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  1. Username: Tom
    Activity Level: 69
    Current rank: 2ic
    Why: Cause i’m kewl kid

  2. AwesomeBob20
    about 8-9
    Brigadier Gen

  3. Username: Fardh
    Activity level: 6
    Rank: Private
    Reason: I’m done with private rank

  4. Can i get uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 1 B O N E L E S S pizza & a 2L coke?

    Name: N3tWork
    Activity Level: 420 blaze it
    Current Rank: Gay (Corporal)
    Why: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh becuz im pretty <3

  5. Username: Pesto
    Activity Level: 8
    Rank: Sergeant

  6. WeabooWaddle/WeebWad

    Username: Weebwad (or Weaboowaddle)
    Activity level 99999999999999
    Rank: Scout Medic
    I think I deserve a promo bc I have been to all of the events I can go to, and am very VERY active on the chat. I have recently also helped people join, and recruited new people, as well as scouting out for tubas. Hope I get a promo and GL to everyone 🙂

  7. User name : rhysthepage4
    Activity level : I would say 9/10 – really active on discord and quite a lot of events
    Current rank: Private
    Why: I’ve been active loads on discord, been to lots of events and recruited tonnes of newbies.
    Fight the good fight!

    • I have also all of the events I have had the opportunity to do and the .join thing whenever one of the new kids come


  8. Yes, My name is Percy. I am a Second In Command of the RPF, greatest army of all time. My activity level is way over 100, I’m always onlne RPF 24/7. I think I should be promoted as I’m the best 2ic to be fit as Leader In Training. I do all the join apps, which is probably the only thing I’ll ever do on the rpf site and I also approve every single comment. (kappa). It is safe to say I’m also very active via proof from the spreadsheet. I have not missed a single event since the spreadsheet has started and so therefore, I Percy RPF 2ic should be promoted to Lit (Leader In Training)


  9. Username: LukesterB
    Activity level: 7-8 on discord
    Current rank: Private
    Why: Because I stayed up till 1 am doing an event and I helped take photos and im active alot when I can be on

  10. Rpfguy
    Probably an 8
    Ive attended quite a few events this week and have been much more active on chat than normal. I have also helped many people with questions in the help desk and welcomed the lots of new members this week.

  11. BryGuy5101
    8 0f 10
    Private First Class
    Why: Because I want to lead tactics one day

  12. Username: PinguNoot133
    Activity level:8
    Reason:im active in chat and participate in events almost often

  13. My username is Tracking, my activity level would be 9-10, and my current rank is Private First Class.

    Why? I’ve been very active on the chat and in events this week, and I’m not stopping anytime soon!

  14. Pedrocs(Robertocarlo)

    Nick :Party Time Yugi Muto
    Activity level: more than 9000
    Rank:private First Class
    Why: because im very active and i atended almost all the events

  15. Pedrocs(Robertocarlo)

    My activity level is 9

  16. Quisqueya
    Creo que merezco un promocion porque asisto a todos los eventos posibles, dedico 2 horas cada otra dia para reclutar personas para que se unan a nosotros, y soy muy activo en el chat.

    • English Translation (Credit to Google translate):
      I think I deserve a promotion because I attend all possible events, I dedicate 2 hours every other day to recruit people to join us, and I am very active in the chat.

  17. ThaOneNub
    Cause the description told me what to do

  18. 8/10
    master sergeant
    I attend as many events as possible and im very active on the chat

  19. SketchEk/WispyWoods

    scout medic
    i have been super hard a work but ima trying to attend events but i did not manage and it has been like 3 promotions seince i got a promotion and i have worked super hard last time and did not get promoted so please can i get a promotion

  20. 6.5/10 because It was hard to attend the events this week almost all event was at night to me but attended everything that was possible to attend for me was not that active in chat but in events like always was really active in chat name: limboyeti(mikey gmd) scout medic

  21. Anme

    Activity level: 9

    Current rank: Major General

    I’m helping many new members get their ranks like “Visitor” or “Private”. I’m active on chat. Like i’m saying usually: I’m attending events and taking pictures of them. I’m checking Help-desk sometimes.

