could do that easily, with my long history with that sort of stuff. I have also achieved a goal I never expected I would reach in the RPF. That is TOTW. I honestly thought I wouldn’t do it, but hey, I did it! My next goal is now to reach moderator! As a moderator, I could help people EVEN FURTHER, with my knowledge and advice which I love to give. However, like everybody else in the RPF, I do have my flaws. This week hasn’t particularly been the best for me, as I’ve been sorting out issues related to a CPPS, and a lot of issues, I mean it. Due to this, my inactivity in events have been at their worst, but I promise that this will be changing quickly, as I no longer feel uncomfortable on CPR because of current events, which you’ve most likely seen me express my anger over. I am obviously very active on the Discord, though.
    Thank you for reading my story LOL 😀

  22. Revex
    I promise to be as active as I can, I just rejoined RPF. I used to be a private first class in 2016. I left RPF because of High School (had to study a lot). Took me some time to figure out where you guys where.

  23. eshlaboost a.k.a peng7
    Private first class
    I have not been able to attend events cause I can’t go to the RPF site. I really deserve a promotion cause I attended all the events I could go to. I am only on the second rank and would be very loyal if I were given a promo. But I know I am sometimes crazy,but I will live up to my name and–forget all the whining and just give me a goddamn promotion.

  24. Tazy13
    sergeant major
    I feel like i deserve this promo because i am very active on the discord. im always helping out on the event picutre. i am friendly person and i give warm welcome to the new people. im always helpfull. i attend every event (also when there is skl). I have a high attendance on events. even though a lot has happened this week i feel like im ready to go green. Also i just wanna thank you FOR TROUP OF THE WEEK. and because i got totw i will push my slef to be even better and help more people. i have also made a speech (include the speech) on RPF and why i love it. RPF ISSS the best army and i hate too see it ruined. i will help many people to join rpf. i have also invited many to rpf. this means the world to me to get this promo. i have commented on every event. i love of what i do. Thank you . FIGHT THE GOOF FIGHT *SALUTE*

  25. Umar 2002
    Frequent on disc been going to most eu events everyday and ausia events on weekends

  26. name: limboyeti(mikey gmd) sergeant air force
    8/10 attended in almost all events didn’t attended only in one was not that active in chat was really active in caht on events tried to help gonna try to attend on all events next time.

  27. Taetaer
    lieutenant general
    I only missed two events and I made up for it with an ausia and I plan on attending the ausia tomorrow and attending the eu event today.I try to be on chat when I can and I try my best to talk to people who are being ignored on chat.I really want to be a general.

  28. Nyctofire
    I try to attend almost every US event and go on the chat as much as I can. I am active, but I don’t talk much. I also try to help new members.

  29. ddewing
    This week I have attended almost all of the us events. I cant attend eu events because of school. I have been very active on the discord. I try to welcome the new people to the discord when I am on.

  30. Tangodown76
    School has prevented me from doing EU events, but I’ve tried to make it to all US events and I have been active on the discord a lot.

  31. Flynn1111
    well…. 7 or so
    Wooo I’ve run out of things to say…. rip me…. I’ve been very active on the chat if that says anything, and I try to make all the events I can. ;3
    (I’ve been to every US event during the month of September)

  32. Avellaphi
    Private first class
    I honestly am not sure if i deserve a promotion. I’ve been really busy with school this week and some family issues, and so i haven’t been as active as i’d like to be. I’m hoping to be more active in the upcoming weeks. I’ll leave it to you guys to decide whether i deserve a promotion or not. :/

  33. Monkey



    I attend every event that’s after or before my school hours. I am extremely dedicated and I feel as if I definitely do deserve a promotion.

  34. gaypike
    activity level: 7
    master sergeant

    well this week was better then the others
    I attended in some of the uk events and some of the ausia events. another normal week I guess…
    I like normal weeks. they are well normal.

  35. musicmingo

    I am always active on the chat and I always try to attend ausia and us events but sometimes there are internet difficulties but otherwise i am there!

  36. Keemyorg123
    Brigadier General
    I believe I have attended as many events as i could this week, even if I wasn’t on the sheet yet. (Left you n00b)
    I’ve been trying to help out in help desk and moderating chat, as well with RNM.

  37. Keasper

  38. Queenieliz

    I believe I deserve a promotion as despite have received promotions the previous two weeks I have managed to sustain my efforts to be an active part of the RPF. This week I went back to University which meant I had less free time to be on chat and attend events, however I still think I was able to manage my time in a way that my RPF activity remained just as high. Unfortunately I had to miss two EU events this week as they coincided with my dance class, but I have attended almost all of the US events this week and an unscheduled Ausia event as a result of my being active on chat. Any consideration for promotion would be greatly appreciated.

  39. Corky127
    Because of cross country and school I have little or no time for the RPF but I am trying and with the cross country season ending I will have more time and I will be able to do more with a higher rank.

  40. PenguinISLIT aka Right scout medic
    I haven’t been able to be as active at all only attending 2 or 3 events this week which is why my activity level is about a 5. However I’m active in chat and I help out other rpf. In addition I haven’t been promoted in almost 3 weeks. FTGF

  41. Name – xoDANiox
    Rank – Master Sergeant
    Acticity Level – 6.5
    I attended all the eu events I could this week however towards the end my computer mouse broke and so I couldn’t attend Thursday – Saturday’s events.

  42. Name: Crispy Nugget
    Rank: Corporal
    Activity Level – 7.3
    I have been inactive due to sickness (as I still am) But I will work my hardest and fight the good fight!

  43. Serena, I m a dork, Ellie
    I m a master sergeant
    Activity level- 8
    I deserve a promo as I m the most active in all master sergeants. And I m a master sergeant since last 4 months.. it’s not fair enough to not promote me.

  44. Name – Ry or flynn12298
    Rank – General
    Activity level – 8.5
    I believe I should be promoted because I always try and help out the leaders on weekdays with AUSIA events. I attend the AUSIA and US events. I am also very active on discord so you won’t have any problem with me not being there to hear updates or be there for anyone for any reason.

  45. Biladeiro10
    activity level: 7 decreasing with skool
    I deserve a promo since I am very active in the Help desk and I attend to all events I can (which are not much)

  46. Monikasen
    Private First Class
    I’ve attended every US event that I possibly could in the last two weeks (I know I missed one because of volleyball). I was being more active in the chat during the last US event then I ever was. When the season is other in three weeks I’ll be able to attend other EU and possibly AUSIA events. I’m really dedicated to this cause and want everyone else to feel the same way. FTGF

  47. Yellowpen29
    I try my best to help out the rebels fight enemies
    And fight the the good fight

  48. Coolguy1608
    I’m on the discord everyday, I attend most events. Even though I’m a quiet person, I help a lot of people. Fight the good fight!

  49. Hirridok
    Honestly, 4
    Master Sergeant
    I only attended to one event, but its really hard now that im in class and I have some problems in my house, I dont talk very much, but im a lot of times on the discord watching whats going on

  50. gaypike
    activity level: 7
    master sergeant

    a few ausia events and a few uk events.
    this week was a normal week for me…
    I like normal week. its just normal.

  51. Colonel

  52. rohaan231
    Activity level: 7

    RPF is growing day by day, but so is its members! I attend some events in RPF and I believe I should be promoted. As RPF is flourishing, everyone in it should too! Fight the good fight!

  53. Yamiyugi55
    I believe that I should be promoted because I have attended many events and have sent in pictures of our events. I’ve been fighting the good fight.

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