Costume Trunk Catalog Secrets: Club Penguin Online

Hi guys and gals!

What’s better than moving to a new CPPS? Finding all the new items! With new items come new secrets, which I’m about to share with you all!

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Let’s get to it!

All hidden items are boxed in red!

The hidden items are available in the underlined plays! Click the name of the play to skip to the items faster!

Page 4

The Penguins Time Forgot

Click on the bone in The Fern Fuzz on the right page for a Grass Skirt for 200 coins!

Page 6

Quest for the Golden Puffle

Click the golden puffle on the left page to get a Crook and Flail for 300 coins!

Page 28

The Twelfth Fish

Click on the green jewel in the Countess Steeple Hat on the left page to get a Ruffle Collar for 300 coins!

Page 30

Norman Swarm has been Transformed

Click on the White Fuzzy Beard on the right page to get Pointy Shoes for 200 coins!

Those are all the secrets of this catalog, check in for more to come!

~Raneaosama, RPF General



  1. Thanks I was looking so much for the grass skirt 😀

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