    Good luck everyone and salute!


  22. Pinpin516
    I believe i need a promotion because i need one

  23. fishypeter
    I go to nearly every event even if that means getting no sleep for it. I love the RPF and love the events you put on and all around I just enjoy it so much.

  24. CxshCarti
    I believe I need a promotion because this week I have been to mostly all events and invasions. I was a big part of the mass invasion I believe Tuesday when I disguised as a tuba and separated them to lower their forces. I try my best to scout Blizzard and Sleet everyday and be active on the Discord.

    • This is CxshCarti, sorry I had a username change and I forgot to mention I recruit on a daily while scouting. The new username/account is xanicca.

  25. Rosie3240
    Private First Class
    Activity 9.99999

    This week I have attended every single battle except fright night but I was working. So i would have but I could. Battles were during school and i pulled myself away from my education for a second to make sure I could attend the battle. And as stated before i literally couldnt attend last nights battle but have gone to every single other one

  26. Monikasen
    I’ve attended both US and EU events in the past week in addition to unscheduled events. I recruit people in my free time And most seemed interested to join. I’m also always offering help to new RPF members if no one else answers them. FTGF!

  27. Lyoha4432
    Sometimes going to events.

  28. Challi Malli
    Sergeant major
    Activity: 6
    I have been trying to attend events. I havnt been to as many as usually lately to be honest. I go on discord a lot but i dont know if im not on at the right time or are there not a lot of ausia events lately? (im an ausia btw)

  29. Nyctofire
    Scout medic
    I feel I deserve a promotion is because I have attended all US events this week. I always try to help new members fit in, and even though I wasn’t as active this week, I will try to be next week.

  30. Chrissssssss
    Ive been trying to get a promotion for the longest time and im always active on discord. i havent been as active because i got my laptop taken away but i got it back today so im going to be a LOT mot active

  31. Yellowpen29
    I have been trying to get promo for a long time but i could not get one becuz i went for leave but even on leave i attended an event and now iam back from leave and ready to attend every AUSIA and fight the good fight

  32. i try and go to as many events as possible

  33. Purplalia
    I may have recruited some newbies and attended all the EU events. US Events are tough to attend due to being at 2 in the morning.

  34. Jurij1234
    Major Sergeant
    I have been attending most of the events and i have been active!

  35. TherAi
    Sergeant Major
    I am active mostly on the Discord chat and I try to attend as many events as possible, including US ones. Since I had a lot more time during this week (half-term) I’ve also attended more AUSIA as well.
    I hope to continue serving the RPF even if my role stays the same.
    Fight the good fight! 多謝!

  36. CPR: FloatieNinja
    Discord: Floatie#3435
    Activity Level: 7.5
    Rank: Private First Class
    I think I deserve a promotion because I try to attend all the events I can, and I am very active.

    Because I am fierce and loyal to the RPF.

  38. Queenieliz
    Activity level: I’m gonna be nice to myself and give myself an 8/10
    Second Lieutenant
    I believe I deserve a promotion as I am active on chat, attend as many events as possible and try to be a good troop. I will endeavour to continue to be as active a member of the RPF as possible! Fight the good fight!

  39. PolarWaffles
    Activity Level: 9-10
    I think I deserve a promotion because I joined 3-4 days ago and since then have gone to almost if not all possible US events. I have also attended a bunch of unscheduled events.

  40. Coolguy1608
    Activity level: 9
    I believe I deserve moderator rank because I’m active, I attend all events and I am very active on chat. I always make sure that everyone is following the rules, I help new recruits and anyone who is having trouble. I always hype for events and I am on discord almost everyday. If I get promoted to moderator, I will ensure that I attend all events and will make sure that the rules are enforced.

  41. bloodpanther/P1104994

    Activity Level: 7
    I am active every time I can, I am always out in the field promoting RPF and battling tubas when I see them, like recently on Blizzard in the town when the room was full at the halloween party.

