CPRewritten: Better Igloos/Furniture Catalog Hidden Items – December 2017

Hello all,

Today, CPR released the December version of the Better Igloos catalog, for igloo furniture! This post contains the locations of all hidden items! Enjoy!

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Now, on with the secrets!

Hidden items are in the red box!

Page 1

2 hidden items on this page!

Click on the star on top of the Small Christmas Tree to discover a Leaning Tree!

Click on the right ribbon of the Door Garland to offer you Stocking!

Page 2

4 hidden items on this page!

Clicking on the wood in the stove offers you a stylish lampost!

Click on the red strip of the Snowman’s hat to display you with a Snowflake!

Clicking on the tied ribbon on the wooden reindeer will offer you a Candle!

Finally on Page 2, Clicking on the beads on the left bell does in fact offer you a Christmas Ribbon!

Page 3 (Last page!)

Another 4 hidden items on this page!

By clicking the lowest button on the Gingerbread Man, you’ll get a Santa Hat Snowman offer!

Click the swirls on the right of the Gingerbread couch to see a Top Man Snowman!

Clicking the centered red dot on the left hand side offer you the last of the snowman gang!

The last item of the igloo secrets is on the middle left side of the Iced Decorations!

That’s every single secret for this month! If you would like to view the December clothing catalog secrets, click here!

If you would like the location of the this month’s pin, click here!

Thanks for reading, fight the good fight!



I fall back just to see how it unfolds

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