CP Rewritten Announces Shutdown… again!

Hey, everyone

It’s only been a few days since the CP Rewritten team last announced that they would shut down, but did not. More about that HERE

It’s ridiculous that this is happening again for the 6th time

Around 3:30 pm eastern today, we saw a new tweet on CPrewritten’s official twitter, with a link to an announcement.

This announcement basically said that they will be discontinuing the game and shutting it down permanently on March 4th.

CPR, admin, Thorn has also said this

The facts so far

  • CPR has announced discontinuation of Club Penguin Rewritten on March 4th
  • The reason for the discontinuation is because one of their staff members is at risk
  • CPR admin, Thorn, has said that Codey is no longer the main issue
  • There will be a new party starting February 28th called the Waddle on Party

My opinion (chip)

This is my opinion and my opinion only. My opinion does not represent all of RPF.

I know for a fact that the CP Rewritten staff team and administration knows that they have something special here, and won’t let this game go easily. Many of you may disagree, but I think CPR will not shutdown.

If it does shut down, the community will simply move to a different Club Penguin Private Server.

What’s valuable about Club Penguin Rewritten is its community. The Rebel Penguin Federation chose to use CP Rewritten solely because of its community.

I also think that it is extremely selfish to shut down a game based on one staff’s security. I think they can easily take measures to limit, or eliminate the threats they are receiving. I also think there is much more to this going on behind the scenes, and what is publicly shown is extremely filtered.

I believe a big portion of why they announced discontinuation is due to losing their main designer, Joee.

As to what RPF will do IF CPR does shut down, read HERE

That’s my opinion. What do you think? Share your thoughts down in the comments below!



Hello! I'm Chip. I am currently one of the three RPF leaders!


  1. EzPz Lemon Squeezee, RPF will continue at the new CPPS without any extreme repercussions to our community, CPR might not even shutdown, and we’re gonna be perfectly fine either way. It doesn’t matter that 1 CPPS is shutting down. Its a bummer, but it doesn’t stop the community, it stops the CPPS. And CPR is not the community.

  2. Gosh, CPR! Make up your mind! As I completely agree with chip, I feel like they might be serious this time. But who knows right? They can never decide and they may never decide at all.

    • wow i never knew how rude you were
      do you think it said any where “we don’t know if we want to close it or open it so WE’LL KEEP DOING IT LOLOLOLOL”

      no they literally closed it because it’s not okay to put somebody’s life on the risk they reopened it before because people enjoyed it, they cared about others. but just saying “Make up your mind!” “They can never decide”, you’re honestly disgusting.

  3. hope they make up their minds soon.

  4. He protec
    He attac
    But most importantly they won’t come bac.

  5. honestly these guys need to make up their minds “cpr will be shutting down” a day later “cpr will not be shutting down sorry for the confusion and the scare” two days later “cpr will be shutting down” like omg this is getting ridiculous. please make up your mind!

  6. They really do need to make up their minds they can’t keep doing this with the community

  7. A new day for not only the CPPS community, but also the RPF. FTGF.

  8. Once again… Damnit…

  9. its gonna shut down as they are prepared for their waddle on party sooo

  10. cause once you do the wadddle on party well ..you cant reallylike start the game or any other party after that as waddle on party is meant to happen when the game shuts down


  12. The waddle on party hasn’t started and they still have in the newspaper that there is a party next week

  13. are you all honestly so inconsiderate

    of course it’s amazing to run a game NO MATTER WHO’S LIFE ON THE RISK IT IS
    oh somebody is in danger? nvm THE REST OF US STILL CAN PLAY LOL YAAY-
    “make up your mind” them just trying to continue it proves they were trying to keep it open, they clearly had their opinion and wanted it open, and they tried, but things can go really far, and for it to have somebody’s life on risk? look, i don’t care how entertaining cpr was for any of you, if you care more about a game than a living person, you disgust me.

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