  42. Name : xxRogue
    Activity Level : 8
    Why? : I’m honest and will help anyone in need (if I know about it) and I have a small sense of leadership. Look forward to going into more battles

  43. 3intimidator
    Brigadier General
    I feel I deserve a promotion because I have been working really hard and take pictures at events and do my best.

  44. Pepe
    dang (6/10)
    Oh dang I can’t describe but I REALLY WAS trying to attend, sorry, but the end of the year is so complicated here ;-;

    srry i’m trying my best srry

  45. Queeniealex
    Master Sergeant
    I think I deserve a promotion because I feel this week I have been a lot more active. I’ve been to all the events I could and I’ve talked more in chat this week then I ever have before which is really good progress for me. FTGF!

  46. Username: Debate
    Activity: 9-10
    Current Rank: Private First Class
    Why?: I’m super active in the RPF chat
    and I’ve attended almost all US+EU events
    since I’ve joined– as well as a multitude of unscheduled events.
    I’ve recruited new members and worked to get them settled in.
    I fell in love with this community the day I stepped foot in it,
    and I plan to stay active and continue to participate for as long as
    I can.

  47. Max 186
    Activity level: \
    Current Rank: Corporal
    Why i deserve a promotion: i attend most of the important events, also because i go during tubas invasions as well.

  48. Merri
    Activity Level: 6-7
    Current Rank: Private First Class
    Why I deserve a Promotion: I have continuously attended events whenever possible. I am being more active in the chat as well, interacting more with my fellow RPF soldiers. Something I hope to continue for a long while to come.

  49. kzelyn
    private first class
    I think I deserve a promotion because I have been going to almost every event when I can and interact with everyone

  50. Tangodown76
    Master Sergeant
    I haven’t been all to active on the Discord but I try to make it to every US event. School has been preventing me from going any further. Weekends I would love to spend constantly on the Discord and events, but family has gotten in the way a couple of times.

  51. Name: qazwsxedc16
    Activity level:8
    I think I should be promoted because I am very active and try to attend all events.

  52. Username: kartcrazy124

    Activity level: (more than it should be)

    Rank: Scientist

    Raisin: Im newish :p and am fairly active plus also dedicated (was up at 1am BST for project swarm (bracket ception (was my first event ) ) )

  53. rtuyt8
    I participate in the chat room and attend lots of events!Fight the good fight!

  54. Tomiko285
    Activity level – 7-8
    Rank – Private
    I attended in some events, some i couldn’t because of my timezone. I almost always have the main chat opened and sometimes write something there.

  55. Jeggery,
    AL: 7
    I try to attend EU events, but unfortunatly ive missed 2 ausia events in the past two days which i could’ve been to but forgotten to. I believe i deserve a promotion because I try to be quite active on the discord chat, and attend as many events as I can. I do not disrespect / argue higher ups, and I take and give advice to/from others.

  56. Username: Iron Fang
    Activity Level: 7
    Rank: Private
    Reason: I have attended the last couple of events and i was one of the first to alert the rest of the rpf that there were tubas in the area in our most recent battle.
    Fight the good fight.

  57. name: flame tobias

    activity level : 7

    rank: private

    reason: my friend markscene is a private first class and he told me I should become one because he doesn’t want me to fall behind him his exact words were ” I want us to reach the top together and we cant do that if you’re not a private first class”

  58. x Scarlett x
    Activity level:7
    I would like a promotion because I have attended all the EU events and most of the Ausia events, i have lead a couple of tactics in the U-lead events and i follow all the tactics lead by other users. I have welcomed all the new members of the rpf and i can be quite active on discord, especially during events. Thank you for reading and Fight the good fight!

  59. Greenistman
    Private First Class
    I would like a promotion because I work really hard for the RPF, I have been a part of it or at least 3 months, I am on whenever possible, I have taken too many pictures to count for the RPF website pages during events, and I have been first calss for at least 2 months now.

