CPO Medieval Party – Tutorial

Hey RPF!

Today Club Penguin Online released their Medieval Party which is full of exciting rooms and activities! Continue reading this post for a walkthrough of it!

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NOTE: To get the full experience of the party you must be on the new client!

When you first enter the game, you are greeted by Gary the Gadget Guy! He tells you that you are able to create a new spell every day – and that there are dangers to the crafting of these potions!

To continue on your quest, you must know where to go! You can access your map in the book, which is in the the top right corner to see where you can locate the ingredients!

The first item on the list is magic berry! This can be found in the dock. Collect it by hovering your mouse over and clicking on the berries that are on the roof of one of the buildings!

Next you must collect fairy dust! When you get to the snow forts, click on the sparkly pink bag near the bottom right corner of your screen!

Then you must journey to the plaza to get ogre snot… fun! Click on the bucket of green goo to collect it!

If you’re looking for some luck, or a potion ingredient, you can go to the stadium to get the lucky horseshoe! Click on where it is hanging to collect it!

Last but certainly not least, go to the forest for dragon scales! Collect them by clicking where they lay on the tower!

Now that all of the ingredients are collected, the potion can be made! Go to the page of the potion you want to create, and play the mini game – bounce the ingredients into the cauldron in the correct order – to make it!

If you successfully make the potion, you are free to use it!

We hope this tutorial helps you enjoy the party! CPO will continue making a potion available each day until the last one is released on June 2. The party will continue until June 7th. Enjoy the party and fight the good fight!




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