Guide: What will the next CP Rewritten Party look like? Free items revealed (March 2018)

Hey, everyone

In the latest edition of the CPR newspaper it has been confirmed that the next party will be the Puffle Party. 

I will be showing you what the puffle party will look like on CPR

This party will almost certainly look like the 2009 puffle party (2010, and 2011 look the same as 2009)

Free Items

If CPR follows the pattern of adding free items of all three parties combined, then these will be the free items in the next party.

Puffle Bandana

Blue Puffle Hat

Puffle Hat

Puffle Jacket/Striped Puffle Jacket

Decorated Rooms


File:Puffle Party 2009 Town.png


File:Puffle Party 2009 Plaza.png



Ice Berg

Snow Forts

Ski Village







Lodge Attic

Pet Shop

Puffle Feeding area (new!)

Underground pool (two versions)



Well there you have it! A complete guide on what is to come! Hope you enjoyed. I’m excited for the party, what about you?



Hello! I'm Chip. I am currently one of the three RPF leaders!


  1. Rainbow puffle confirmed? Cup rewritten… But it might be shut down by then… Hmm…

  2. Waiting for this great event!!

  3. Do ya think the Box Dimension will be arriving?

  4. For this party, you’ll also be able to get a stamp called party puffle. To get it you have to walk any colour puffle to its party room.

    (for example if you’re walking the yellow puffle you’ll want to go to the lighthouse)

  5. Ooo. Seems nice! Can’t wait for it!

  6. My favorite party!! Hopefully PH will be there (;

  7. Time to add more to my stamp collection 😁!

  8. wohooooooooooooo

  9. Hopefully puddle hunter comes!

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