  60. Keemyorg123
    Activity 420/10
    Brigadier General.
    I feel I should be promoted because it has been quite a long time since I have been promoted, also I’m pretty active and probably helpful. KTHX

  61. Corky127
    I have been pretty active lately and I haven’t been promoted in a long time

  62. Flarek0209

    YES IT’S A 10,,
    when I first started playing CPR I wanted to join a strong, active army.
    Over time I finaly found this army. On the night I joined I found that an event was happening. SO i logged on a joined it. I had so much fun, and decided to stay. I ended up getting lightshot, and some equitment too, and made some friends, and attended every event. SO IF I GET PREMOTED, THANK YOU, ans i will continue to FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT!!

  63. Umar
    Sergeant major
    Always contributing
    Helping newbies
    Attending as many events as I can
    Fought the Good Gight

  64. Eshlaboost
    Activity level:7
    I been attending all thr events i could attend. Sometimes school takes over ausia events but Theres no way to stop it. I cant go to the rpf site cause of my dns server.

  65. 0Exotic0
    Private First Class

    I think I deserve a chance at being promoted. Though I have not been as active as I have previously, it is because of school work, anxiety, and stress. But I still try to manage to attend all events (Which I have attended all scheduled ones), and stay online. Time to time I watch YouTube or play games with discord still open though. So I try to keep in touch with the community while going through some of these events. I have been trying hard to keep active, is my point. So I do surely hope that I get promoted, and many others too. FTGF!

  66. Nun Chuck1
    Private 10
    I am at every event and always on the chat to help a fellow army member in need. FTGF

  67. michaeljeff2
    First Liutenant
    I’m trying my best

  68. username: mornington
    activity level: 8
    i feel i deserve a promotion because even though i’m fairly new to the rpf , I am very active and go to as many events as I can and i like being part of the rebel penguin federation


  69. Username: Cashout
    Activity Level: 8
    I maintain a good level of activity while juggling real life such as sports and schooling. I attend every event that I can and try to be as active and as helpful in the chat as I can be.

    As always, FTGF!

  70. Akuryo
    I try to go to as many events as life allows, and I am always very active in the Discord. I focus on commands during events, and do my best during. I have warmed up to the community and have developed some great friendships. I also have helped new people in the discord when they are having issues. I try to recruit when I can.
    Fight the good fight!

  71. Username: musicmingo
    Rank: corporal
    Active: 8/10
    Why: Well I always am on the discord and whether its helping fellow rpf members or talking to others i am always nice and friendly! I always try to attend battles and I will try log on in school time if I can!

  72. Muhatausa
    Activity : 9/10
    Reason : I would like a promotion because I want to keep working hard for the RPF and fight the good fight besides reporting inappropriate things and protecting CPR alongside all the other wonderful members the RPF had, then join in the event and fabricate our tactics to take down enemies. This will be my reason.

  73. My Name:Khalodymajed
    Rank:Private First Class
    Reason:i have been lately attending a lot of event and i have attended al ausias from my first joining to now total 33 days and i have attended most of the eu events (Most not all like over 20) and im so active in chat and i love this army my life was borin until i knew u guys Fight The Good Fight 🙂

  74. Mr pgno
    well i am not in every event but i patrol aroun blizzard for tubas every day and i use discord warn others

  75. Name: 1337Mishka
    Rank: Private
    Activity Level:8
    Reason: I want to be promoted because I think I would be good at coordinating RPF in the field. I am good at helping people in the discord and love the community. I am always very active, hanging out in the discord chat whenever im on my computer and messing around with fellow rebels on CPR outside of events.

  76. Gordon Ramsay/pingu1391

    Gordon Ramsay
    reason:i can cook

  77. ddewing
    Reason: I have been helpful and have greeted new people when they join. I have also attended most of the US events this week. And I have been active.

  78. Orange37408
    Private First Class
    Activity Level: 9
    I have attended a lot of events

  79. Woomitron/Odyssey
    Scout Medic
    Once again, it doesn’t matter if I don’t get promoted, as I already am in a community that is fun, helpful, and great in general. I am, of course, thankful to be in this community. FTGF, RPF

    I believe that I deserve a promotion because I have become more active in the help desk, (and helping others) along with tuba scouting, which I also have become active in. I helped those before the candy hunt guide was released, and I also have tried to help in events with the countdowns, and so on. My activity level has dropped down, but I hope that I may be able to improve in this by the next promotion event.

