Club Penguin Rewritten: Winter Fiesta Party Guide (free items)

Hello everyone!

Today the new party (Winter Fiesta) was released, along with some free items!


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We have made a winter fiesta party guide video! If you don’t want to read the post, I suggest you check out the video below!

Don’t know where the new pin is? See the location HERE!

Post guide

There are 3 free items in this!

The first free item is located at the Cove: Look the part for the fiesta with a Mini Sombrero!

The next free item is located at the Nightclub: Make some noise with these Festive Maracas!

Finally, the last item is located in the exclusive winter fiesta catalog, which you can find in the bottom right of your screen in most outside rooms (Forest for example).

Bust out some moves with this Hawaiian Lei!

That’s all of the free items from this party, waddle on and fight the good fight!



I fall back just to see how it unfolds


  1. im happy i get the hawaiian lei

  2. da wae

  3. Im glad the Hawaiian lei came back


  5. robot told me to comment

  6. I’m cooler than robot

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