CPR Drama Explained – Will CPR be shutting down?

Will Club Penguin Rewritten be shutting down amidst all this drama?

There is no certain answer, but the most probable situation will be no, it will not shut down.

Please let us know what you think of this drama in the comments down below!

My opinion

You see, conflict within the CPR administration has happened a few times before and was swiftly resolved. Don’t get me wrong, this is much more serious than the previous conflicts, but I personally do think it will be back to normal, and Codey will be back into the adminstration

For the sake of CPR’s future, I think the administration needs to work together and solve problems before going through a havoc removal process that will only hurt the game and stir up unnecessary drama.

I cannot tell you if Codey is lying or telling the truth simply because I am not aware of what goes on within the CPR staff chat.

I will not post Codey’s side of the story because I have not heard the other side of the story (joes and hagrids). I will be making a seperate post once they respond.

RPF supports what Club Penguin Rewritten does, but this is just my two pieces on it

I wish a bright future for Club Penguin Rewritten, and RPF will always be here to help



Hello! I'm Chip. I am currently one of the three RPF leaders!


  1. Hmmmmmmmm
    Good lick cpr

  2. The team just needs to put on some smooth jazz and chill

  3. i hope CPR really doesn’t shut down!

  4. no big deal, this will all blow over

  5. hmmm
    do I look good?

  6. CPR Admins need to chill a lil, go a year or so without announcing things like administration changes. I don’t remember people making a fuss out of the original CP staff leaving or something, heck Idek who they were. It was a larger team, sure, but cmon people, if you want a true copy of the original then leave your hissy fits and staff teams out of it.

  7. Just hope its okay.

  8. imma cri cuz my penguin is so young

  9. I think this is going to be a hard thing and I never knew CP shut down so I was the last one to find out but when I saw CPR i was so happy I could play it so for it to go down now will be a total disappointment.

  10. idk whats happening but i hope cpr will not shut down!!

  11. Cpr shall not back down!! Anyone who agrees?!!!!!!

  12. guys calm down it will jbe ok we will have are stuff back and every thing will be fine and new updatse mabye less lag more fun^_^

  13. all of this over a squabble? seems very self-centered and all of us have to pay for this. why? i love cpr, but it sucks that something like this has to shut it down, something trivial. hopefully, it comes back soon and the problems are solved.

  14. hope it gets fixed real soon.

  15. cpr is not shutting down stu confirmed it they are gonna move on

  16. I don’t think Codey will be back into the administration. Not because the others don’t want him, but more because he doesn’t want to go back. He even said “you will never see me again” in his goodbye speech. Also, if he is telling the truth and is very hurt by this like he described, then he’s right, it probably is something hard to recover from. On another note, something I didn’t like was that before the lockdown, he started chaos in the CPR Discord about CPR shutting down which was unnecessary. Those poor mods and admins tried to calm everyone down but there’s so many people that it’s hard to contain. I’m sure that’s why Codey deleted everything besides #what-happened so everyone can see but for kids, there’s so much confusion because they don’t really understand what the heck you’re talking about! In the end, I hope CPR get fixed soon, which I’m sure it will, and we can continue to fight the good fight!

  17. IF cpr shuts down, what will happen to the rpf?? D:

  18. guys RPF will not go down RPF was created for us for a reson to help us out and make us happy but an the other side RPM elms place i donte like for wuht he did and i hope he nevere dose this agin

    • and if stu canformd it then we are fine bc stu never lise he is the we should ALL look up to i mean ALL i saw stu at the game cpr he showd me some pin and stuff but guys like i said they need to do this bc of elm fking our stuff over now plss baer with rpf and wuht they do here

  19. Serves him right, caused a lot of problems for our humble “trainers”

  20. Hopefully CPR will be back to normal in no time.

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