    FTGF, Woomitron.

  80. Yousif.

    Reason: Well, I’m a really old member of the RPF (Was M.Sergeant) and I left for studies. I also have been recruiting many people (including epf who believe that they are an army and are enemies with the RPF)

  81. LinedStorm2
    I am pretty active and I really don’t care if I don’t get permoted as long as I have this group that’s what matters

  82. Tazy
    first lieutant
    attended many events i can. rly active on the discord. always helping eachother out. attended unsechduale events. would make a great a major and hope to suceed in mod
    very friendly on the chat. always giving flowers to ppl

  83. Biffer
    I have (or will have after tonight’s eu event) attended all the events in my timezone this week and have been very active on the chat

  84. i have attended events

  85. Username: DozaGFX
    Activity Level: 5~6
    Current Rank: Private
    Why I Deserve To Be Promoted: I Just Joined Today, I will be active coz i have nothe life.

  86. Name: ReubenBRO
    Activity level: 7 – 8
    current rank: Private first class
    why i deserve a promotion: Because I’ve been working EXTREMLY hard for the RPF by attending events (even if they are at 1:00am in the moring 🙂 so yeahc

  87. Name: Mew!
    Activity Level: 8.0
    Current Rank; Private
    Why: Been in RPF for about a month. Became a lot more active recently, I still forget to COMMENT if I attended, but I do! Also I am the wealthiest man alive.

  88. beast master
    Attended events when I can. starting next week I will be able to attend almost every event.

  89. PipWinch2003
    I would like to help be a part of the RPF battles!

  90. Username: Heamster
    Rank: Private
    I have join a couple of days ago and have already attended sleds vs. scientists, operation fright night, and operation rebel storm.
    Participation: 8-9

  91. Name: M i s t
    Activity Level: 8
    Current Rank: Private
    Reason: I think I should get a promotion because I have attended all of the activities that I could. I am going to become super active and be the best I can be!

  92. Plesiosaurus
    I attend the events i can and advertise RPF to my friends. Fight the good fight

  93. Fireboy8291
    I almost always attend events

  94. Arthur Read
    Sergeant Major
    I have been continously active and attended a lot of events in the past few weeks.

  95. I entered at 29/10/2017, but in my first day, I attented, talked, and haved fun in a event!

  96. Yamiyugi55
    I feel like with all I’ve done, no one recognizes my efforts.

  97. Discord: CarlosDesigns
    Club Penguin Rewritten: iGamerDude

    Activity: 8/10 as of right now.

    Rank: Colonel

    Explanation: I am a former second-in-command wishing to live the life of a loyal RPF person.

  98. ArceusReborn
    private first class
    for my time zone i think im pretty active 8/10
    i want to go further and further because i love rpf

  99. Username: Karmetic
    Active level: 7
    Current rank: Private
    Reason: I’ve only been on for a few days so I don’t expect a huge rank upgrade (or one at all) but I’ve been fairly active and I’ve attended every event since joining. Just figured commenting would be worth a shot

  100. Luigi2006
    Activity Level:8
    I have been in RPF for almost a year now,i haven’t been able to attend many events, but i have been attending some events now. I don’t expect to be promoted, but it doesn’t matter. FTGF!

  101. username:zembus
    activity level: 7
    rank: major
    i have been participating in the events sent in #announcements and i have been pretty active. i take most of my free time to get on and participate in events and get on the discord server.

  102. Yelo2013
    ive been on the discord actively for some time. Mostly at night. But today im attending right now at this moment, the event thats currently going on.

  103. rad bean
    8, new but active
    i’m on the discord and active on servers

  104. name: RIPbubblnpop
    activity level:7
    rank: private
    Reason: i always go to whatever events i can and im active on dicord

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