CPR Fall Fair : Two New CPR pins & where to find them

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Today we will be showing you two new CPR pins, and where to find them!

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Are you looking to join a group of penguins that tracks down mascots, holds movie nights, battles, holds game nights, and much more? Want to rise through the ranks of the RPF? Join our discord by clicking HERE and ask how to join for instant assistance!

The first one is in the Coffee Shop. Make your way there.

Once there, aim your snowballs into the snowcone machine until it is full. 

Once full, it will make a snowcone pin for you to collect!


The next pin is located in the forest, in the first prize booth. It’s called the circus tent pin.

This pin costs 100 tickets. Play a quick mini-game and buy the pin!


Hope you enjoyed!



Hello! I'm Chip. I am currently one of the three RPF leaders!

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  1. Thx for the Help CHIP!

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